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#ChiefExecShoutOut – January 2020

February 18, 2020

So welcome to the first #ChiefExecShoutOut. This is going to be a feature that will run every month to celebrate
the things that have gone really, really well across the Trust, and to give a bit
of a heads up about the things that are on the horizon. But I’m really, really
delighted to have our first #ChiefExecShoutOut with this amazing team from
Endoscopy. Now this team have worked together and tirelessly to redesign the
area for our patients in Endoscopy and in recognition of that the team are
celebrating being awarded JAG accreditation. And some of these awards
are not easily won you have to make sure that you meet many criteria and that the
quality of service that you provide for your patients for a procedure that’s
quite delicate and intimate is of a gold standard. And this team have yet again
excelled at delivering an amazing service and they’re great people and
we’ve got a lovely morning over the last couple of minutes just looking around
the department and I really want to celebrate their great work as one big
team. So moving on to other news from across the Trust, I’m really delighted to
say that we are now settling in the international nurses that we’ve
recruited. We’ve got about 90 in total coming over to the Trust and we’re now
on our third cohort so you’ll see them settling in to wards, and I’m really
pleased that they’ve felt so supported and made welcome across the Derriford
family, and they have been a great asset to our services. Really pleased they’re here. Many of you have been working across the Minor Injuries Units (MIUs), as you know this is a really important level of service for our urgent and emergency care patients who
perhaps can’t make the journey into Derriford. So Tavistock MIU which serves a
rural population is now opening after about six months where we had to close
temporarily because of staff shortages. Again through the tremendous efforts of
the team there we’ve now been able to recruit some staff with particular
skills for the type of patients that go to Tavistock and I think we’re all
really pleased and quite relieved that Tavistock MIU is back up and running. So
really massive thank you to the staff who’ve supported international nurse
recruitment and the opening of the Tavistock MIU. Now one of our other features that
we want to showcase each month as part of the #ChiefExecShoutOut is our
favorite tweets. We are doing a lot now via social media and I thought you’d like to
see just a few of our favorite tweets from the last month. As part of our monthly #ChiefExecShoutOut what I’d also like to do is to just ask for your help
and support in a couple of areas and this month I’d like to ask you all again
to please take up your flu vaccine. We are doing really well as a Trust we’ve got something like 66% of our staff have now taken up their flu jabs and we’re
continuing the very popular breakfast bap and a cup of tea token for everyone
who has their flu jab. This is really important it protects our patients
it protects each other and it saves lives and we really do need to be
getting up between 80 and 85 percent so please please make that extra effort
we’ve only got until the end of February to make sure that we take this important
health initiative up And finally I know how busy the winter has felt for
everyone and I absolutely thank each and every one of you for the tremendous work
and effort you put in, to provide outstanding care for our
patients. We’re not through it yet and one of the things I’d like to ask you is
to make sure that you make best use of the Discharge Lounge. So this is a new
facility that’s opened, there are 20 seats in the Discharge Lounge and it’s
really important that for patients who are able and are going home that day
that we try and move them into the Discharge Lounge. The discharge team are there to try and help the wards and please cooperate with them and support
them so we can try and de-escalate the wards and importantly de-escalate
the numbers of patients in the Emergency Department. These are some small things
that we can do to really make sure we use the developments across the Trust – a
small thing that I know will make a huge difference. So thank you all as always. I’m really looking forward to doing the monthly #ChiefExecShoutOut and I
wonder where we’ll be next month…

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