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Chandamama Kathalu || 2014 || Telugu Full Movie || Full HD 1080p..

December 7, 2019

Stories of Chandama…
Tales of sorrows and pain of fellow citizens… Corner stone’s of our lives’ edifice… Bridges that connected
dream and reality… That which melted away the
differences of rich and poor… A never ending treasure of pleasure… It’s always the stories of the people… Castles of glass… Tales of others’ is our lives’ corner stone… Today it is before you as it is… But it won’t be so in future… It has been showing the power of truth… Few days in sunshine…
Few days in darkness… They tell you to live 100 years… Father! Got up, baby? What day is today? Sunday is still two days away, dear. You kept maths home work book in bag? Your tablets?
– Yes, I have. How many tablets you’ve to take? After lunch one big and one small tablet. If water is empty drink from
Chithra’s bottle, don’t drink water anywhere else. I’ll come at 4 pm to pick you up, okay? Shall I go?
– Are you going to hospital today also? Would doctor aunt give
a shot of injection? Why? You don’t drink when I ask you
to have health drink, right? If you don’t have health drink, you may faint again as you fainted
during prayer last week, and doctor aunty will give you
a shot of injection. I’ll have Horlicks every day from tomorrow,
I don’t want injection, father. Okay, I’ll tell her Kavya has become
very good girl, no more injections. Getting late, go.
– Bye, father. Father! I think its 9 years ago Swathi told me. Someone is coming to call you as father. I feel like taking her into my hands
just recently. Already 8 years have gone past! Rs.500 for check up and medicines. Another 5 for any tests if they suggest. If I draw Rs.1000,
balance will be Rs.20000. If she has fainted,
it could be weakness. If you make anyone pray for 20 minutes
in hot sun, anyone can faint. Let her fuss to eat, I’ll her to task. Nothing will happen to her,
you start the story. What shall I write? Life…life… Life is as beautiful as it is terrible! How happy it is…
may get late to return from doctor. Must take something to eat for Kavya. Apple? I’ll take apples. Life…life… Do I’ve the experience
to write about life? How about writing something
which I know… Can people understand what I know? They are the readers, so I’ve to write
what they can understand. At the most I’ve to write their stories… But whose story should I write? Look around you! Even the most beautiful fantasies are
born out of real life experiences. In this multitude of people,
every one has a story. There are many twists and
turns in every story. Many experiences in every turn. Sir, please give me alms! Sir, please give me alms! Go away! Didn’t you find anyone else? She’s from political family,
you’ll get into trouble. Would anyone give up the girl
he likes fearing troubles? Is it good to put life in risk for that?
Did you see her body guards? Okay! If she walks into class
without seeing me, I’ll do as you say. What if she turns back to see? No way I’m giving her up! What’s he, boy? How many times should I tell them? I’m Venkateshwara Rao here, Editor. Venkateshwara Rao?
Which Venkateshwara Rao? ‘Wanted Bride’ Venkateshwara Rao!
– Is it you sir? Got any marriage proposal? How can I get? You printed my ad
somewhere in a corner. But still am I not placing ad in
your paper for 5 years now? How can you get a loyal customer like me? Please take care, sir.
– Sorry, sir. I’ll publish tomorrow on front page
in bold letters This is between us, can you get
married by placing ads in papers? Time must come for anything. Should time come?
Don’t know when will it come? Mother! Did you go for your jog, son? Just now returning home after jog.
And you called me. Don’t lie to me early morning,
tell me the truth. Not yet, I’m going now. Why don’t you show interest in
your body, son? I and your father are trying to get
you married before you’re 30, why don’t you take interest son? If you cross 30, not even God can
get you married. Mother, just now a man said
you can’t marry till time comes. Is it true?
– True, son. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
– What? That marriages don’t happen
till time comes for it. Have you gone mad early morning?
Cut the call. Won’t I get married till time comes? I’ve Aadhar card…
A flat in Jubilee Hills… I’ve Software job…
And good bank balance too.. Who would give his daughter in
marriage to me? I don’t see anyone… I’m having bad dreams,
won’t I ever get married? There’s no one in my home
to offer me a coffee… What’s this, O lord! I’ve full faith in you… I’ve prayed you only… Prasad, give me the minutes
of yesterday’s meeting. I didn’t see you, sir. Go! What’s this, sir? There’s hot shot girl right before you,
and you’re searching the entire world. Come, let’s marry right away. I’ve work, please go, Anitha. What did you say, sir? But still I’ll marry only you. You’re saying this to tease me
why would you marry a man like me? You’re missing the logic, Venkat.
How am I to tell you? All men outside are rogues.
No safety or security. If I marry you
,you’ll never see another woman, you’ve good bank balance,
life and medical insurance, you’ve got everything
needed for good life! Basically you’re a well settled man. Only a wife at home to light lamp
is what you lack! I’ve the lighter to light it, right? There are many lamps in my house too. But there’s no lighter to light them. Venkat sir, all are rogues… God’s special and rare creation! You’ve to change a lot, Venkateshwara Rao. Why do you comb like that?
Why do you get ready like school kid? What are those colourful threads
tied on your wrist? This is Lord Shiva’s amulet,
Swamy gave for my early marriage. You can’t get married if you go
to Swamijis, Venkateshwara Rao. You must chase hot shot girls like her. Oh my God Anitha!
How can anyone marry her? Who is asking you to marry her?
Just promise to marry her. They’ll take of everything else. Isn’t it wrong to lie? Wrong…indeed it is wrong. Not yours…I’m wrong for advising you. Send by 10 am, okay?
– Okay, madam. Please come, Lakshmakka. Are you fine?
– I’m fine with Allah’s grace. Take it. I’m captivated by you,
listen to me, God… Do you need any help? Yes, the shampoo I’m using
is affecting my hair. Would you suggest a good shampoo? Why can’t you get in Ashraf’s shop? Take this imported one. By the way your hair is very beautiful. It’ll become more beautiful
using this shampoo. You praise very well. What can I say?
Anything free is always attractive. Is it? What else can I get free here? Tell me…tell me I say! What are you doing? What’s the problem? Leave me…what if anyone sees us! Nobody is here. Someone may come.
– Let them come, let’s see! I’m talking about romance
and you’re closing your eyes. Okay, with eyes closed too.
But I’ll take what I’m here for. Please take your imported shampoo, madam. Write it in account.
– Yes. Where did you go, Chotu? You promised to come early,
why did you come so late? Did I come at right time, brother? What nonsense are you talking, kid? You came late and say right time,
come on, pack groceries. Uncle, priest is calling you. I’ll take care of lunch.
– Okay. Hey girl! Is Saritha there? I’m Saritha, tell me, what’s it? Not you, elder Saritha. Oh my grandma! Wait, I’ll call her. Who is it?
– That uncle! Hey, that’s my toy. When did it happen? 11 days ago. How did he die?
– Cancer. They diagnosed it 2 years ago. We knew it before. I’m came here a week ago. Had I knew I would’ve come earlier. Priest is calling. I’m staying in my old home. I’ll call you after settling down. Bye. Please have food and go.
– I’ll come later. Sir…sir…please…
Please give me alms, sir! Please give me alms, sir! Mother! I topped the state in IIT because
of your blessing, mother. Not my blessings son, it was possible
because of Sri Vidhyanikethan. Your future has been protected. Will you always puff me? Would your grandpa get it? Get it. Cancel it. Stay here, I’ll call you. What are you doing here? Reverse the car. Lisa, car is ready,
want me to order a sandwich. Call me after sending someone
to Subway and Kismos Do you remember that or not? That was 10 years ago. After you India has seen
ten top models, you know that? Be happy for getting
at least these jobs. He’s a pain. Car is ready. You go out. What’s that? What’s that? Ria…why did Ria come here? You want me to believe it. I’m asking you, DK. It’s better to be ignorant of few things. It’s better to be ignorant of few things DK, I’m asking you! Listen…listen… I don’t know if you can
understand this or not. It’s better for you to find another
place at the earliest. It’s very difficult to take mother with
now as my transfer is due in 2 months. Think of it.
– How can I get visa for mother instantly? It’ll take at least 2 months to file papers. Already my year holidays are over.
– Don’t get tensed unnecessarily, sons. I’ll come with you, I’ll stay here. How can it be possible, mother? Construction will start in 2 or 3 months. Now I remember,
I forgot to talk to you about this. Papers are on that table,
please hand it over to them. I’ve decided not to sell this house. Why did you come back to square one? Not just ours, they’re building apartments
along with four back side plots. If you don’t sign now,
the proposal would fall through. If you stay with me for 6 months
and with him for 6 months, apartments would be ready by then. we’ll get two flats, you can stay in one
and rent another one. Ajay, getting late for flight. Think over it again, mother. Mother, I’ll drop Ajay in airport
and go home. They’ve to attend school tomorrow,
come kids. Get up! Get up! Give! Give it, man. 5Hey, get up…get up… So arrogant? I’ll leave you unfit
to beg also, bloody bastard. Take out money. If you get proud,
I’ll bring back you to earth, bloody. Come. Tell me. Tell me. Bloody life! Next? In exactly 10 months, my life is over. What’s your age?
– 19. If you think life is over 19,
I’m 50 now, what about me then? That’s okay, tell me the real thing. Tell me, bro! Will you father always sit at threshold?
Like a street dog. Street dogs are better,
they chase vehicles at least. My father never even allows me to move. Eyes of every man is here only. Oh God! The devil is here, she has seen us. Has it dawned to you, boys?
I was waiting to have your glimpse. Won’t you let us live? Won’t you let any girl live in this place? How many times I’ve warned to break
your legs if you dare enter this street? Stop your bloody acts! To hell with you, boys! Can’t you understand if I say once?
Aren’t you humans? Why are you going overboard, old woman? As if your granddaughters are world beauties! Just two minutes are enough
to elope with anyone of them. Bloody! Will you elope with her? Will you elope with my granddaughter? Do it, let me see.
– You come inside, grandma. Yes, I’ll do it, I’ll elope with her
as you watch. You watch it. Please listen to me, grandma.
Why are you arguing with him? Girls, go inside. I’m facing all this flak because
of you girls, go inside. You’ll never come good in life,
you’ll get ruined, you rogue! How are you, Sharma?
– What do I lack? I’m doing fine. If you select a girl from these photos,
my job is done. I’ll meet you again in your
children’s marriage only. What do you say? What are these? These are premium photos
of my marriage bureau. Premium? They look like mothers of kids! You’re trying to fix someone for me, Sharma. I’m meeting you because my mother says, please don’t waste my time showing
such nasty photos to me. Look, marry before you’re 30. If you reach 30, not even God
can help you to marry. Nature will not support you. World will suspect you’ve defect
and start ignoring you. I don’t have any defect, you can go. I know that but the society
at large doesn’t know that, right? I’ve told you what I know,
rest is as you wish. Bye, if you do like this you can
only attend marriages not marry. I didn’t expect you’d come. I told you on phone that I will come. You said the same in about
50 earlier calls too. I didn’t get time from my work. You can’t time if you’re busy. Looks like you’ve remodeled
the entire house. You haven’t changed a bit. Looks like you’ve gone around
the world as you told me. No, not yet. I’ve to see
many more places. I want to start with India. What did you do in America
all these 30 years? Have 30 years passed since we met? They both are my daughters. They’re my executives. Background is my company. I’ve handed over my companies
to my daughters, I’m planning a world tour
starting with India. What about your wife then? She’s from Europe. Even after marriage and two kids, she couldn’t give up anything, I thought it was good of her
to leave for my kids. I never thought of marrying again, Enough about me
tell me about you. What’s there?
A typical Indian middle class family. Two sons and after their father’s death, they’re fighting about
with whom mother must stay! I mean two loving sons, right? Did you get like that?
– No? Have you kept these photos so carefully? How much you’ve changed, Saritha? 30 years, Mohan. There will be change. We’ll get into trouble unnecessarily,
please don’t do it. Shut up, how dare that
old woman scold’s me! Give me the letter.
– One minute. Whom should I give it? The middle one is more beautiful,
give it to her. Stop…stop…stop… What’s your name? What’s your name? Gowri!
– What? Take this. Take it I say! I told you to take it. This is old ad. This is also old ad. Is she not yet married? Poor girl! I’m sure this is new ad. I think I’m the first caller. I saw your ad in the
matrimonial page, sir. Please tell me your details. My name is Venkateshwara Rao, sir. I’ve finished Engineering and
working in IT field for 7 years. The company you work is Presmart! You’re native of Narsipatnam, right? Yes, how did you know that, sir? Are you still not married? You came to see my eldest daughter,
I said no, next my second daughter,
I said big no, now my third daughter?
Please leave us alone. I’ll never say okay to you. I’ll not place an ad in paper
for my fourth daughter. Hang up the phone! No, please listen to me once. Brother…brother… Haseena sister is at the end
of the street, she’s coming. You can’t do this job also
properly, Chotu. I told you inform when she leaves home,
okay, you go inside. I’ll take care. Oh God! You look very beautiful today.
– Thank you. Happy birthday to you. It’s very beautiful! Give my gift now. I fooled you, right?
I was just making fun. Tell me, where are you taking me out? Let’s go around the city. Come. Chotu, look after the shop.
– Okay, brother. Has the journey started today… Like a memorable sweet story… Excitement is touching sky…
Happiness is following like shadow… Dreams are accompanying…
come what so ever may… Truth becomes story,
stories become truths… Like this story… In the long journey,
won’t there be lurking dangers? Like reality… Like word and silence have
merged to become one… A desire has taken over
my heart today… First time I’ve experienced that there
are desires that body can’t hold… You’re like dream in my open eyes… What are you to yourself? Do you at least know answer
to this yourself? Wherever you may go
or wherever you see.. Will there be a dawn at midnight? Nobody can stop the dawn
of a new morning… Like the fate… Heart is mad! What’s this never ending indebtedness… Has it met again to become
a companion… Affection will unite sky and earth… Won’t it be spring all your way then? Why is she ignoring me? Take it. Go! To hell with you! What’s that stare? Every young man gives hungry stares! Mother!
– What? I’m going to market,
tell me, what do you want? What will you bring?
Bring whatever you like. Okay. Go fast. What can we do? Modern times, bad times! What’s that? Silly crows! Who is that? Who is that rogue? If you’ve guts,
I dare you come out, bloody rogues. What happened, grandma?
Why are you shouting? Who are you scolding? Some bloody rogue is playing with me.
– Come inside…come. I told you to come in.
Come in. Bloody rogues don’t have
decency or respect. Come inside. Bloody rogue!
Is your end time nearing you? Without even considering me old woman,
what’s that nasty thing you do? To hell with you! Please come, grandma.
– Why should I? May you be cursed!
Do they feed you in your home? To hell with you!
May you get ruined! Did you fight with DK? Did you fight with DK? I don’t fight with assholes. They cancelled your two contracts
and replaced you with Priya. Who else would he take then? You don’t have one offer in hand. I don’t think you’d get
any new offers too. Your financial situation
is also too bad. You can’t afford hotels anymore. Okay, I’ll not do it. I said I’ll not do it.
Please talk to me at least now. Don’t ever do this again. How many times I’ve told you
father won’t agree? Let me talk to him once,
only then we’ll know, right? I said not now.
I’ll tell when time comes. Not a rupee less than Rs.12 lakhs. Talk to him and fix it
for Rs.8 lakhs. I’m telling you what he said. Can you get such a fine house
in prime location for this rate? You’re right but talk to
the owner once again. Lord! What’s this? I’m Brahma, the creator! I’m also helpless, Venkateshwara Rao. You’re 30 now!
I too can’t arrange your marriage. Please me alone, son. Lord! If I don’t get married before 30,
would I face so many problems? Take Rs.523.
– Just a minute, sir. Take this and give me Rs.1000 note. Of course, you’re in a meeting. I’ll call you myself. Yee, mother. Are you studying? No, just seeing a magazine. I wanted to ask you something, dear.
– Yes, tell me, what’s it, mother? Your uncle Hussain visited us
last week, he gave us a photo. His name is Ahim Khan. He stays in Dubai. It seems he owns two cars also. They say he’s earning big money. Uncle told me not to
let go off this proposal. Should I’ve to go to Dubai
after marriage, mother? Yes, dear. No hurry.
Think and tell me. Eat. Where do you roam till midnight?
What to you do? I’m asking you. Bloody idiot!
What the hell are you doing? Your father is working hard
day and night to send you money. With hope that you’d study
and help him. Do you really study or not? Idiot! Can’t you hear me? Whose bike is that? Tell me! House owner has told us
to vacate the place a month ago. I told you to find another house,
did you find? Why this cheap dependent life?
Why don’t you kill yourself? That will end all our problems. You crook!
Why don’t you drown yourself? May be it’s risky!
Think over it once again. She’s playing drama
if we’re like good boys. This is the right way for her. You stay here.
– Okay, you go. He’s very dangerous. Don’t know what would happen! Don’t know what would he do! You go…go…be careful. I’m tensed. He jumped! Looks like he’s caught. Who is that? Leave me. Come…come…
– Where are you escaping, man? Who else is here? Who is it? What are you looking at? Would you like to touch?
Come…come I say! Getting late, come and study inside. Hi! Please sit down. On hearing Kavya fainting away, I’ve a reason to call her
for check-up, Sarathy. Got Kavya’s reports. My doubt has come true. It’s about blood bone marrow. You mean like Swathi had…cancer… When we diagnosed Swathi,
her cancer was at stage 3. Kavya’s hasn’t yet developed
into cancer. It’s better for he to start the
treatment as early as possible. It won’t even be like cancer.
It won’t cost much too. At the most Rs.4 or 5 lakhs. Father! No injection today, right? No, dear. I told them Kavya has become good girl,
no more injections. Thank you, father. Father! Not yet slept, dear? I’m unable to get sleep,
will you please tell me a story, dad? It’s late night, please go to sleep. Please daddy, tell me a story. Okay. Once upon a time in a place,
there lived a cow. Cow used to go to forest to graze. There was a tiger in the same forest. Tiger saw the cow and
pounced on it to eat. Then, cow said tiger don’t kill me, I’ve a little calf, it would be hungry, I’ll give milk to it and then… Imagination would take you away from reality. How far one may go in imagination,
he has to return to the world of reality. In this real world that is not
imaginary, we do feel hungry. You get sick. Men are born and die. If you don’t have the capacity to live,
you must’ve the courage to die, 1if you don’t have courage to live,
you need money to live, I’ll not do the same mistake again,
I’ll not live this world of imagination. We can’t provide personal loan
with these documents. Your property is already under loan. Moreover you don’t have a job.
So we can’t sanction loan. Tell me. It’s been long time since we met. What’s the news? If you don’t mind for meeting
for a necessity, I need Rs.5 lakhs urgently. Rs.5 lakhs? Why do you need it urgently? My daughter…
– Ravi, please come in for a moment. Just a minute, I’ll come back. Would you like to have coffee or tea? No.. Recently we bought some land in Guntur. I spent money on it.
– Okay, bye. People who talk with irritation
are darkening hearts. Though I resist or desist it… This is my duty and responsibility. That’s the only way available to me. The pen with which I started,
I must end this with pen only. What brings you here, Sarathy? Tell me. Have you written any new stories?
– Yes, sir. Looks like you’ve written only half. Read it sir, if you give advance,
I’ll complete it. Advance? How much? Rs.5 lakhs… Rs.5 lakhs? If you want advance Rs.5 lakhs,
how much you want as full payment? I don’t need anything,
Rs.5 lakhs full and final payment. I need money urgently, sir. How can I pay for incomplete work? I don’t generally insist on payment
unless it is very urgent, sir. You finish it, I’ll talk to sir
and help you. Will you do it?
– I’ll do everything I can do. Okay. Tell me, what should we do?
– Break his limbs! Bloody fool will get sense.
– Mother, keep quiet. You read those letters, right? He jumped wall and entered
our home at midnight. There are 3 girls in home. We’ve been living with honour,
now we’ve become talk of town. Who would marry her? Idiot!
– You wait. Will honour be restored if you beat him? If you don’t have any objection,
let’s marry them off. I can see only this way. If you want to save your honour
or to stop others doing like this, No!- Marry them off. I’ll not marry her. Shut up…shut up… What do you say? Okay. Oh my dear, your life is ruined! She’s a model! Why would a model come to our street? No, she’s not a model. Yes, she’s like a model.
– Yes, she is. Come fast! Tell me, madam. You’ve coke?
– Yes, madam. What else? One. How much?
– Total Rs.140, madam. No need. Madam, please give me an autograph. One autograph, madam… Did you see your face? One autograph please, madam. Lisa Smith! India’s top most model once, but now, she was seen buying a coke and
Diary Milk chocolates in an Ameerpet shop. People who have seen her say she walked
into this middle class apartment complex. What Lisa Smith doing in this
middle class apartment? How long has she been living here? Let’s see the details after a short break. Owner’s rate is Rs.12 lakhs. Would you like to see the house? They’re tenants here,
they’ll vacate the place in a week. Where’s your mother, boy?
– Went to work. Okay. If it’s Rs.10 lakhs…
– He’ll not accept a rupee less than Rs.12 lakhs. Bhavishyavani Astrological centre Please come, sit. Not able to marry, Swamy. Do you say time hasn’t come yet? I know everything. You don’t need to tell me anything. Your name is a God’s name.
He has more than one wife. Yes, my name in Venkateshwara Rao.
– I know. You’re almost 30 years old.
– Yes, I’m 29 now. You’re worried for unable to marry
though nearing 30. You’re right. Please show your hand to Swamy. I can understand everything
on reading your palm. Your bad time is at peak now. Do you say time for my marriage
hasn’t come yet? Don’t worry. Though it’s difficult to escape
from the affects of bad time, it is not impossible, we’ll offer special prayers on your name
in Chidambaram temple of Tamil Nadu, Please leave your details
with my disciple. When will time come then, Swamy? Time is nothing, it will come
and go at my order. Swamy, your fee? Swamy never touches money
with his hands. Put your fee into this. Just Rs.100! Bad time isn’t ordinary bad time,
it’s very tough and horrible, we’ve to offer sacrifices in
Chidambaram temple, it’ll cost Rs.4000! Rs.4000?
I didn’t bring so much money. We accept credit cards too. Fantastic! How did you capture it? Please forward this to me. Not now, there’s still time for it. I’ve blocked space opposite to the lift. Spencer’s people are
pressurizing me, bhai. If you pay advance quickly,
it would be good for us. I’ll somehow pay advance by Monday,
please confirm it for me. Sure?
– Sure. Then, let’s meet on Monday. Okay, sir. I’ll take leave now.
– Bye. What happened to your boss, Chotu? He looks worried. Why are you dull, Ashraf? Don’t you know it?
– It seems you got a Dubai proposal. Is that the matter? Everyone in colony is discussing about it. So what?
Just got a proposal, that’s all. I didn’t marry him, did I? Today proposal has come,
tomorrow marriage will be fixed. I’ve been telling you for long time,
I’ll talk to your father. What will you talk to him?
Dubai man owns two cars. He has a house and money too. All you’ve is shop, that too rented one. What will you talk to him? Listen to me, I’ll talk to my father
finding an opportune time. Please be little patient. Did you find any job, son? No. I thought you’d change at least
after marriage. It’s waste to feed you and
now one more mouth to feed. Will she work in day time? She sits in the same place
entire day till she sleeps. I don’t have the means or
patience to raise two adults. Better you find a place of your own. My culinary skills! Give me the cup, I’ll keep it. I’ll take it.
– No. No, give it to me. I’ll go. Have breakfast and go. No, I’ll go. What happened to you? You tell me… Is it about last night’s incident? Did I force you? No.
– Then? Sit here. By the way, what’s your problem? You may have been in America
for 30 years, this may not be big thing for you, but I’ve children, they too have children. 30 years ago, parents forced
a marriage against your wish. now you say children, tomorrow you may another reason, when will you live for yourself? What do you want for yourself? I don’t want to miss you second time. Decide before that. Whether you give me the opportunity
to see this world with you, or is this the last for this life! I’ve come from US. Call me when you’re free.
We can discuss the details. My son is really lucky to find
such a beautiful wife. No, my daughter is very lucky. That she found such a good proposal. If you give daughter-in-law’s passport,
we can get a visa to Dubai. Sure. My son will send flight tickets. Haseena will go to Dubai after
marriage, right? Look, my son has called on phone. Yes son, how are you? We’re fine. We’re discussing about your marriage only. Marriage date is fixed. Yes son, talk to her quickly. Dear… If my father comes to know this,
he would kill me. Nothing will happen, Renu.
Don’t get tensed. You like me, right? I like you so much! Renu, just do as I say,
I’ll take care of the rest. Okay? Okay. Do you think she’ll come?
– I’m sure she’ll come What’s the next plan? We’ll go a tour to North India for a week, by then trouble would break out here, her father would never accept this, if we go to media, they’ll arrange the marriage
under media glare. What if the girl refuses marriage? We’ll threaten to leak he video to media. She’ll accept with no choice. Oh my God! You’re not an ordinary man. On reaching Hyderabad,
call this number. He’s Ramana, it seems there are
vacancies in Municipality. Pay him little every month. Be careful. Forget it, you got married,
you got a job with Municipality, everything that happened
to you is good, right? My foot, brother. I’ll get something to eat, clean it by then. I don’t know. Wash this plate.
– I don’t know. Will you please make some tea?
– I don’t know. Will you please wash my shirt?
I’ve to wear it tomorrow. I don’t know. Doesn’t she know any work? Why don’t you send her to some work?
– I don’t know. She won’t do any work,
she sits in one place entire day. This is a problem every man
faces in his home. Let’s go. Wait, let’s have something.
I’m hungry. Isn’t she cooking in home?
– No, she has gone to parents’ home. Did you’ve a fight?
– No. Then?
– 9th month. You said got married for 10 months only,
you fight each other every day. how can she be 9th month pregnant?
So fast? That’s different and
this is different, brother. Happy birthday to you from
Agrigold Insurance. You’re 30 now, we’re maturing
your insurance policy, sir. I’m busy now,
can you please call me later? You’re 30 now Venkateshwara Rao! You’ve entered 30th year. What club? I mean elders club. Since life has come down to 60,
you’re already 30 now, it means half of your life is over. If you finish the balance 30 years,
you can pack your bags to leave. if you push off 15 more years, next is old age club and
then retirement house. From there straight to… Not a rupee less than Rs.12 lakhs! Not possible for Rs.10 lakhs. Can I see the house? How many times will you see it? Can I see the house? Can I see the house? Where are you coming, Ashraf?
– I’ll meet your father right now. Don’t create trouble, go away from here. No, move away, I’ll meet him.
– Please go away. Come with me. Can’t you understand if I say once?
I said my father will not agree. I’ll know the answer only
if I ask him, right? Why don’t you understand me, Ashraf? Why don’t you try to understand me, Haseena? How am I to understand you? 0Got a very rich proposal from Dubai. Please don’t ruin it. Would this dream show the dawn? Would this pain ever leave your heart? Would any story end like this only? The world that you see,
is life really so strange? Won’t it change every minute? Shall I call? Shall I call or not? Shall I or shall I not? Now? Shall I or not? Shall I or not? Rs.10 lakhs?
– No way! Life is nothing but twists and turns… Does anyone know this? Every man has a story… God written loyalty… Every heart swings like a boat
caught in high tide… Whether it is any sorrow or dejection… Will the stories written by God
are like this only? Would anything you think
happens in real? Even if heart wishes… A dream that bloomed like first love… We ruined your life with this marriage. She’s too young girl. She couldn’t take the extreme pain. Take your daughter. She has left her like an orphan. What an injustice!
She wasn’t even 16 years old! Enough of going to college,
hereafter study from home. …30 years! All these are just excuses. You may think this is natural
in this profession. A luxury apartment in Hi-Tech city… Car in garage… That’s what I’m asking you, why? Sit in the car. Why are you sitting there?
Sit in the front seat. I’m keeping the luggage,
sit in the front seat. Now you the get the real
thrill of Dubai. How are parents, sisters and
brothers there? Let’s go straight to Dhera, from there
to Burjuman, we can talk there. Okay? Go back! Go! You said own?
– Yes. When are you shifting? Take the papers. I’ve signed it. I’ll apply for visa tomorrow, mother.
It’ll take two months. Till then stay with brother. I… Don’t think about me, sons!
Take care of your jobs and health. By the way, I’m going out. I’ll not be back in 2 years. If construction is over by then,
please inform me on phone. Take care of children. Bye. Study well, children.
– Okay, grandma. Don’t trouble parents.
– Okay. Father! Is grandma going out of station? Okay, done for Rs.10 lakhs.
But one single payment. No installments please. When do you want? Tomorrow morning at 9 am. Though its morning, still asleep, idiot. Stop the bike. Get up! Is this your bedroom to sleep till now?
Get up! Get up! This old is dead, call Municipality people.
– Okay, sir. Father! Got up, dear? What day is today? Holiday for school, dear. You play in Chithra’s house,
I’ll finish my work and come quickly. Okay? Finished? How could you finish it so quickly? Okay, sir has gone to US
to meet his son. He’ll be here in a month or two. I’ll talk to him as soon as returns
and call you. Okay? Two months? I don’t have that much time. I’ve come thinking you’d
pay me immediately. Is it 10 or 15 thousand to give instantly? Rs.5 lakhs. You’re not new to this business, Sarathy. They don’t come to a decision
without taking time to think. I’m requesting you shamelessly. Please try to understand me, sir. There’s nothing I can do by
understanding you, Sarathy. I too work here for my salary. Please don’t say like that,
I don’t have any other way. Please don’t make say again and
lose the respect I’ve for you. I said I’ll call you, please be patient. Do you want tea, sir?
– Get me some water also.- Okay, sir. Are you doing fine, sir? I’m fine, Raju. How is your daughter?
– Fine, sir. Bye, sir. You don’t have to come
to hospital from tomorrow. There are many who used cinema
for politics and hit big time. Affirming the relationship politics
and films with a marriage, capital city is about to witness
another big function, Malkajgiri MP Nagella Madhusudhan Reddy’s
daughter Renuka, is marrying famous film producer
Mekapati Ramesh Babu’s son Mekapati Ravi. in a specially erected
marriage canopy in Hi-Tech, with confirmed attendance by CM,
Govenor Narasimhan, Speaker Navin Chandra, and big film stars, producers and directors. Greetings, sir.
– Are you fine, Ashraf? I’m fine, sir. I’ve delivered the groceries, sir.
– Okay. Why did you come? Where’s Chotu? Poor boy is sick, sir.
Bye, sir. Are you fine, Sarathy? I’m fine, how are you, Saritha? We’re fine. How is your daughter?
– Fine. Looks like you’re going out?
– To watch a film. Are you coming from office?
– Yes, sir. Where is Kavya? She’s in school.
– Send her after she’s home.- Okay. Got late today?
– Meeting in office. What happened really
on the day the beggar died… Please tell me a story, father.
– Sleep dear it’s 11 pm.. I’ll sleep only if you tell me a story. Okay, which story you want? King, Queen and Ant story. Okay. Long long ago in a thick dark forest, so thick that ants too couldn’t enter, one day King went to that forest
on hunting expedition. When crows and ants couldn’t enter,
how could king enter forest, father? Please tell me rabbit story.
– What about ant story? No, tell me rabbit story. You mustn’t stop me midway,
I’m warning you. Okay. There was once a rabbit in a forest, Is this also the same forest
where ants lived, father? No, this is different forest.
Just rabbits lived there. Would king come in this story also to hunt? That’s’ different story,
this is different story. Is this forest also so small that
crows and ants also can’t enter? Do you want me to tell the story or not?
– Okay, tell me. There was once a little rabbit in a forest, one day it saw moon, This old beggar is dead, call Municipality. Okay, sir. Sarathy wrote the stories of lives
he saw in his life. God wrote his story!


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