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Computer Viruses by Symptom

December 30, 2019

Computer Diagnostics & Repair What are the symptoms of computer viruses? Often downloaded with a new program, software or file. You may notice a slow down with your internet speed and application loading time. Applications may start crashing randomly, forcing you to reboot. Some will also force pop-ups. Memory Resident Virus- Installs itself as part of the operating system. Overwrites functions, files, or disk sectors. It can lay dormant until computer owner activates them. At that point it can delete or corrupt files, or take memory. Browser Hijacker Virus- Often spread via free download. It will hijack certain browser functions and cause changes to your default search page or homepage. redirecting you to other sites and increasing links to ads and pop-ups. Are you concerned that your computer may have been infected with a virus? Give Geeks on Site a call at 1-888-360-4335 anytime 24/7. We are happy to help resolve issues with viruses by checking your computer and suggesting the best course of action.

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