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Christianity and mental illness || Lauren Bartling

February 7, 2020

Hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel, my name is Lauren bartlein. I haven’t said that since like my first video Yeah, I’m Lauren so in today’s video I mean, I always explain the videos but like you know what they are because you can read the title see the thumbnail but yeah today I’m just gonna be talking about like My relationship with anxiety when it deals with Christianity, but hello guys I am currently editing this video and I just I filmed this video Like at the end of October it is currently December 18 So it’s been a while since I filmed that video obviously and I just had a few things that I wanted to say That I didn’t say in this video. So here I am Basically one thing I wanted to say is that a lot of times I felt that in church some pastors made it seem like Anxiety and worry was a choice that people were choosing to worry and be anxious and It’s like, you know when you have mental illness you literally cannot control it like Trust me if it were that easy to like flip a switch like so what do you think? I would like I want to talk about their relationship between Christianity and mental illness because at least in sermons that I’ve seen that they can often talk about preachers can often talk about anxiety But they don’t talk about anxiety in the sense of mental illness anxiety talking about anxiety as in the thing that everyone has anxiousness Everyone gets anxious. Everyone is anxious moments. There is a difference between being anxious and having anxiety Those are two different things a lot of people use mental illnesses as adjectives They’ll say oh I’m feeling so depressed today to describe having a bad day or They’ll say oh my god. I just a panic attack To say that like they just went through something stressful some of those things might be true, but people who do not have mental illnesses that say that are Increasing the stigma around mental illnesses because It’s making people believe oh, well everyone has it everyone gets that way but no not everyone gets that why not? Everyone has mental illnesses. Everyone has mental health everyone You know might get sad everyone has emotions but not everyone has mental illnesses in my experience with Church This has kind of always been something that I have slightly disagreed on because a lot of times the pastors will just say oh You’re just anxious. You just need to like pray it away, basically and Trust me if it was that easy I wouldn’t be struggling it made me feel like it was my fault that it was something wrong with me That’s something in Me needed to be fixed that I was broken and it took me a long time to realize that I’m not broken I don’t need to be fixed it’s still taking me time to fully realize that there are some days where I feel broken and I feel Incomplete And there are days that I struggle with my mental health and there are days that I’m doing really good That’s the way mental illnesses work. It’s not a constant thing you go through seasons of Whatever it might be of depression of anxiety Whatever it is Every mental illness is different. I’m specifically talking about anxiety and panic attacks and depression because that is what I deal with That is what I have personal experience with that Christians can have mental illnesses. They can have depression anxiety bipolar Disorder whatever it is it doesn’t just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you’re immune to What mental illnesses mental illnesses do not discriminate? I know that these people have obviously not done research into mental health issues is obviously telling someone to oh just don’t worry about it or just like Don’t stress. It’s like that doesn’t work and it’s also not helpful Like literally there are people out there that are just like yo you just you need to like remember to breathe and like go outside and exercise and drink more water and They think that like doing all that it’s gonna like care your mental illness. It’s like you know what? Thank you I’m cured like no shut up. Oh There are certain aspects that I appreciate of sermons on anxiety and worry and whatever but I feel like I have to take them with a grain of salt because I Appreciate them and they’re nice reminders to remind me when I’m feeling anxious But at the same time they made me feel insecure because it made me feel That I was lesser of a Christian because I had these worries and I couldn’t control them Because no matter how hard I tried I would still have these worries and I would still feel anxious I would solve panic attacks and stuff like that. So it made me feel like wow. I must be a terrible Christian because I’m worrying all the time and I’m overthinking these things and I’m having panic attacks and I must not really be a Christian because and I must not have faith because I’m worrying and I’m anxious all the time, but it took me a long time to realize that it’s not my fault I can’t control it and it’s in My brain that there is a chemical that there’s not enough of my body just doesn’t produce enough serotonin So I have to take medicine for that and there’s nothing wrong with that People have a saying medicine for diabetes for lots of stuff and that’s fine It’s you know, it’s just viewed differently because it’s our minds So people that are struggling with mental illness are viewed as lesser because because people think that they can’t deal with it But you know what? It’s okay to need help. It’s okay to need medicine. It’s okay to mean therapy. It’s okay to need whatever because that doesn’t make you lesser to seek help it makes you strong makes you incredibly brave and There’s nothing wrong with having mental illnesses Absolutely, nothing so many people out there struggle with them People will always tell you this whether it’s a sermon or a person or whatever. I always tell you Well, just think about somebody who has it worse Yeah, that’s not gonna help because yeah, somebody might haven’t worse but that doesn’t make my issue any less real to me Yes other people out there have it worse. I understand that I get that but that doesn’t make my issue any less real or valid and that is something that Other people don’t seem to get and I don’t know why And I’m sorry if I’m getting like really into this because it is something that I’m so passionate about because it is something I’ve struggled with and it is something that a lot of people around me don’t understand and so if you are a family member or a friend of someone who has any mental illness I highly Recommend that you do research and that you helped help them you do research to help them Because not only will that make them feel? Incredibly loved and valued It will help them. Have a safe Place in you and that is so important. I cannot explain to you how incredibly important that is and how amazing it feels to have someone that you can go to to talk to who understands what you’re going through and You know, the other thing is people out there who are struggling with anxiety or mental health issues themselves You can also do research and educate yourselves on coping mechanisms and things you can do to help you through those anxious moments are to take these negative thoughts out of your head and put them here and have them and look at them and be like it’s this to like write on it that it’s anxiety or it’s Panic disorder whatever it is to be able to categorize it and label it not saying that those labels Represent you they don’t define you but it’s nice to know that you can look at those things and think This is why that there’s a reason that it’s not all in your head and that you’re not making it up and that there’s a reason you’re feeling these emotions and You’re not crazy another thing That annoys me is when people try to compare mental illnesses and say well they have it worse than you Oh, my anxiety is worse. It’s not a competition. Yeah, one person’s might be worse, but the other person’s still real another thing is that They obviously talk about in church is like why should we worry? when we have such a mighty and powerful God who takes care of it all we should just put our worries on him and let Him go and it’s easier said than done I know there’s lots of people who just struggle with worrying and whatever but as someone who has anxiety I specifically have generalized anxiety disorder, which means I just constantly worry about basically everything and then I also have panic disorder and so For someone with a mental illness of anxiety it’s not easy just to like put those thoughts away for a lot of people they might worry about a little bit be like Okay, whatever. It’s you know irrational. It doesn’t that doesn’t matter for someone with anxiety. They’re gonna worry about it constantly until it makes them like physically sick or it makes them unable to sleep at night or Stuff like that. So mental illness is completely different than worrying worrying can be a part of mental illness but mental illness is much more than that and the reason I find this so important to talk about is because like I said, obviously I have a mental illness and That’s something I’ve never really been ashamed to share. It’s a part of me. It doesn’t define me, but it’s a part of me and that’s another thing that has helped me to cope with the realization that I have anxiety that I have mental illnesses is that God doesn’t make mistakes And he didn’t give me this burden to bear For no reason he didn’t just like be like, oops. I why does she have anxiety? I don’t know he gave me anxiety for a reason and oftentimes what I like to tell people and what at least Thus far in my life What I realized that purpose of my anxiety is that it helps me rely on him because when I feel the weight and the burden of anxiety and stress and worry I have to rely on him because I can’t deal with those weights of The world on my own whatever God has placed in your life. He has placed in your life for a purpose even if it’s causing you pain and struggle it’s gonna be worth it in the end and it’s gonna teach you something that Important and it’s gonna help you in the long run Like I said, God doesn’t make a mistake because he puts everything every situation and every person in our life for a purpose and For a greater plan. It took me a long time just to realize that you know, what? Yeah, God could take it away, but he also might not And I’m fine with that either way, you know Yeah, there are some days where I’m just like I don’t want to deal with this I can’t deal with this anymore But you know, it’s not up to me it’s not my decision what I am given and what I’m not getting and I have been given this I have been given until all this and yeah, it’s not easy to deal with it’s not fun but it is something that I have to live with and I definitely fully 100 thousand percent think that I have it in my life because it keeps me reliant on God because Definitely when I feel myself straight away and whatever my anxiety definitely reminds me like you know, what? No, you need him. You cannot walk this life apart from him because you will fall and struggle and stress it’s a reality of life for so many people and so I Feel like a lot of churches. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sermon at any church before that has talked about mine till this is And the thing is they’re real. They’re not evil. They’re not something that’s like It’s not a curse or whatever. I don’t know And their thing is that lots people deal with mental illnesses. Do not determine someone’s value or Faith I just want anyone out there that’s struggling with mental illnesses who is a Christian to know that you are not alone and any of this I can guarantee you that there are tons of people out there who know and Are going through exactly what you are going through Christians can deal with mental illnesses. It’s True it’s real it’s a thing that happens and That’s nothing to be ashamed of it’s nothing for you to feel lesser of a Christian or to feel that. You know, you’re Like broken or that you need to be fixed or something because you’re not God made you exactly the way he wanted you to be and if that’s what the mental illness then That’s the way he intended it to be Um, I’m sorry, I’ve got some points. I got a little heated and stuff just because like I said, you know I take mental health very seriously because like I said, it’s been a long journey For healing for me, and I’m still on that journey the journey never ends like I was saying it is okay to struggle and it is also okay to seek help when you are struggling because Seeking help whether that be like talk therapy or if you you know need to go to a psychiatrist or a doctor For medicine or whatever it is. There’s tons of things That can be done to help you cope with whatever you’re going through. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you truly know that you are loved and that you are not alone and whatever it is that you were going through and dealing with and God loves you so much and he made you on purpose and for purpose That was so cheesy. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video If you did, please be sure to give it a big thumbs up and I love doing this Subscribe Also, did you guys even notice my twinkle lights in the background they changed colors Pretty cool, huh? I got them on Amazon until my next video. Bye


  • Reply Lauren Bartling December 22, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    every time i look myself up on youtube you come up🌚

  • Reply Sarah StayPaid February 18, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    Thank you for this post I go to a christian non denominational church and my family comes from a strong pentacostal background. I do feel release when praying in the spirit but I was in deep prayer and was a complete wreck when God led me to research ADHD I mean a deep travail. I watched youtube read articles and everything other people experienced was exactly what I had been going through. Keep in mind this was all revealed to me while in prayer. Talk about a God encounter I'm still struggling and praying but your video is so inspiring God bless you.

  • Reply undivideddevotion 40 March 20, 2019 at 9:01 am

    Keep posting as you are inspired. Lauren.. Its good to hear these. I am a born again believer in The Lord and i hear many many say that my mental illness is a form of spiritual warfare 100%. and that i need deliverance. I stay close to the Word and the Lord daily. But i still struggle almost daily.. Mental Illness is very real and it is a chemical imbalance.. God Bless you…Yes this mental illness is like a thorn in the side it keeps us before God coming to Him in humbleness and reliant on Him..

  • Reply Brent Goold December 25, 2019 at 6:58 am

    Well said in this video.

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