Cold & Flu Care : How to Take Care of a Stomach Flu

October 17, 2019

Having the Flu can be an extremely unpleasant
experience. I’m here to give you some tools to help you with your symptoms and help you
get over the Flu as soon as possible. I’m Doctor Savage, I’m an Osteopathic Family Practice
physician from Tampa. First of all, I must mention even though I’m talking to you here
through your computer, face to face, it’s important to seek medical attention, to see
your doctor because having the Flu, is a potentially very dangerous condition. Now with that said,
let’s talk about it a little bit. You’re having nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, things you could,
things that are important to do is to be, to maintain well hydration. If you’re nauseous,
that may be difficult, so start off by talking sips of clear liquids, and progressing as
tolerated. To maybe Grandmom’s soup, and then other soft foods, such as, bread, rice, applesauce.
Medicines such as Dramamine, that help with the nausea, are o.k., as long as you’re not
pregnant or you’re not allergic to the medicine. Now regarding the other end, you would expect
to have loose stools for a number of days, and it’s a self limiting situation, and as
you increase your diet, your stools should harden up a little bit. With that said, that
does put you at risk for dehydration, so as I’ve mentioned before, if you’re not getting
better, or if you’re feeling worse, go back and see your doctor again, because sometimes
it’s necessary to have hospitalization for this situation. Hopefully, you’re able to
stay at home, in bed, as much as possible, with the glass of water near by, and your
friends and family to help. Hopefully this gives you some tools to get over the Flu as
soon as possible. I’m Doctor Savage, and I wish you the best of health.

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