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College Kids React To Top 10 Viral TikToks of 2019: Pet & Animal Videos

January 17, 2020

♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, at the end of last year,
TikTok released some lists of the most popular content
from the app, including a list of the top 10 pet and animal videos
on the platform. – How funny.
– (FBE) So, for this episode, we’re gonna see if you can
correctly guess which animal video was the most popular to least
based on these rankings by TikTok. – Got it. I got this.
I don’t, but I got this. (chuckles) – (FBE) And as a heads up
to our audience, we’ll be having to replace some of the music
in the videos during this episode, because, you know, various issues
that come with being on YouTube. – Yes, copyright.
– (FBE) So, are you ready to do this? – I’m ready. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Ahhhh! – This one has been
resurfacing on social media, ’cause they’re like,
“We need to bring it back.” (chuckles) – Oh my god.
This one’s so cute. It’s just a slinky little ferret,
and he’s just slinking away. – Okay. Get down.
– He’s a little noodle. – Oh my god!
It’s a Pikachu! It’s the paper–
That was so cute! How can I judge that?!
– I just don’t understand why its middle section
is so wiggly. Does it not have
any organs in there? I don’t know.
– I’m gonna rate that one high. That was a video that I saw
on TikTok probably when I joined. We’ll put it at three.
– Seven. – Four.
– Ha-ha! Ferret, number one. – It’s cute, I guess,
but I feel as if I would put that at number 10.
– I’m gonna put it at two, just because I know
it was a really big one, and it crossed platforms,
so it had to be big. ♪ (soft guitar music) ♪
– (laughs excitedly) – Awww.
– Aw, it’s like a little wiener dog. – That’s a cute dog.
– This video’s gonna make me cry. – Awww! So precious!
And the body and the little legs! – Oh, little legs!
– Oh. Ohhh! – Awww, just– nooo!
Why is it over so soon?! – There’s nothing like just
a good ol’ doggo video. It’s like the vanilla of animals,
you know what I’m saying? Everyone loves a good puppy.
All puppies are good, you know. All doggos are good doggos.
(chuckles) I don’t know where I’m going, man.
It’s just cuteness overload right now! – (FBE) So, where are you
gonna put the wiener puppies? – Everyone loves dogs,
so it’s gotta be, like, three. Shoot. Okay.
– I’ll give it number four. – Number five.
– Number seven. – Three?
– Nine for now. – That was literally the most
adorable thing I’ve ever seen, so I’ma put it at four.
– There are a lot of wiener puppies on TikTok. Seven.
– Puppies are cute, but we kinda see them all the time,
and I feel like puppies are kind of like a mainstream thing now,
so I’ll just put that one at eight. – (voice-over) How to make a Huxley.
– A Huxley? – (baby voice) They’re making him!
Oh, it’s so cute! – (voice-over) Some fluffiness.
– What ingredients are these? – (voice-over) A bunch of cuteness.
– Cute. Yeah. Yeah. You need a little more than that.
– (voice-over) Color. Ah, there’s so much left.
– Careful not to make a Powerpuff Girl.
– (voice-over) And a heaping bowl full of panda.
– Ew. Oh. – (chuckles) What?!
– (gasps) Ahhh! He’s in the costume!
He’s in the costume! – Ah, Huxley,
what a great costume. – That’s cute,
but also really weird. (chuckles) But I kind of like it.
– I love it when dogs wear costumes. It’s the most adorable thing ever.
Not when it’s hot, because, you know,
dogs can overheat. But when it’s not,
it’s so cute! – I feel like he’s a famous dog,
so I’m gonna put him at number three. – I like that.
I’m gonna say Huxley is at a six. – Ehhhh, I just–
I don’t know about that one. It just was too–
she tried too hard to make that one go viral,
and it obviously did, ’cause here we are reacting to it,
but… number 10. – (voice-over) Do you ever look
at someone and wonder… – (voice-over and Alberto) What is
going on inside their head? – Ahhh! Oh, [bleep].
– Dude, cats are so weird, but I really like that.
– Oh, who he fightin’? – Cats are aliens.
– Oh, this is a naughty kitty. – This is why I love cats,
’cause they’re just natural crackheads.
– I’m gonna put this one… number two.
I feel like I’ve seen this one. – I’m gonna go with six.
I’m probably gonna change around every single one.
– I relate to it more, because I have a cat.
I’ll put it at seven. – The randomness of this cat
and it fighting things, come on, that’s just a great video.
I’m gonna put three. – What the hell is that?
– What is that? Is that a chicken?
– Oh, that’s a whole-ass chicken, and that’s a big cat.
– Oh my god! It’s eating the chicken
for its fifth birthday! And it matches with the carpet!
– I’ve seen these. Stryker, right? Yeah, Stryker the cat.
– He scares me. – (Stryker groaning)
– What the heck? – It’s kind of funny, though.
I just noticed the five, so it’s supposed
to be its birthday. (chuckles) – He was mean to the chicken,
but that was cute. Five. – Number seven.
– Angry kitty gets number nine. – Because of the noise it’s making,
people are gonna be like, “lol this is so funny.”
I’m gonna put that at number eight. – That was completely transforming
into a jungle cat right there, which I said before
that I do like. I’m gonna put it as number two.
– I’m gonna give Stryker number five. What an interesting creature,
you know? But he was just
biting on a chicken. – No–
– (woman, distorted) Ow! Ow! Ow! – Oh, it bit her!
– I hate this voice effect. – I love autotune videos.
– (chuckles) – I cannot deal with rodents.
– Hamsters are bitches sometimes. (laughs)
– (chuckles) – Those suckers latch on to you!
They are like, “Psych, bitch!” – Any time you add
that warble voice effect to anything, it’s immediately hilarious.
(distorted) Owww! Get off! – What is that? Is that a–
– (FBE) It’s a hamster. – Yeah, that’s number 10.
– I’ll put it at number five. – We’re gonna put that at nine.
– I’m gonna go with four. – I’ll give it a 10.
– Three, ’cause people with stupid humor like me
I feel like might really like that. – (man) ♪ Making my way back home ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Been a long day ♪ ♪ Time to see my fluffy dog ♪
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ Oh!
– ♪ Doo doo doo ♪ (gasps) Ah!
It’s not a dog! – Oh, that’s a– (chuckles)
That’s not a dog! That’s a llama.
That’s a llama. – Who walks home and is just like,
“Hey, here’s a llama”? I feel like David Dobrik could,
but like… what?! I’ll put that one at six.
– Number one. – Three.
– Seven, because I’m not against it. – Did you see its eyes?
It looked confused and scary, and it’s not something
I’d wanna come home to. It should not be in a house.
I’m gonna do like six. – Number two.
I feel like people really like that audio,
and it’s a llama and people were expecting a dog.
– Hello– ew. – Fam, those are tigers.
♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ – Girl, you’re gonna get eaten!
You’re gonna die! Don’t die! – Kinda cringy,
and kinda stupid. – They’re playing, right?
I guess they would’ve eaten him already
if they weren’t. – That just stresses me out. (laughs)
More than anything, that stresses me out.
– This seems like a life-threatening situation,
and someone is like, “I’m gonna TikTok this right now.”
I don’t know. I’m gonna put that as number one.
– Six. – Number eight.
– Yeah, I’ma move that down later to even 10.
– I don’t know, man. I just feel like you put a raccoon
somewhere up in the top three, so I’m gonna go ahead
and give it the number five spot. – (Ryan) It all started
when my mom… – (gasps) I love this one.
They’re so cute! – “When my mom.”
Ahhh! Yes! This is number one! – Yes, I’ve seen this.
– (Ryan) Hi. – Ah!
– (Ryan) And my life, it’s kind of…
– Awww! That was so cute! – They’re trying to make fun
of what sitcoms do, but it came off way too cringy.
– I’m confident that that was gonna be my number one.
I’m really glad I left that spot. – I’ma put that at number one.
We love to see that. – I’m gonna put that one
at number one. I think I’ll put Ryan at one.
– I know it’s not number one, but I’m gonna put that one
at number one. Maybe it is number one.
Maybe I’ll keep it, and we’ll find out.
♪ (tranquil music) ♪ – Is that a dog or a cat
or neither? – Is that a little puma?
– Oh, he’s swimming. – Look at those big ol’ paws.
– That’s really cute. His paws are bigger
than my head. – Where do people
just have these animals? – How is this a common occurrence
for so many people and not for me? – I’m not gonna lie,
it was kind of underwhelming. It’s cute, but like,
they swim! They do that, you know? I wanted to see it
play with a ball or do something. – Panther. Or is it a puma?
– 10 was my only spot left, so baby jaguar is gonna be 10.
– Put it at 10. – I have to put it at eight.
– Nine, but now I’m honestly just really confused.
– (FBE) Now that you have watched through all of these,
we’re gonna give you a chance to make some changes.
Let us know when you are locked. And remember, you get one point
if you are one off and two if you are right on the money.
– Okay. How do you pick which animal video is better
than another animal video?! – I follow Stryker the cat,
so I’ll put that at one. – Ferret, I’m gonna move up.
That was so adorable and the little body,
doo, doo. – I’ll put ferret at number two.
Surprise llama number one. And that is my official list.
– (FBE) Are you ready? – Okay, yeah.
– (FBE) So, let’s go from number 10 to number one.
Remember, if you get an answer perfectly correct, you get two points.
But if you are one off, you get one point.
– Okay. – (FBE) Coming in at number 10…
– Number 10. – (FBE) …is the llama
pretending to be a fluffy dog by Divine Falcon,
who is known for their llama TikToks. (buzzer)
– Nah. Nah. That llama TikTok
had a whole story. That was a great one.
It did not deserve to be 10. – What?! I had that at four.
I had such high hopes for the llama. – Dude! Okay, llamas deserve
a little bit more credit than that. It’s an abnormal animal.
Nobody has a llama. – (FBE) At number nine
is the panda puppy video by Huxley the Panda Puppy.
(buzzer) – No! That’s the best video there!
Are you kidding me? – I didn’t love the panda puppy.
That’s at number nine. I put it at eight,
so I get one point. – Why is that not number one?
It’s really cute. – (FBE) At number eight
is the baby jaguar taking a swim. (buzzer)
– Wow. I put that at number three. That’s way off.
– I had that at number five. That one, I was fine with.
– I put it as number seven, so I was pretty close.
– Number seven is the Dachshund puppies
Holly and Hazelnut. – Oh! I got the weenies right!
Okay, so that’s two points. – I have it one above.
– (FBE) Still get another point. – Boom.
– That one should be number one. Those puppies are so cute.
– (FBE) Coming in at number six is the not so friendly hamster.
– I put the hamster at six! – (FBE) Another two points.
– Oh my gosh. I love hamsters. I think they’re just
the funniest little dudes. (chuckles) They’re just
little balls of fluff. – The voice-over was funny,
but (scoffs) not the hamster. That [bleep] is ugly.
– (FBE) Well, at number five… – Number five.
– (FBE) …is the dancing ferret from the channel friendlyquest…
– Yes! – (FBE) …who only makes
ferret-centered TikToks. (ding)
– Nice. That’s awesome. Only ferret TikToks? Oh, dope. (ding)
– (claps) – (FBE) Well, coming in
at number four… – (rapid breathing) – (FBE) …is Ryan.
– Noooo! This is rigged! It’s wrong. I refuse!
– Ahh. Okay. I was close. I tried to give Ryan
a little bit more credit. – Ryan needs to be moved up more.
What is going on here? Who’s– I don’t agree
with this list, just sayin’. – (FBE) Number three is
what’s going on inside this kitten’s head.
– Yeah, it’s– Oh, I put the cat at two. Damn.
– (FBE) Still a point, though. – But the internet loves cats.
That will never be a trend that dies. – I didn’t get that one.
I mean, in terms of like, I didn’t feel like
it was that unique, but all right. – (FBE) Number two
comes the two tigers from Kody Antle, whose TikTok page
is focused on wildlife conservation. (buzzer)
– I like that it’s focused on wildlife conservation,
but why is it number two? – That one was not entertaining
to me at all. It made me a little concerned
for the man. – Okay, I mean, good job. Thank you.
But like… that was so boring! It was just blehhh.
– (FBE) Coming in at number one is Stryker the serval cat showing off
his chicken hunting skills. (buzzer)
– Damn! I would’ve never pegged that as number one.
– I’m sorry. That– how? That thing was mean!
It literally wanted nothing to do with you
on its birthday. – I get it, ’cause there’s so much
to unpack in this TikTok. Like, whose home is this?
Why do they have one? Why is it its fifth birthday? Has it been living there
its whole life? Like, so many weird things.
– I’m okay with that one. I had him at number four,
’cause it definitely was… That one– like, you’ve never
seen a serval before, so it’s kind of cool.
– Animals are cute, you know what I’m saying? And I think that’s
a universal sentiment. No matter where you put
videos of pets and animals being cutesy,
any platform in the world, it’ll get a lot of attention.
You know, people just really like the wholesomeness of it. – Hi! Sydney here.
This is actually my first episode of College Kids React.
Thank you for staying tuned and following me through
Kids and Teens React. And stay tuned to see
what’s in store on College Kids React
and Adults React. Bye!


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