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November 25, 2019

– Have you ever wondered why flu season is only during the winter months? Or why there’s only certain kids or adults that are sick even though
the ones around them hardly ever get sick? Dr. Kris Arnold here from
Live Well Chiropractic and Wellness Center where
our goal is to build happier, healthier, stronger families through the most natural means possible. Well these are questions
that always bothered me until I was able to dive
in and really find out the answers to these problems. And the answer to this
it has nothing to do with germs and viruses. There’s germs and viruses are around us and live around us 24-7-365. So it’s not has to do with
being exposed to the wrong germ because even if you are, how
many other people shook hands with that person or was in that same room, but ended up not getting sick? It always has to do with
a weak immune system. When your body is weak,
when your immune system is broken down, even little
germs can cause big problems. So how do we strengthen
your immune system? That’s what we do here in our office and that’s what we specialize. A lot of people seek out our
care and seek out what we do because they’re not able to get over a lot of chronic health
issues or don’t wanna use antibiotics or are even
tired of using antibiotics or they’re not even working anymore. So what we do is we found
out there is different keys to strengthening your immune system. And these keys come
down to is what do we do differently in the summer
months that we don’t do in the winter months? Number one, is we’re more
active in the summer. We’re outside, we’re moving,
we’re using our bodies more. That’s what we need to
do in the winter time. Find a way, join a gym, be outside even if it’s chilly and cold, make
sure you’re moving the body it’s gonna make a big difference. Number two, is we don’t eat as well. Summer months, garden
season we eat very well. Winter months we don’t eat as well. So try to get back to healthy eating. Stay away from the sugars and
candies that are predominant around the holiday season. And sometimes do a detox
or cleanse in the beginning of the year and start to
really get your immune system really stimulated and back on track. We also know another
thing that also causes a lot of immune issues is stress. When you’re body’s under
lots and lots of stress it cause that immune
system to be suppressed and more apt to get sick. So how do we overcome some of
these, also too and stress? It has to do with chiropractic care and chiropractic adjustments. Most people don’t realize
one of the best things to stimulate and strengthen
your immune system is get a great adjustment. I can’t tell you the dozens
and dozens and dozens of testimonials of patients
who came to us who have had chronic colds, always are on antibiotics, but all of a sudden once they get adjusted they don’t get sick at all
or when they do get sick they get over it much, much
quicker how does that happen? It is the adjustments to the
nervous system stimulates that immune system to
reach at a higher level so they can actually stay
healthy and stay well. We also know in what we deal
with is a lot of nutritional imbalances even though people
are eating less healthy through the winter months
there are certain things that we need to support your body that can actually get them back on track. So again, don’t fall to the
trap that again it’s the germ theory that causes problems
it has to do with your body not being healthy and well. Again, myself and my staff are
around sick people every day, but it’s been a long time
since we’ve had anybody on our staff have to use a sick day, why? Because we get adjusted,
we take care of ourselves very, very well. So if that sounds something
that’s intriguing to you that you really want
to get healthy and well and really make it through
this winter season. Or if you have a child
that’s on antibiotics or sick all the time that
shows you there’s a weakness, that shows something is wrong
with their immune system specifically their nervous system, we would love to help ’em out. So take advantage of our about
$45 winter house special. We’d love to help ’em out
and get them back on track really in the most natural
healthy way possible.

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