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December 19, 2019

– Only concern, washing it off. What if it gets in your butt crack? – I thought some of these
were going to be cute. How do these things start? ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) Recently, there
have been news articles on various trends
on Instagram about fashion. – Oh jeez. I know absolutely nothing
about fashion. I’ve worn this t-shirt for five years. – (FBE) Probably most notable,
the recent male rompers that we covered on Teens React. – I loved it. – Do I get to wear
a male romper, because– – (FBE) Do not.
– God! Man… I saw that episode
of Teens React and I was like, “I graduated two weeks ago! Why couldn’t I have been
born slightly younger?” – (FBE) So we want to show you
seven new viral trends related to fashion
and see what you think. – Oh! I honestly am only familiar
with the whole male romper thing. I don’t really know what else
is going on in the fashion world, but I’m ready to learn. – (FBE) The first trend
we’re gonna show you is called Ikea clothes. – So now people are buying the bags
instead of the actual furniture? – The vest? That’s like a construction worker. It’s so bad. – Oh, dude, reppin’
Sweden hard, okay. My Swedish friend would love this. – I don’t think I would wear it, but I applaud the creativity. It’s a good way to prove that you don’t have to buy designer
to still be in fashion. – That’s very innovative. I know some people
probably think it’s super shitty, but I think this is the future. – I’m kind of a fan, honestly. If it didn’t have
the Ikea brand at the top, it’d just be like
a weird blue duct tape shoe. – (FBE) So this all seemed
to start after a Holland designer made a bag that imitated
Ikea’s famous blue tote. – Uh-huh. I just don’t understand
some of these fashion designers. They can literally do anything
and people are like, “Whoa. So chic.” – (FBE) We’re gonna ask you
for all we show you today, do you think this trend
should stop or continue? – It should stop. – It can continue. I’m not the one wearing it,
so I’m not the one feeling uncomfortable. – Stop on this one just because
I don’t see it going anywhere. – This trend should continue. – I think it should
never have started. – Hmmm, this one should stop. – They should continue
because I really appreciate the creativity and I think
that the colors are fun. – Yeah, wear it. Inspiration comes from
anywhere that you can get it, and I think if someone enjoys that
and that represents what they want to go for,
then go for it. – (FBE) So now we’ve got
something called clear jeans. – What is happening? I thought some of these
were gonna be cute. How did these things start? – They’re so stupid! You’re wearing a trash bag! – That’s not jean material at all. You might as well just put
saran wrap all over your legs. – What if these were
the only clean pants you had and you didn’t shave? Everyone’s gonna see
that you didn’t shave. – I don’t understand
the point of those, personally, ’cause then you have
to buy other pants to wear under it,
so you’re just paying money for a pair of pants
that doesn’t do what pants do. – That’s called being naked. It’s kind of in the same vein
of the fishnet, where it’s like you’re being covered, but people can still kind of see it. – (FBE) Should clear jeans
stop or should they continue? – Stop it. Stop it completely. Just end it. – Continue. If people want to wear clear pants,
more power to ’em. – I’m gonna go with continue. I think this can go somewhere. – This needs to stop. I don’t want to be
seeing people’s legs. – I would buy these. – Continue. I like it. (chuckling) – They should stop. I think it’s pushing
the limit a little. – This trend should stop now. I don’t even know
what I would do if I saw someone in public wearing these. I’d just be like so confused. Like, what are you doing? – (FBE) Here is the next trend. – They’re like super ripped up clothes, zombie apocalypse clothes? – Hasn’t this been a trend
for, like, forever? This has already been a thing. – The ripped jeans
and holes in your shirt and stuff are a look that I like,
but it’s taken so far to the extreme. – I don’t know what she’s doing. That seems like I just forgot
half of my outfit. – I like this to a point. This lady is a little– a little too– she has a little too much
rips going on. – I like ripped jeans. Every time I wear
my ripped jeans, my dad’s like, “Hey, Maggie, you need some money
to go buy some pants without holes in them?” I’m like, “Dad, it’s the fashion!” – (FBE) So ripped clothing
has been around and was really fashionable
back in the ’90s, but this seems like
a whole new level of ripped clothes. – Oh yeah, this is very extreme. – His shirt looks like
an animal chewed it up (giggling) and he’s wearing it out. – (FBE) Ripped clothing,
stop or continue? – Ugh, it’s like wearing Swiss cheese. This should stop. – Eh, continue. Hey, to each their own, right? – It should continue,
but maybe to a lesser extent. – This type should stop. – I love ripped clothes.
I’m all for it. Continue it up. – It can continue
if it’s not that ripped. – They can continue. The only thing I
would probably have something wrong with it
is it’s overpriced. – I don’t think it should continue. I don’t think it should be outlawed. I think it should
stop its tracks and stay there and not progress. – (FBE) So the next fashion trend
is called mud jeans. – “Mud jeans,” okay. – (FBE) And they’re
being sold by Nordstrom, and on Nordstrom’s website,
they describe the jeans as “Americana
workwear that’s seen some hardworking action
with a cracked, caked on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid
to get down and dirty.” – Oh no. – What the [bleep]? People are really doin’
the most these days, man. Like, what are you doing? – (FBE) Here they are.
– No. No. – What satisfaction
do you get out of looking dirty? Why do they do this? I can do this for free
in my backyard! – I’m not really feeling it. I feel like they’re
making fun of people who actually are dirty. – I get jean clothing
with some paint splatter maybe on it, to add
a little bit of an artsy feel, but the mud is just kind of dirty. – I guess it’s the same concept as rips. Like, oh, they must work hard
because they got rips in their jeans. But this does not say
that you work hard. This just says that you don’t know– you don’t own a washing machine. – (FBE) So mud jeans,
stop or continue? – Yeah, I’d stop mud jeans. – Stop. I don’t think I’m behind it enough
to give them the go-ahead. – They should stop. – Please stop! For the love of God, go out–
go on a hike. Mud your own jeans. – Kill it. Stop it. End it. – Stop. I don’t even know what to say, man. I’m disappointed with this. – Stop! Immediately. – Stop this. My roots come from Vietnam, and I’ve seen pictures of my parents
working in the fields when they were younger,
and they had these clothes. They had, you know,
dirt all over them, so that’s what seeing
this reminds me of, people living in poverty. – (FBE) Now onto corset shirts,
which some people are using as an alternative to bras
as they have underwire. – I don’t understand what it is. – I kind of feel like it
should be under the shirt, hence the whole idea
of what corsets were made for anyway. – I don’t love the way it looks. I think the little thing in the center
looks kind of weird, like I’m waiting for it to continue. – It looks pretty cool.
I kinda like it. So it goes on the outside? – It looks a lot more comfortable
than actually wearing a bra because bras, they hug
on your skin right here and it’s so tight
and it makes you feel like you can’t breathe sometimes, but this looks like
it kind of just like– it lands nicely right here
and it kind of holds it up for you. – (FBE) Corset shirts,
stop or continue? – Yeah, man, do it. Continue. – I would continue this trend. – Continue, it’s not hurting anybody. – I think they should continue. – Continue. Do what you want. – I feel like they’re gonna continue, so I guess I should just say continue. – Continue. I like it.
It’s cool. – Continue, I’m using it.
I’m getting one. – (FBE) Now to the next one. This is fake nipples.
– (snorting) (chuckling) – I’ve seen these! Okay, bring it up. Let’s see it. Yeah! Why? – What’s wrong with people, man? – So they’re reverse pasties. Awesome! I hate it, but awesome. – So they wear them, like,
in their clothes to show– wow! – I’m all for free the nipple and don’t wear a bra
if you don’t want to, but adding fake ones
is sort of confusing to me. – (FBE) So the founder
of this company actually says that women who
have had mastectomies played a large part
in her decision to create the product. – Okay, that makes sense.
That’s cool. – Now I feel like an asshole. I didn’t even know the context. – That’s so cool! Honestly, I’m all for that. – (FBE) So purely
as a fashion statement, should the trend stop or continue? – I would say stop
because there’s no need to do that. – Don’t do it. – If it’s just someone
putting them on, just to put them on, like, chill. – I’m on the continue side for this. – Even if you don’t need them,
but then if it’s fashionable and you feel more
comfortable having them, then sure, continue. You do you. – Continue, [bleep] it.
Free the nipple. – Some people like the look of it. It’s like an edgy free
the nipple feminism thing, you know, so if you’re all into that,
then, I mean, go for it. – If you’re doing it for
a specific reason, then sure, but if it’s just a fashion
statement, it’s weird. – (FBE) Now we’ve got
something called glitter booty. – What? Is it just glitter
you put on your butt? – I don’t think I’d want
to have glitter all over my butt. I think that’d be so uncomfortable. It’s like having
sand on you all the time. – The one in the left corner,
it’s like, okay, they’re getting
really creative with it. That’s super cool. – (chuckling) What? What? I’m over here saying, “What?” But the next thing you know,
you’re gonna see me with glitter booty
at Coachella next year. – I just came from a music festival. I saw a lot of glittered butts
everywhere, and I loved it. – It’s like highlighting
one of the best features in the human body. Everyone loves a good booty. Like, men, girls,
everyone likes booty. – (FBE) Glitter has been
really popular in fashion lately, with everything from glitter eyebrows
to glitter beards. – Yep, I like the glitter beard. I think that’s funny. – Glitter hair parts, I’ve seen that. – (FBE) So when it comes
to glitter booty in particular, stop or continue?
– I think it should continue. Everyone wants
to shine like a star. – I’ma say let’s continue this one. – Continue. I hate glitter,
but it’s actually kinda cute. I’ll give ’em that. – I would continue this. – I could see it. It’s just like asking people
to stare at your butt, but I mean, if you’re
wearing something like that, that’s what you’re going for anyways. – Continue, but only concern…
washing it off. What if it gets in your butt crack? – It should continue. Why limit glitter? I think glitter’s one of those things
that has no rules and when you wear it, you’re usually trying
to be fun and crazy. – Continue glitter booty, 100%. I want to see
glitter booty all the way. We need a glitter booty parade! – (FBE) So, in the past,
fashion was often largely influenced by things like magazines, movies,
television shows, but in today’s day and age,
it seems to be more and more influenced by social media. – Yeah, big time. – (FBE) So do you find yourself
looking at social media when it comes to clothes
you wear or your fashion sense? – Yeah, I would say I look
way more at Instagram and Pinterest, and even Snapchat sometimes,
things like that more than magazines or catalogues. – It hasn’t influenced my fashion, but I’ve definitely seen
some of these trends and things like this
through social media, and it’s like, oh, that’s cool things
that are happening with different kinds of people. – I don’t let people
or the outside environment telling me what’s fashionable
and what to wear. It’s really very much
just what I feel like wearing, and I’m okay with that. – If you enjoyed this video,
please help the React shows get nominated for a Streamy award. – The Streamy awards
are the best in online video, and we need your help. – The React shows
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