Cold and flu remedy

October 14, 2019

– Hi there. I’m Dr. Carole Keim and if
you have this horrible cough and cold that’s going around and lingering I have a recipe for you that
will make you feel better and taste good. I call it my magic get better tea. It’s very simple. Just take four cups of
water, half a lemon, two inches of ginger root, and a bag of your favorite
tea and boil it on the stove for about 10 minutes. Add just enough honey
to make it taste good. About two to four tablespoons should do it and sip it throughout the day. The lemon is for vitamin C. The ginger is a decongestant
and it settles your stomach. The honey is a cough suppressant, the only one that works for kids and is actually safe and remember this tea is only for
children who are a year old or older. No honey for babies
less than one year old. They can get botulism
which is a deadly disease. But after one year of age
we have enough stomach acid to kill botulism spores
that live in the honey so it’s safe. I hope this works for you
and helps you to feel better. If it doesn’t you can give me a call because you might need some antibiotics if the cough has been lingering
for two weeks or more. For more great tips and information you can subscribe to my YouTube channel or visit my blog at ♪ When going to the doctor just won’t do ♪ ♪ Doctor at your Door is there for you ♪

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