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Children’s Ear, Nose & Throat Infections, Diagnosis & Treatment options for Ear Infections, Tonsil

September 7, 2019

(fast instrumental music) – [Narrator] Healthbreak
is brought to you by HCA Virginia Health System. – As an ear, nose and
throat specialist, Doctor John Ditto treats children
both medically and surgically, and helps put to rest
those parental concerns about their child’s lingering
infections. – A pediatric ENT is a surgeon. So, we tend to help solve
medical problems because we can treat
these complications, such as a tonsillar abscess
or mastoiditis surgically. – [Amy] A child’s unresolved
ENT issues need attention. Typical conditions include
ear infections, allergies, sinus problems,
even sleep apnea. – [John] Mom’s intuition is best. So if Mom thinks that the
child is having trouble, she has that intuition
and she has that option to come see an ear, nose
and throat physician without a referral, if
her insurance allows it. – For more information
or physician referral, call 804-320-DOCS. For Healthbreak, I’m Amy Watson. – [Narrator] Healthbreak
was brought to you by HCA Virginia Health System.

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    Please help my brother to cure his throat alergy

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