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Cholera in Cuba: Sickness and a spreading epidemic

December 14, 2019

There is a cholera outbreak in Cuba. There have
been more incidences of the illness especially in the eastern
region of the country. This is a report from the Island. The people of Cuba
are extremely worried because there is a cholera epidemic in Cuba, attacking the Island. and it is not a secret to anyone. It is primarily in the eastern region. Even though the actual numbers are
controlled exclusively by the government, it has been reported that there are hundreds of people who are sick with cholera in Cuba. Several people from different places, including prison, have died from the Cuban cholera outbreak. The first data on the epidemic was released at
a meeting with the parents of students at all of the schools in Guantanamo.
Citizens were told that some 83 cases had been
reported in Maisi, the eastern part of Cuba Subsequently, the number of people affected by the
Cuban cholera outbreak continued to rise to the point that the cities of Guantanamo, the capital
city of Santiago of Cuba, and the municipalities of Mella, San Luis
and Palma are at risk of danger, being the areas that are the most affected. Also, cases appeared en Bayamo, Manzanillo,
and Holguin, with less intensity. Airplanes and fumigation cars traverse the
cities to combat the epidemics, which include cholera and other ailments that have attacked the country
in the last years; like dengue, leptospirosis, rabies, AH1M1 and
the cockroach outbreaks. In addition, highlighted in Santiago
is malaria, and typhoid fever. Furthermore, there is
speculation that the government will declare a state of
quarantine in some cities. Some sources, close to the government,
say this outbreak is because of a recent hurricane which went through that part of the
country on October 25th of this year. However, we all know that the first cases appeared
in Manzanillo, which makes that hypothesis null. Is there a lack of concern over the
sanitary and hygiene health system? Will the government be able to
overcome this crisis? These and other questions shall be
answered by time.

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