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confession. || Indilism Yeah

November 6, 2019

Hey guys! Indilism Yeah here, and it’s been a while. *coughing and sputtering just because* So, I’ve been gone for quite some time… Like, maybe a few months… So… and, That’s just not acceptable! So, I am back, and I’m starting the channel over. Now, you say, India, You’ve started this channel over, like what, Three times now? You’re correct. But, I’ve felt like my last schedule, for Youtube, wasn’t working out that well. And so… I’ve… I’ve decided to change it! *nervous laughter* What the heck? I’ve decided to change it. So, I don’t really know how the schedule’s gonna go, but, I will be reacting to things, I’m going to be still doing skits, Um, I’m going to be traveling- VLOGGING, VlOgGiNg, And, it’s just going to be really fun! And, I hope you guys enjoy! I may upload three times a month, I still don’t know the exact schedule yet,

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