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Chronic Yeast Infection | Tips to Cure a Yeast Infection

August 17, 2019

Chronic Yeast Infections – Tips to Cure
a Yeast Infection Chronic yeast infections are a painful condition
or disease of vagina which persists for a long time. It is considered as a chronic yeast infections
when you have it more than three times in 6 months. It is an infection present in your vagina
and is very difficult to treat. It causes burning and itching in your vagina,
which is really embarrassing to deal with, when you are in public. A number of women can be offended by this
disease but if it goes untreated then it may lead to a number of severe problems other
than burning and itching on your vagina. This disease can persist for a long time,
and may be all your life and even if you treat it then it may reoccur. So a proper treatment for a long time is essential
to keep it at a distance and it should be managed well. SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC YEAST INFECTIONS Burning, itching, redness and irritation in
the vaginal part are the most common symptoms of this disease. It may result in swelling in your vulva and
even some women suffering from this disease may go through frequent pain during urinating
which is due to the swelling of the opening of urinary. Women with chronic yeast infection will face
immense discharge of vagina which is thicker than the normal discharge. This will also make sexual intercourse really
painful due to the swelling in your vagina and dryness of the discharge. TREATMENT OF CHRONIC YEAST INFECTIONS The treatment of this disease will have to
be followed for a long time. It does not means that you can take medications
and get rid of this disease. Medications can provide you temporary relief
but the symptoms may reoccur. So the medication should be well managed for
a proper relief. Yeast infection can easily be treated by applying
the antifungal medications around your vaginal area. You can also eat some of these medicines for
treating the disease. Combination of both is recommended for a mixed
infection. Over the counter can also be taken up as a
treatment if the cause is infection. A number of doctors prescribe suppositories
or vaginal tablets and not oral medications. Abdominal pain, headache, nausea may be the
result of oral medications but vaginal tablets do not have such side effects. Oral medications are not recommended during
pregnancy. TIPS TO PREVENT CHRONIC YEASTS INFECTIONS It is always said ‘prevention is better
than cure’. You can follow these easy tips to prevent
this disease and have a relaxed and satisfactory sexual life. Cotton under wears should always be used and
lycra and nylon panties should be avoided to prevent breeding of the infectious yeast. Lubricants which are petroleum based should
be avoided during intercourse. Water based is more recommendable lubricants
for dry vagina. Clean yourself properly to prevent the infection
in intestinal breeding of yeast. Yogurt is quite healthy and the best preventive
measure of this infection. Yet it is not a treatment for it. Avoid douches and scented powders and bath
products. But once you see the sign of the chronic yeast
infections consult the physician at an instance and start your treatment for a healthy body. Visit the website. Click below

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