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Comprehensive Care Flu Prevention

October 18, 2019

Music [Title] Comprehensive Care Flu Prevention I’m Dr. Jesse Penico, Infectious Diseases
Specialist at Memorial. Patients ask me what makes flu so contagious? Influenza
viruses are very strong, surviving quite a while in the air and on surfaces. The
infection is spread directly person-to-person by breathing the virus
from the air or by direct contact with objects such as door handles or hands.
Flu viruses can mutate every year. It’s important to avoid exposing family and
co-workers and to see your practitioner within 48 hours of symptoms. Hey, we’re busy and Memorial Walk-In Clinics are so convenient. Close to where I live and
close to where I work. Some are even open late and on weekends. Our information is
already in Memorial’s system and with My Health Record I can go online for lab
results and to message my provider anytime. [Breaking sound, son calls] Uh, Mom! Health care the way we need it.

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