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Chronic Illness Vlog: Dr. Appointment with My New POTS Specialist

December 31, 2019

Today I’m going to be going to my first
doctor’s appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. [echoes- st. nothing] so what is about ten of nine right now
which is so crazy to me because I’m so used to having to wake up so early for
doctor’s appointments so this is actually my first doctor’s appointment
that I didn’t have to wake up at like 6:00 in the morning and travel two and a
half hours to get to so just say I’m excited would be a little bit of an
understatement um yeah I’m gonna go pack my medicine up and pack a few things
up get ready to go and eat some breakfast and head out to my appointment [Synchronisity- Kate Robarge and Matt Kelley] So this place is so… cool. Not only is it
a really cool hospital but also there’s like art everywhere which I am super
into. So let me show you some of the cool pieces that are happening. Like behind me
there’s like this really cool peice. And I’ll show you some more let’s go! [Synchronisity – Kate Robarge and Matt Kelley Got my vitals done. I’m just uh reading my
book and waiting for the doctor to get in. I’ll let you know how it goes! Wow! So a lot happened today! That was like the best doctor’s appointment I have ever had, in my whole life So, I usually go into my appointments
like with this big medical binder, but also I had brought in all of my medical
records to the doctor’s office about a month ago I visited the clinic and I gave
him all of it so that he could study them up before I came to my appointment
and he did. Like he actually did and was citing things from my records and like
it was like it was a person and not just a number it was absolutely amazing and um
so who he gave these back to me when I was done. I don’t know if he wrote this
or like one of the nurses… Regardless like look at this cute little note that was all on my…on my
medical record and so basically what happened is I went in there and he you
know was like okay so I want to hear your story like in your words. So, you
know, I’m telling them all these things that I had going on. It kept being things
like he’d be like “oh do you have this symptom so if you had this like test”
that’s just like this is what should have happened it just had never happened
until today so okay let’s see I have one two three four five six seven tests
that are scheduled. Tests or appointments or bloodwork. He just wants to crack what
it is that’s wrong with me in the cause of my POTS and I’ve never had a doctor
who has wanted to do that. So I am just over the moon excited. I’m thinking that
if nothing else this hospital and this team is gonna keep me where I
am, in this part of the country, for at least a little while. I’m really really
excited; I think a lot of good things are gonna happen from this doctor. So I’ll
keep you updated and if you’re interested in me doing a video about any
of these kinds of tests, I’m going to be doing a gastric emptying test, a blood
volume test, um the other is just blood work, you probably won’t hear about that. I think
everyone knows how blood work goes but yeah it was just amazing. I cannot
stress enough how good it feels to have a doctor who was… it just really felt
like you cared and it really felt like he wanted to get to the bottom of this. I
think you know some of the biggest things that he said to me today… So um he
had me do my blood pressure lying down and then standing up and he took it
three times standing up and he said, “sometimes people with POTS during that
you can’t even tell they have pots you don’t know until they do a tilt
table test” but he said that for me it’s very clear that I have POTS you can see
it in the..uh.. just in the blood pressure and heart rate standing in an office and he
said it kind of showed that I’ve been going untreated for my POTS like I’ve
been barely getting the kind of treatment that I needed and he’s really adamant
about getting me that traetment I need and customizing a treatment plan and that
treatment plan will be put together based off of all these tests that I’m
about to get. So I’m very much looking forward to that.
One thing that was just so cool that he said though was he realizes how
important artists are to our communities and you know he realizes the kind of
work that we do can really change the world. And he.. you know he doesn’t want to
see my creative energy dulled by an illness like POTS and I just thought
that that was the most amazing thing that I had ever heard from a doctor. I
mean just that sentiment said to you by someone who spent their
whole life like in academic like textbook… you know not around like other
artists 24/7 to have… just to have that mindset even when you’re not in artistic
field, I just thought was really cool and I was… I just really felt like I found
the perfect doctor. He understood me and my lifestyle and he also just from a
doctor’s perspective understood just how long I have been going without really
getting sufficient treatment. So I think that the future is bright as far as my
POTS goes at least he makes me feel that way and I think the great… other great thing he said, I mean he said so many great
things today, but another great thing that he said… know as I was leaving
he was just like, “this is just the beginning” and I was like wow, like oh!
I was trying like… I don’t know… I felt like I kept like almost like crying, like in his office. Like he let he would leave periodically to like go get the blood pressure monitor or
go get this thing, go get that thing and every time he would leave, I was just sit there like trying not to like tear up just like tears of joy cause like for the first
time, I just feel like someone like truly sincerely cares and is finally
seeing what I’m seeing and like feeling the same way that I’ve been feeling for
a few years now. So, I don’t know what’s gonna happen but, I’m very optimistic and
I cannot wait to share with you, you know, how I’m doing, POTS and chronic illness
wise, in the future Thank you so much for watching this video! If you enjoyed it,
please give this video a thumbs up, so I know. Also if you’re interested in
hearing my experiences with a gastric emptying test or a blood volume test
definitely let me know in the comments below and I can make that video happen!
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    Amazing vid! Nice! Sub back please. Thanks!

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    That's awesome you've found a great doctor. I just subscribed! Glad I found you via the Facebook group. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Just N September 5, 2017 at 11:22 pm

    I'm so happy for you I just came across your channel! I'm a chronic illness warrior as well.. I've been treated at Cleveland clinic before they are amazing! Who's the doctor you saw is it Dr.Jagger?

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    Absolutely amazing to see someone happy with their doctor and actually figuring their illness out congratulations I pray I will be blessed like you one day

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    Could you list Doctor's name? I live in Colorado and thinking of going to Cleveland clinic for help

  • Reply Katie Haynes August 2, 2019 at 12:45 am

    Hey, I am heading to the clinic next week and have some questions can you please message me!

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