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Chemicals Associated with Microbial Function Indoors

August 28, 2019

>>ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Erica. ERICA M. HARTMANN: Ashkaan. ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: What’s up? ERICA M. HARTMANN: Not much. I was going for a run; the weather is awful. So I’m thinking of joining a gym. ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Am on my way there,
right now. ERICA M. HARTMANN: No, I’m not kidding. What gym do you go to? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: It’s called Beep. Have you heard of it? ERICA M. HARTMANN: Oh yeah. They have those here. How did you pick it? Do they have good deals or something? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: No, actually, they
have the gross amount of antimicrobials in the dust. ERICA M. HARTMANN: That means Beep has the
lowest amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria, right? I should totally draw them in Chicago. ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Not exactly. You see, when I enter my gym, I bring all
my personal microbes with me. ERICA M. HARTMANN: Sprinkling all little Ashkaan
dust everywhere you go? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Yeah, I guess. ERICA M. HARTMANN: So there is no core gym
microbiome, then? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: No, just a bunch of
microbes working on their core. ERICA M. HARTMANN: So, different people and
different outdoor area leaves different microbiomes. ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Right. The gym microbiome will reflect the people
using it and the environment around it. ERICA M. HARTMANN: And the same is true of
antibiotic resistance, then? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Exactly. ERICA M. HARTMANN: That makes me nervous. I want my microbes to fit in. What if they feel all wimpy next to the antibiotic
resistant bacteria? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Well, I’m sure you
have some antibiotic resisted bacteria, too. ERICA M. HARTMANN: I mean, of course, we all
do. But what if they are the same? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Fair point. And that’s the catch about Beep. It might have the lowest antimicrobial chemicals
but may be known about the right antibiotic resistant bacteria. ERICA M. HARTMANN: And you can select for
something that doesn’t there? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Yep. So even in a gym, with a lot of antimicrobials,
the microbes might not shift the hurdle to become antibiotic resistant. ERICA M. HARTMANN: What’s that; a hurdle
model pun? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: Yes. ERICA M. HARTMANN: How did you find this out
anyway? ASHKAAN K. FAHIMIPOUR: We looked at the dust
in a bunch of gyms ERICA M. HARTMANN: Oh, that’s funny. I’ve some gym equipment at home just collecting

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