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Collaboration Key to Defeating Opioid Epidemic

January 15, 2020

Kentucky is one of the places where
opioid addiction and overdose deaths have hit the hardest. I think it’s
important for Kentucky to have a huge presence in a place like this to network
with so many other people to hear from experts from around the country around
the world about how best to address that problem. We need that information more
than just about anybody else. All the stakeholders in one conference to
compare notes to collaborate. We in Kentucky have known the value of that for some time collaborating in criminal justice, public health, behavioral health,
court systems, everything that has a real interest in what has become a national
epidemic. So it’s critical that we come together and work toward a common goal
to save lives and reduce this suffering and reduce such such a scourge. I’ve learned that there is such an exciting group of people out there across the
country working on this problem. We started at the conference eight years
ago with 750 attendees it’s now 4,000 and only in numbers and associations of
governments, organizations, people the University and all the colleges we’ve
got to all pull together at the same time. That’s why I’ve been so thrilled
that Dr. Capilouto has brought the UK contingent down here for the last four
or five years and that’s great credit to him and to the University. I’m here as the vice president for research really to understand the problem of the opioid
and the prescription summit and to make sure that we are on top of all of the
current problems and things that we need to know and that we shape our
infrastructure to make sure that we’re ready to address these problems as they
continue to emerge. There are researchers in the university have been working on an addiction for many many years and so they have an enormous amount of
experience that goes from research on clinical trials to research on services
and implementation and in that process they have been working on creating
partnerships with individuals in emergency departments or in justice
settings and importantly also reaching out to the communities To be a part of it is incredibly gratifying to see the University lead partnering with the cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Justice and
Public Safety cabinet and so that we could play a role in this historical
event in our state and really for our country is a game changer for us in many
ways this was by far the most wonderful opportunity to come here this year and
see our research realized now in a way that we’ll have such a big impact We’ve got a plan we’ve got people from all walks of life from the law enforcement,
to political, to medical EMTs, to sheriff’s, to jewelers, to preachers
alike. They involved locally and now in this summit nationally in a big way and
it’s growing I encourage the university to stay tuned, stay with us you’ve been a
huge help in putting these summits on. I just got to think that back home that’s
going to pay big dividends in Kentucky.

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