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Cold & Flu Care : How to Beat Winter’s Cold for Feet & Hands

November 14, 2019

Well it’s winter season again, and you’re
concerned about how to keep your hands and feet warm. Hi, I’m Dr. Savage, I’m an osteopathic
family practice physician from Tampa. Now you’re wondering, how is a Dr. from Tampa
going to teach me how to keep my hands and feet cold, when it’s warm here all the time.
But I do have my yearly ski trip. First of all, if by chance you may think that you might
have frost bite, that is a medical emergency. Symptoms of that are, if your hands or feet
or any extremity is discolored, more likely purplish, or dark colored, and also is very
painful, seek medical attention right away. Another thing to consider is, other medical
causes of cold hands and feet. This include, but not limited to, anemia, Raynaud’s syndrome,
and peripheral vascular disease. And with that said, either way, go ahead and put on
your warm set of gloves and socks, and nice dry boots, and you don’t want them too tight,
because the key is, to allow blood to flow to the extremities. Another way to avoid getting
the cold hands and feet is to avoid things that cause constriction of your blood vessels.
This for example would be, avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and direct contact with cold objects.
And that concludes how to keep your hands and feet warm. I’m Dr. Savage, I wish you
the best of health.


  • Reply whitemtnsmum821 December 13, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    ya i caught that too.. lol seems like this guy didn't really study his material, lol

  • Reply Dan Sullivan January 5, 2009 at 4:56 am

    lol, "keep your hands and feet cold in the warmth"

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