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Chinese Virus Spreads | Hong Kong Anti-Communist Rally

January 26, 2020

Is a global pandemic starting in China? Hong Kong Protests Communism And don’t get caught in your pajamas in
this Chinese city. That and more on this week’s China Uncensored. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. This week’s China news headlines! First an update on the deadly Chinese coronavirus that spread from the city of Wuhan. As of Friday morning, Chinese state-run media had confirmed there were 887 cases nationwide,
with 26 deaths. Don’t worry. Chinese authorities are taking resolute action
against the new virus. They’ve raised the public health response to the highest emergency level. Which is good. They’ve also completely locked down travel
in 13 cities, i ncluding Wuhan where it all started. The travel ban now covers more than 30 million
people. Authorities have also banned large gatherings
around the country. They even shut down Disneyland. So if you hate long lines, nows the time to
go. A classic Chinese Communist Party solution: Cracking down, like the virus is a political
dissident. Except of course it’s too late. One virologist who helped identify SARS in
2003 told Chinese media that “a bigger outbreak
is certain.” And that “We have passed through the ‘golden
period’ for prevention and control.” If only they used the golden period for that
instead of a massive coverup. Not to mention that millions of people have
already started traveling t hroughout the country for the Lunar New Year,
which starts today. And in Wuhan, the scapegoating of local officials
has already begun. Meanwhile, the first patient to have the virus
in the US is being treated in Seattle by a robot. That is not a joke. The good news is, he seems to be recovering. Meanwhile a second US case has been confirmed
in Chicago. I hope Chicago has robots, too. Now over to Hong Kong, where protests are continuing. Only now, they also have to worry about this
weird Chinese virus, too. It’s a good thing so many people wear masks
in Hong Kong. Last Sunday, Hong Kongers held an anti-Communism
rally. It was called Universal Siege Against Communism. And it was to call on other countries to sanction
Hong Kong officials. These people held up signs that say Heaven Destroys the Chinese Commuinst Party before police started shoving their way through
and firing tear gas. The rally was originally allowed by police, but they suddenly shut it down after too many
people showed up. Several fights then broke out between police
and protesters. Plus the tear gas. Police made several arrests. One of the people arrested was Ventus Lau, the person who organized the rally. He’s being charged with, among other things, “inciting others to take part in an unlawful
assembly.” Yes, Lau was charged for inciting people to
take part in an unlawful rally… that police had previously said was totally
lawful until they changed their minds in the middle
of the rally and started tear gassing people. In other words, it was a typical Sunday in
Hong Kong. But don’t worry, that’s going to change, thanks to the brilliant minds of Chinese Communist
officials. The new head of the Liaison Office is pushing for the Draconian national security law they
tried to pass in 2003. In 2003, it resulted in massive protests. So it failed before, but clearly doing the exact same thing is
going to work this time. I believe we have a photo of the new head
of the Liaison Office right here. Human Rights Watch has released their Human
Rights report for 2020. It includes this special feature called China’s
Global Threat to Human Rights. The director of Human Rights Watch flew to Hong Kongfor the official release. But he was denied entry. “The focus of the report this year was going
to be on how the Chinese government is really trying to
deliberately undermine the international human rights system. Sadly, as I arrived here, the Chinese government
decided that it did not want to let me in. So even though I’ve been able to enter Hong
Kong freely before, this time, for the first time, they’ve blocked
me.” Surprisingly, denying him entry to Hong Kong
didn’t actually silence the report. He just released it in New York instead. And as a result, it got more media attention. Imagine that. There’s finally an update on Huawei CFO
Meng Wanzhou. She was accused of violating US sanctions
on Iran. For more than a year, she’s been detained in a harsh prison known
as—Canada. Will she get extradited to the US? Well, extradition hearings have begun, but
that’s just the beginning. “This week’s hearing focuses on whether
Meng’s alleged crimes in the U.S. are also illegal in Canada. Meng’s defense say the central issue is so
called “double criminality”, as in, charges she is accused in the U.S. must also be considered crimes in Canada. Meng’s lawyers argue the case is founded on
allegations of breaching U.S. sanctions against Iran. But, Canada has rejected those same sanctions. So, they argue Meng can’t be extradited.” And legal experts say it could be years before
a decision is reached. So Meng will remain in legal limbo in Canada. Don’t feel too bad for her, though. Her “prison cell” is house arrest. At her 12-million-dollar luxury home. Plus, she’s getting by with a little help
from her friends. And by friends, I mean people who were paid
to protest on her behalf. Who says money can’t buy friends? There’s another Meng in the hot seat this
week. The former head of Interpol Meng Hongwei. No relation. He’s been sentenced to more than a decade
in prison for corruption. And I don’t think *his* prison cell will
look like this. How did a corrupt guy like Meng Hongwei get elected to the head of the International
Police? “Partly on the strength of his record of
combating graft in China.” Ironic. Meng is also a part of former Chinese leader
Jiang Zemin’s faction, which current leader Xi Jinping has been locked
in a factional power struggle with. It’s nice to know that despite everything
else that’s putting stress on the Communist Party, the power struggle goes on. But if you’re thinking both Meng’s haven’t
got a prayer, well…most people in China might not have
a prayer, either. Because the Chinese Government is planning to re-interpret classic religious books like the Bible, the Quran, and Buddhist Texts. “Socialist core values should guide the
re-interpretation process.” Oh good. And even more good news for religion in China. The Vatican has chosen a new Bishop for Hong
Kong. But they haven’t officially announced who
it is. Why? According to the Catholic News Agency, it’s because of concerns that the guy they
chose is too sympathetic to the Chinese Communist
Party. To clarify, the Vatican’s concern is not
that the new bishop is too sympathetic to the Communist Party. No, their concern is just that *announcing*
it would upset the people of Hong Kong, who are protesting the Communist Party. Sure, heaven will destroy the CCP. Just not the under the Vatican’s watch. And now, witness the power of China’s fully
operational Radio Telescope. Not only is it the largest radio telescope
in the world, but like the feelings of the Chinese people, it’s also the most sensitive. Which is probably why it was built in a depression. And finally, another technological breakthrough. China is using AI Facial recognition technology… to shame people for wearing their pajamas. Because wearing pajamas in public is a thing
in some parts of China. This crackdown is another one of those things
you only see in a country like China, where top down government directives lead
to idiotic local policies. Officials in Suzhou, a city of six million
people in Anhui Province, got word that they needed to root out uncivilized
behavior. Nice and vague. So obviously they took action. Which for them, meant publishing surveillance
photos taken by street cameras of residents wearing
pajamas in public along with parts of their names, government
identification numbers and their locations. That sparked a nationwide outcry, so local
officials quickly apologized. And that does it for this week’s China News
headlines. What do you think? Leave your comments below. And as I’ve mentioned before, YouTube demonetizes episodes like this, because they’re too controversial for advertisers. We would have been run out of business years
ago, if it weren’t for fan support through the
crowd funding website Patreon. So as a thank you to these fans, I answer their questions at the end of some
of my episodes. This question comes from…Thomas Kollmeier. “Which of the 2020 presidential candidates
is the most anti china out of all them, because I’m getting the impression lately
that no one wants to stand up to china.” Good question, Thomas. If by anti-China, you mean anti-Chinese regime, none of the candidates are. Even president Trump has not explicitly said
anything against the Chinese Communist Party or Chinese
leader Xi Jinping. Although to be fair, through Trump’s actions
on trade, he’s done a lot to weaken their grip on
power. And some key people in Trump’s administration, like Vice President Pence and Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo, have openly criticized the regime’s human
rights abuses. Among the 12 Democrats still in the presidential
race, it’s not clear so far whether any of them will meaningfully stand up the Chinese regime. While some of them have criticized China’s
human rights abuses, they also say that, “we need to work with
them”, or they say nothing at all. Michael Bloomberg has even openly said China
is not a dictatorship. Which I guess makes him the most anti-China
of all if you take “anti-China” to mean “anti-Chinese
people.” The poor guy makes billions of dollars a year
from China, so I understand where he’s coming from. Maybe after the primaries are finally over, the remaining democratic candidate will try
to match Trump’s toughness when it comes to China
trade, but I won’t hold my breath. And since politicians aren’t doing enough,
I hope you will. Share China Uncensored episodes with your
friends, spread it on social media, and support our show through Patreon. Pledge a dollar or more per episode to help
us keep this show going. And as a thank you, I answer questions from
Patrons at the end of some of my episodes. Thanks for watching China Uncensored. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.


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    Is this the start of a global pandemic? Well, YouTube would rather you not know! So they demonetized this episode, which means fewer people will see it. This is why we rely on your support on the crowd funding website Patreon! We'd have been run out of business if it weren't for your support.

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    Chinese government is backing Bloomberg and the D weaponization of the Second Amendment backed by democrats in this country the good old USA

  • Reply Xing An January 26, 2020 at 1:56 am

    HRW is another American NGO like the NED that is used by the CIA to do its dirty work with a holy face. Why don’t they do something for the Iraqis who are being slaughtered by Americans. Their country is being illegally occupied and their oil is being plundered. Trump has threatened sanctions if American troops are forced to leave.

  • Reply diez tormenta January 26, 2020 at 1:57 am

    Usa and China is very much alike.. You kill for fun, pride and business

  • Reply TubersAndPotatoes January 26, 2020 at 2:00 am

    Hey Chris, Malaysia has also started to use that A.I. surveillance tech and cameras everywhere.

    Malaysia's Prime Minister installed them at his current constituency on the island of Langkawi as a trial run.

    I suspect like many things, the project is done by either one of his cronies, or through nepotism going to one of his family members.

    The old fart who was friends with Robert Mugabe is well known for corruption (Cronies and Nepotism).

  • Reply King Slushie101 January 26, 2020 at 2:13 am

    Guys I got a crazy conspiracy theory here:

    What if the CCP either realized the virus to distract people from the honk Kong protests or what if they accidentally released a bioengineered virus?

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    Suzhou is in Jiangsu Province. 8:03

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    You'd think china will have learned the lessons of the earlier SARS virus back in early 2000, but no they are back to their old tricks again and here we are back again for round 2! I think xi will do well to STOP spending resources meddling in other countries elections ala Taiwan and hong Kong and stop meddling in south china sea and get back to the basics of focusing on domestic issues! God knows china is full of issues!

    Having done some reading on the hunan huanan wet markets as well as their general inhumane treatments of animals in barbaric festivals like yu lin dog eating events really makes me think this is god punishing them for cruelty and barbarism towards animals.

    I also watched anorher youtuber who goes by name of laowhy86 and he had some interesting things to say. I wont cover all of what was said but apparently the doctors were aware (or atleast the ones he talked to) that this virus had been spreading and was told by Chinese gov to keep a lid on this. Though its all hearsay but i m not the least bit suprised if this ended up being true. I truely hope china sees sense and gets their fingers out of their backsides and destroy ALL wet markets and ban and make life in prisons for any cruelty towards animals as this has got to stop. No self respecting countries and politicians should be doing any business with a country of such low standards in BOTH cruelty towards animals and human rights abuses. People around the world and politicians need to get their fingers out as well and start pressuring Xi for change as eventually an unstoppable viral attack may happen one day and by then it'll be too late! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

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    Wuhan Novel Corona Virus
    Until 11:10am, Jan 26th, Totally confirmed cases (全国 确诊) 1998 people, suspected(例 疑似) 2694 people, dead(例 死亡) 56 people, and cured(治愈) 49 people

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    I'm calling B.S. on the CCP. Chairman Mao popularized wearing pj's in public. The rule is that pajamas may be worn, but only black. So if I wear pj's in China, in public and they're red with hammer and sickle insignia I will be hung from a pole.

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    There were incidences where Republicans were forced to make public statements of outrage over other country's issues because of leftist media pressures and political correctness. I say bullshit to that, and let conservatives restore the debilitating status of the US. Donald Trump, once a Democrat saw the impotent ideas of the left so became a conservative, though he was not accepted by staunch conservatives. Let trump be Trump, I day, and let him usher an out of the box perspective of conservativeness that will bring people to a better and rightful free society, not the downward spiraling free society.

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