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China Vlog: Jesse gets PNEUMONIA in Nanjing. (CC)

October 19, 2019

E: Hi, Jesse. J: Hello. E: How are you feeling? J: Give me antibiotics, or give me death. E: We’re trying to get you some antibiotics
right now. J: Mmhmm. E: Well doesn’t this seem familiar? J: Yeah, except it was much
easier last time. E: Yeah, sorry, I’m not singing and doing cool stuff. E: Looks like we’re making the same video again, shot by shot. E: Jesse is special. He’s getting a chest x-ray. J: Yay. I have potential fluid in my lungs, hurrah. (barely audible mumbling) E: Whatcha got there, Jesse?
J: That’s a chest x-ray for the low, low price of 350 RMB. And I get to take it home as a
souvenir. E: That’s right! Yay! J: I just have pneumonia, no biggie. E: No big deal.
It’s only a little pneumonia. J: Atypical. E: Yeah, you just gotta be different. J: That’s
me. E: Aww, poor baby.

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