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CLEAN WITH ME VIDEOS | flu season clean the house | MY SON HAS THE FLU =X

March 11, 2020

Good morning everyone.
Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video was a very
unplanned and impromptu video. Um, but I thought that anyone whose child
is home sick with the flu might want to see how another mom is disinfecting. So today’s Friday I’m a teacher,
I’m supposed to be at work, but yesterday I got called to daycare
to pick up my son early because he was throwing up. So I took him to urgent care. It turns out he has the flu. So my
daughter is still went to school. Um, she is in pre K this year. She’ll be
going to kindergarten next year. Um, and I really just want to keep her away
from my son as much as possible to try and keep her healthy. So yeah, I thought I’d just take you along with
me to see exactly what I’m doing to disinfect my house or if you just need
regular cleaning motivation cause you don’t feel like doing your own, this
will be the video for you. Right. So here’s what I got. I
went through last night, may have gone a little crazy
with the target drive up and go. I knew I needed disinfecting products
and I also wasn’t going to take my son into target so he’ll probably
come through in a sec. He’s right there since seventh
generation disinfectant spray. Lavender and Bergamont room spray. I’ve
never tried this ever spring one before, but I’ve tried the Mrs. Meyers several
times, the lavender scent and I love it. So we’ll see how this one, so I’m a stainless steel wipes obviously
I know these aren’t disinfecting. do you want another one? Yeah. Okay, let’s get you in. Not careful. Another episode last, currently the
only food my son is eating apples. Nobody, no to that piece you go. I feel like this video is already all
over the place. So like I was saying, I feel like these are
probably not disinfectant. I don’t see anything about
them being disinfectant. But either way I needed them
as you can tell from my fridge. The next thing I got was some
pledge dust and allergen. Again, this is necessarily
disinfectant as well, but, um, it says it does remove allergens and
spring may or may not come this year. So just in case I know my
son also gets allergies. So, alright, Clorox cleaning,
toilet bowl cleaner. Hey, this is a really exciting hole. So I’m seventh generation
disinfecting multi-service cleaner. I’m going to use this probably everywhere and a big old jar of
Lysol laundry sanitizer, which I won’t use. Like I’m going to use it on all my loads
in the next couple of days just to make sure that all those flu germs don’t
move past to my son and into myself, my husband or my daughter. And I also got this Lysol kitchen
pro antibacterial cleaner, which says it cuts, kills 99.9% of germs and tough grease. So hopefully this will
get the job done. Anyway, let’s get clean it. [inaudible] [inaudible] Are you sick? I’m sick. Come on. [inaudible] pro tip that I learned some better lighting here. So
pro tip that I learned, um, actually before I became a teacher
when I worked in daycares and was going through college, um, the number one place in an
area where food was prepared, um, that you should make sure that you
are cleaning or disinfecting every single time you do it is the edge of a counter
because things get spilled there and you know, you wipe the top of the counter but you
often forget the edge and I’ll show you what I in just a second. Um, and also if you have small kids
and they’re grabbing at things, all the germs on their fingers are going
on this side because that’s where they can reach. And all of those germs that they have on
their fingers have now transferred to the edge of your counter. And that’s where
you likely about to cook some food. So when you’re wiping the counter, don’t forget to directly [inaudible] don’t forget to wipe the edge as well. My washer and my dryer are full. All right, I’m going to put in everything that I
have just down here that I can put in here at the moment. And then I’ll go upstairs and grab other
things that can be added to the cycle. Let’s see. As it would turn out. My overflow laundry basket that I
have right down here was totally full. So it looks like I’ll be able to start
this load without going back upstairs. Yeah, I’m interested to see how
it affects the fabrics. Like if they come out all weird or um, you know, if they come
out, looking regular. Okay. I think my next course of action is I’m
just gonna use this disinfectant spray to spray the whole of the cabinet
knobs in my entire kitchen. Be right back. So I think that I’ve hit all
of the surfaces in the kitchen, so I’m gonna move on. All right. We want to move on to the bathroom, but I know I need to cause
it’s like germs central. So let me go to the bathroom. Okay. So, um, I went ahead and I sprayed the
disinfectant on just basically any, literally any surface, including,
um, light switches and the toilet. Um, and I’m just letting that sit for a
few minutes before I wipe it off. But, um, I got a question about
my floors because I do have, um, dark hardwood floors and they show
like even the faintest of smudges, dirt, whatever the case is, right?
Footprints. They show a lot of footprints. Um, and I got a DM on Instagram
asking how I clean them. So story time, we’ve been here for almost two years and
for about the first year of that I was cleaning the floors totally wrong and
it was very frustrating to me. Um, they just always looked dirty.
The more I cleaned them, the thicker the like film got on them
and you could see it when the light hit it. And we have tons of big windows, so it just kinda felt like
it always looked dirty. Um, I went through tons of different cleaning
products and the only thing that has worked that I’ve been steady using
and I’m finally at a good place with, um, the product is just a mix
that I actually make myself. And I got this spray bottle from target. It was just like an empty
all purpose spray bottle. Um, and I mix ammonia like scent free
ammonia, just straight ammonia. It’s like target brand, what does
it smartly or something like that, whatever the target brand
ammonia is the plain one. I mix that with water
and usually I put like, usually I put like maybe this much
ammonia in it and then I fill the rest up with water and I don’t use the
exact measurements anymore. I go by the color of the liquid. So like it has like a
hint of yellow in it. And that’s what I like.
Um, because too much, obviously if you use too much it’s gonna, eat away at the edges of the wood.
But also if you don’t use enough, it’s going to look like you just
sprayed water on your floor. So, um, I just use, I use usually this much
ammonia fill up the rest of the hot water. I make sure I shake it before
I spray it every time. Um, and that’s really truly the only thing
that has gotten the film off of the floors. All right. It is officially break
time. The kitchen has been sanitized, the bathroom has been sanitized. Um, next up on my list is going to be the
family room and my son’s room. Um, but I’m kind of at like a standstill
until I can do more laundry. Um, the washer still has a bit of time and
so does the dryer about 30 minutes until those are done and can be switched.
And as I’m looking in my bathroom, I’m noticing there is
still a Christmas wreath. There’s still a Christmas wreath hung
up a Crow like over top of my toilet. So I’m going to go ahead and get
that Christmas wreath down. Um, put the bathroom back together once
the floor dries and then take a break, have some lunch and [inaudible]. We’re making progress in here and by decent we’re shoving
and spraying things. And then shoving them in
different drawers. Okay. So everything just popped
out of that drawer. So, um, my camera’s about to die, so I’m
going to end my disinfecting here, but I’m not done yet. I’m going to go and spray more surfaces
in the bathtubs and everything like that. Um, do some more laundry with that. Disinfecting laundry
detergent or laundry additive. It’s not necessarily detergent and
additive. Um, so I’m going to do that. I’m going to spray off
surfaces in my son’s room, in my bathroom and he and my daughter’s
bathroom and hopefully it should be it. Um, I really need to leave the toy room
because it feels like I fumigated it. And every time I take a
breath it’s just like, so I need to get out of here.
Um, and I think that’s it. So thank you so much for sticking
around. Um, if you’re still here, I appreciate it. Hopefully your kids don’t
get the flu and yeah, if you are not subscribed to my
channel, definitely consider doing so. This is my life. Everything you see
today, this is my real true life. And, um, you know, I just thought maybe someone would want
to come along on the journey with me because you’re similar to me or totally
different and making fun of me in the background, which is
also fine. Um, so yeah, definitely like this video and
leave me a comment down below. Let me know what you did to disinfect
your house weight if your kids or you were sick and, um, I absolutely need that kind
of your, all right girl. Um, you know, based on what
my toy room looks like, I would appreciate anyone with a
kind word to say about that. Alright. Time to go. I’ll see you my next video.


  • Reply Shviko March 11, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    amazing content keep it up bro

  • Reply Jenny Bellido March 11, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    This is very helpful for a mom like me! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Julie Carruth March 11, 2020 at 4:24 pm

    Very helpful and perfect timing with everything going on here in America! Thank you for posting:-)

  • Reply Deena Danielle March 11, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    Aw I hope your son feels better soon!

  • Reply Sofia Lately March 11, 2020 at 4:37 pm

    New here ๐Ÿ™‚ Just subbed picked up many tips for my own cleaning routine!

  • Reply Serena D Alexander March 11, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    This is the motivation I needed to give my place a deep clean. Hope your son feels better

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