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Comprendre le Candida pour mieux s’en débarrasser [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

August 18, 2019

Hi everybody! Today, I will explain what is candida in order to understand it better and therefore fight it better it’s very important to understand candida. So, candida is a yeast that we all have in our intestine it represents about 10% of our gut microbiome. So, that’s when everything is in balance. Then, for some reason, the balance gets broken so candida start invading your gut, evolves from a yeast to a fungi, colonizes your whole gut, ends up by poking holes in your gut lining and spreads its toxins and spreads itself into your bloodstream, into your organs, until invading your whole body. It is important to understand that candida is a fungi, not a bacteria. It is important, because bacterias and fungi don’t act the same way. So, why, in the first place, do we get a fungi infection in our gut? Usually, it happens because of antibiotics. That’s the main cause. Then, it is also because of a sugar and processed food-rich diet. But the main reason is antibiotics and other chemical drugs. Why? Because antibiotics kill bad bacterias, but it will also kill all the good bacterias but it doesn’t kill yeast nor viruses and your gut is populated with all of that. So, when you kill bacterias in your gut, you kill the “good” bacterias which role is to keep yeasts and viruses under control. Because there are good bacterias, yeasts stay in their yeast form and don’t overgrow in your gut. So when you kill bacterias with an antibiotic, yeasts and viruses are free to go and invade your gut. The other reason is because the good bacterias that you have in your gut produce lactic acid. That’s what Lactobacillus do when they eat your undigested food. They ferment these foods and that way they produce lactic acid amongst other products. This process is essential for your gut health: your gut should have a slightly acidic PH. So, once you kill these good bacterias that maintain a good PH in your gut, then the PH in your colon rises, that is to say that it will become alkaline. Fungi love an alkaline environment. That’s why antibiotics will leave you with a candida infection that will be the cause of your chronic health issues. So, when candida spreads, I talk about candida because it is the most common fungi infection especially candida albicans. There are many different strains of candida in our gut but it is usually candida albicans that causes problems. So, candida evolves from a yeast to a fungi, invades your gut, and spreads its roots in your gut, poking holes in it, that will lead to the leaky gut syndrom. Now that you have holes in your gut, food molecules that are supposed to go through your colon and get digested by bacterias or get evacuated, will pass through your gut lining and in your bloodstream and that’s how you develop food allergies and intolerances. The same way toxins pass through your gut lining, and amongst them, toxins produced by candida. That’s how you get food intolerances and other chronic diseases such as eczema, acne. The skin is one of the ways the body uses to get rid of the toxins. When the body is overwhelmed with too many toxins, the liver, the lungs and the intestine that are the first filters, can’t handle all the toxins, so the toxins will get out through the skin. Skin problems are due to all the toxins that your body can’t handle. Acne, eczema are due to toxins, things your body wants to get rid of. Usually it comes from the food you eat: you eat toxic foods that your body doesn’t want and having leaky gut makes these toxines pass all through your body and your body is trying to get rid of these. Also, you should understand that what we call “good” and “bad” bacterias, “bad” fungi and viruses they aren’t really bad or good: each one does its job. For example, one of the jobs of candida is to decompose dead tissues. That’s the circle of life: when something dies, it gets decomposed to become humus and become life again. So, we say candida is a “bad” fungi but it actually just does its job. Understand that when you have “bad” fungi and bacterias or parasites in your body, they are not there in order to hurt you, they are there for a good reason. They are there in order to eat something toxic you got into your body that your body can’t digest. For example if you eat too much sugar and processed foods, the number of candida will grow and you can also get parasites not to hurt you, but to eat the toxic foods or products that you ingested. So, all these “bad” fungi, bacterias, parasites are not really bad, they are here to get rid of toxic waste in your body. If you have a good diet, (and assuming that you won’t take antibiotics) you won’t get a candida or parasite infection because there won’t be any reason for them to be there and overgrow. If you remove sugar and processed foods from your diet, candida won’t overgrow because its job is to digest all these sugars that your body shouldn’t have in such amounts. I hope I am clear because it is not easy to explain that, as it is the opposit of what we have been told. Also, fungi’s job is to decompose dead bodies. So why candida overgrows after a round of antibiotics? Because antibiotic means anti life: you kill all bacterias in your body that makes it a “dead” body a “dead” intestine that’s why candida overgrows, it thinks you’re dead so it starts decomposing you. That’s important to understand. So, to get rid of candida, you have to put life back into your body. But if you don’t stop candida soon enough, just changing your diet won’t be enough. You’ll have to kill it with natural antifungals. Not chemical antifungals because it will make things worse on the long run. So, natural antifungals. Why diet only is not enough to kill candida? Because candida’s favorite food is sugar but it actually eats everything. So if you stop sugar completely, you will feel better because candida will slow down. Sugar is candida’s favorite food that will help it reproduce very fast so when you stop sugar, your symptoms will disappear so you will think that you are healed, but that’s not what’s happening, you just slowed it down. It will continue to eat anyway. It prefers sugar but it also eats proteins, fats and it also eats you. If you do a ketogenic diet, it will eat your proteins and fats. If you fast 2 weeks, it will eat you. You can’t starve it to death. One it its jobs is to decompose a dead body so it eats you. You can’t starve candida. You can slow it down with your zero sugar diet but you won’t kill it this way. You need to take antifungals and you need to bomb it heavily with as many antifungals possible (that I mentioned in my other video on the candida protocol) and you need to bomb it for a long time because a fungi takes time to kill. For those of you who have mycosis on your skin, you know what I’m talking about. It takes time to kill a fungi on your skin and it takes even more time to kill it in your gut because the antifungals you’ll take will dilute in gastric juice, in your food and water and the time it gets to the colon (where usually is the candida overgrowth) it can also invade other areas such as the small intestine but usually it overgrows mostly in your colon. So when you swallow antifungals they will get to the colon quite diluted. That’s why you have to take a lot of NATURAL antifungals. So, to kill candida you need to take natural antifongals along with a zero sugar and zero alcohol diet. There is no other way. And try to avoid carbs as much as you can. But you can still eat some carbs. So, the antifungals need to reach the colon to reach candida. That’s why I recommend doing enemas. I know it’s not easy psychologically but it is the best way to reach candida in your colon. You can use herbal teas enemas with Pau d’Arco (I talk about the antifugals in another video). You can use different herbs such as olive tree leaves, cloves, cinnamon etc. I also recommend taking time-release or gastro-resistant pills in order for the pills to liberate the antifungals in your colon. You should also understand that candida, before dying, shoots spores. That’s how they reproduce. Spores are like seeds that stay in dormance until the environment gets favorable. Then it can wake up and spread again. That’s also why you need to do this protocol long enough along with the diet to kill not only fungi but also spores. If you stop the diet and the protocol when you feel better and you start eating things that you couldn’t eat before, you don’t get symptoms so you eat sugar again. What will happen? You did indeed kill the fungi, but not the spores. You started eating sugar, processed foods again and you stopped the antifungals. Doing that, you created again a good environment for candida, so the spores will wake up and you’ll get another fungi infection. It goes fast. The spores become a fungi and reproduce fast. So, you should do this protocol long enough. How long depends on your gut health. That’s why it is important to listen to your body and know yourself. You should take antifungals for at least 1 month. More if you can. And repair your gut with Aloe Vera, L-glutamine and bone broth if you are not histamine intolerant. If you are histamine intolerant, you should wait for your gut to be healed before taking bone broth. Then you should continue with good quality probiotics and take many billions of them for at least 1.5 month longer is better. Once you’ve finished the protocol, it’s not over. Continue the diet as long as you can, 0 sugar 0 alcohol for at least 6 months. You’ll be able to reintroduce carbs again. Also, at every meal, for life, if you never want to have fungi infections again, take 1 antifungal and 1 probiotic. You don’t have to take supplements. As an antifungal you can drink after every meal a Pau d’arco tea. As a probiotic, at every meal eat fermented foods. Sauerkraut, cheese, homemade raw yogurt with raw milk. Never use pasteurized milk ever again. So, 1 antifungal and 1 probiotic food at every meal. I also recommend, if you can, for the rest of your life, not during the protocol but after it, after each meal or twice a day, take activated charcoal or clay. Not both at the same time cause they cancel the effects of the other. You should copy the primitive populations because they still know what is good for them. We have so much foods around us that we don’t even know anymore what is good or bad for us. Many primitives, at every meal, eat clay or charcoal. They know what is good for them. We have lost contact with nature and with ourselves. I recommend that you read the Weston A Price book: Nutrition and physical degeneration. He was a dentist who traveled around the world in the 40s and 50s to study primitive tribes and their ancestral diets. Primitives in tropical countries where climate is favorable to fungi and bacterias, primitives eat clay with every meal. Here I’m just repeating myself…. eat clay, charcoal, blablabla…. fermented foods…. lalalala…. blablabla Please subscribe! Thanks and see you in another video 🙂


  • Reply Notadonna November 6, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    You have underestimated yourself, in my opinion, because THIS is probably the BEST Candida video. I had listened to that guy whose videos you praise, but I am actually able to convey the story of Candida cause, effect and treatment now that I have seen THIS! And, as you both say, that is the essential first step to healing! THANK YOU!!!!??

  • Reply Mario Dash December 6, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Bonjour super vidéo très bien expliquée avec plein de très bon conseils. Merci pour vos partages d'informations. Je commence les anti fongiques demain. Est ce que en même temps que je prends les anti fongiques je peux prendre des légumes lactofermentés ? Merci encore

  • Reply Canadian Equestrian Life December 28, 2018 at 2:19 am

    oui peut tu manger des fruit?

  • Reply Dharma Kitty February 6, 2019 at 3:13 am

    Thank you! When you say a lot…how much do you mean? Can you do a video talking about when and how you took your antifungals? I'm SO confused! I watched your protocol video, but I still don't know how much is a lot and when during the day to take these things. I appreciate your channel.

  • Reply Frances Hankins June 17, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    Thankyou for all your videos. If candida is systemic what is the best approach, for how long, and if you are sensitive? Can you still take probiotics while doing protocol 1 but just at a different time. I'm trying to build back my gut after several rounds of antibiotics so don't want to go too hard as I end up feeling very ill. Thanks

  • Reply Mariam Errradi July 22, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    Bonjour, où je peux trouver le protocole anti candidos? merci d'avance

  • Reply Jésus est Roi July 24, 2019 at 2:32 am

    Je pensais justement pouvoir affamer le Candida ( via le jeûne, ou le régime cétogène ) mais les précisions que vous apportez dans cette vidéo expliquent pourquoi ça n'a jamais marché sur le long terme. À chaque fois l'infection repartait de plus belle et le moral replongeait. Je tiens donc à profiter de ce commentaire pour vous remercier infiniment pour toutes vos vidéos sur le sujet, que j'ai regardées et qui m'ont donné tous les outils nécessaires pour enfin m'en débarrasser. Bien à vous.

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