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Cockatiel Breeding Farm And Earning Money Tips / Cockatiel Care Treatment Medicine Farm Visit

February 13, 2020

probably sitting with eggs 4 eggs amazing result !! three chicks inside & become grown up how do you identify male/ female? for male the bead is smaller i’ve taken some sweets purchase 4 pairs all adults have a look bengal hospitality Hi Friends! Good morning & you’re watching my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar cordially invite you all to my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar” i’ve some big type parrot like macaw, african gray, cockatoo i thought to keep small type parrot like budgies , cocktail, love birds make colony for each type birds, purchase & set’em free inside i’ve already a budgies colony bought many birds & left’em it’s also shared with you if you don’t watch’em do watch at the link button do watch, it definitely delights you. today i set out 16/18 km away, there live three friends of mine they watch my shows at you tube later, they called me thus, become friend. reaching there meet two having love birds set up & one having cocktail set up discuss many things with’em. i thought before keeping myself i need to talk to them to get some knowledge i’ve knowledge on big parrots yet their experience enrich me, visit farm, ask’em about medicine, vitamins, calcium, their breeding in a year & in a month how much they earn? let’s start. i’ve also taken a cage to carry birds visit farm, if they sell birds i wanna purchase some pairs i ‘ve taken some sweets for’em first time visiting’em. it’s our customs it feels good friends, my bro is with me no fun with out him it’s too much hot to reach Gopal nagar we need to cross a pool we’re right there pleasure to show you the land scape here stop though hot the bridge is called Gangadharpur bridge nature is so beautiful here !! we’re four together it’s Soumen Ananda me & my bro it’s now noon 11 o’ clock it’s wrong way, need to go back asking’em address way seems never ending !! asking while going it’s a small pool some one comes to receive us it’s all through mud road no break even concrete only mud finally reached our destination it’s too hot today!! here no power supply for the moment it’s common in village no power for 2/3 hours in a day handy , this one inside is cooler than out thiis hand fan comforts us we’re now in front of the farm.. have a look in side now in side the farm show you one by one set up is done in a proper way attached with their hut shed perfect planning height is short though small place but planned with perfection very nice !! how many pairs’re you keeping ? 20 pairs 20 all adults ? laying eggs, chicks? total no is 50 parrots total 50 birds including chicks 50 birds but 20 pairs rest’re chicks 10 chicks we’re now in first partition this is the pair, let’s check nest box amazing result found 2 chicks 3, one ‘s grown up let’s move to 2 nd adult pair, which one is male/ female? pearl is female another one male check the box 3 chicks inside grown up this one ‘s much bigger lay 4 eggs & all hatched one three awe some result !! move to next cage where is the box? not yet given here one pair probably sitting with eggs not clearly seen insufficient space unable to shoot properly it’s another pair it’s about to lay eggs as he told me look at it’s belly within one / two days it’ll lay eggs another pair under check the box 4 eggs found move to next cage 4 eggs one hatched already 4 eggs, not sure 4 eggs, one chick whatever, result is impressive !! move to next part 3/4 eggs laid….. nice pair.. pearl & spite check the box nine progress many eggs & chicks found another part is’t male or female? spite is female white is male it’s nice pair if he sells, i wanna purchase this pair show you what i’m going to buy later show you the set up another cage let’s see this pair laid or may lay check the pitcher amazing!! 2 eggs & a chick here’re some cocktails what’s their age ? two months are they adult yes they’re making pair take some days to make then be separated given boxes all these chicks about to grow adult their age? 1 year? yes 8/9 months job is done very impressive !! pleased to watch breeding progress is awe some all parts show nice result eggs & chicks found his set up upper side lower side that’s how he did all parts look fresh clean wanna know more is it your only source of income? or else? engaged in another work before only doing this work it is small but hope to make it larger since 2 years left the job body does not permit so left the job so made this farm & try to make it large impressive. he did another job before some complication made him left job how did you plan? first budgies bought 12 piece 6 pairs turned’em into 400 pieces from 6 pairs to became 400 pic but one year the rate descended very less sold all after that i chose these parrots bought 2 pairs managed another one pair bought after that all birds hatched here in my farm started with 2 pairs then one more total 3 pairs all 25 pairs now all hatched here kept all birds sold some later will you tell me present set up how much will you earn? from chicks? in a month 4/5 thousand INR 4000/5000 in favourable season earn’ll increase more eggs, chicks more earning one thing which disease attacks them? cocktail does not fall ill easily very rare very rare teramicine is used & they become fit only teramicine makes’em well what about vitamin & calcium ? calcium is changed time to time not same always which one ? austophase calcicon vitamin? viamira calcium with one liter water how much amount? three drops for a bowl of water three drops for a bowl birds don’t drink full bowl so the dose dubbled one bird, three drops six for two birds total 12 drops as you make them separate so provide’em in each cage one pair : 12 drops for vit or calcium which food ? not huge quantity as it results lose motion neem leaf once in a month green leaf, they eat or the neem branches cut into pieces give them green veg like some water creepers no sun flower no seeds so give them paddy seeds gram seeds must for them gram seed soaked in water here paddy grass seed these two & gram seed gram , twice a day but little amount gram seed , yes for quick breeding vitamin , calcium only this food & vit , calcium thrice in a week vit , calcium mixing together for worm deworm once in two months pyclogin de worm medicine show you all later cattle fish for calcium he gives’em one piece in each cage how many times a pair breed in a year? six times ! i heard 3/4 six times if eggs taken away it may lay 7 times as well among 10 pairs a pair may lay twice other thrice one may be two eggs each pair two eggs taken & give’em to a pair making one pair free being free it lay after 15 days that’s how you get 7 times breed some says to give’em rest but for two years didn’t give’em rest need to give ’em food but not much at a time vit , calcium frequently give’em food but not much at a time thus, we get breeding for whole year molasses can be given mixing’th water in summer he gives molasses water how does it help? cures lose motion make body cool to get more breed he gives molasses water my knowledge develops after talking to him if i wanna purchase, would you sell? i choose a pair to give you as a gift from me you’re so generous !! nice to meet you & you gift me but you depend on it it’s gift but keep some money for it as per market when you make it large, then i accept it free i consider ti as a gift request you to accept money show you the medicines vitamin- E calcium best for birds vitamin for cold once a fortnight for liver 6/7 drops when birds eat little 3/4 drops 3/4 drops each medicines multi vitamin ROV_H one drop for a bird have a look gentle hospitality never forget such hospitality if i say no, he insists ever lasting memory for us heart touching his beloved wife birds are taken care by her he visits less all work done by her he only treats them credit goes to her do you mind ? his daughter Bidisha, nice to meet you before going to love bird purchase cocktail let’s catch pay him also female is young how do you recognise male/female? small beads for male for female it’ll be prominent four pairs all adult nice don’t expect, i’ll get so many he owns love bird farm it’s too long show video on love birds will be shown in next part i’ll make 2 nd part of it no more friends, see you soon with new topic , new show


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