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Chấm dứt đại dịch AIDS vào năm 2030! | SNEAKSHOW

January 14, 2020

Many people are living with HIV…
they are mostly lonely They desperately need someone to
support, take care and give them advice Actually, I’m a member of the LGBT community I’m very proud of what I’m doing to
help my friends My friends and family support the work I’m doing That’s my pride So lovely that I almost cry Hi Dustin, I’m La Duy, I’m 27 years old I’m currently living in Ho Chi Minh City I think that everyone should test for HIV
at least once in a lifetime There are many people like me
that feel very uncomfortable at first then they decide not to test I was introduced that Glink is
a very friendly place from the ones in the community… It makes me less anxious Hi Dustin and audience of Dustin On The Go I’m An, currently I’m the manager of
marketing department of Glink Vietnam During the time I work at Glink, among all the memories with patients,
I remember the most the time when I was working with a guy… who had sexual relationships with other guys,
in other words, he was homosexual From 2014 to 2016, he never dared
coming to any state-owned clinic Fortunately, when he took the test, it was way past his risky actions but his result was negative. It’s an interesting story
I really feel that This is a typical example for those
who are still wondering where they should go. And so… we should decide quickly and come to
social clinics like Glink So what do you have to serve those
who are members of the community and others as well? Glink Clinic is specialized in testing and treating HIV so our service includes HIV testing,
sexually transmitted diseases and infections, HIV treatment, after-exposure preventive treatment
as well as beforeexposure preventive treatment During HIV treatment, we provide types of ARV medicines, PrEP, which is for before-exposure preventive treatment, and PEP, which is for after-exposure preventive treatment. In addition, we also have other types of medicines
for those treatments Glink also has subsidies and free medicines for 6 months Especially, Glink has “pink day” every month. When you come to Glink on “pink day”, you will have
any free sexually transmitted infection test, including HIV. Speaking of PrEP, which is used for before-exposure prevention, I can help the audience understand clearly what is PrEP and how to use it PrEP is a before-exposure treatment
by taking one ARV pill everyday. When we use daily, it will create a barrier inside our body, together with external prevention methods
like condoms Everyone is applicable to use PrEP Before using PrEP, you must be consulted After consulting and understanding the treatment,
we proceed to test Test includes HIV test, because you have to make sure
that you’re not infected with HIV in order to get PrEP Now Mr. An will have a question for me so he can test my knowledge
and the audience can join as well Let me introduce you,
this is PrEP for before-exposure treatmentHow long do we have to use PrEP
so that it can take effect completely?
And my answer is that
it must be used for one week to fully take effect I’m a bit surprised that I got the correct answer However, it has a difference regarding sexual intercourse among females via vulva that the usage duration must be 28 days. And after that, regular intake will maintain the effect. – Ah, so I was correct, right? Because I also belong to the LGBT community and I used to use PrEP
so I know the answer. Hi everyone I’m Do Quang Khanh, director of
Galant Polyclinic in Ho Chi Minh City As Galant is a polyclinic, it has various sub-clinical tests and treatments ultrasonography, ECG, etc. specialized in medical diseases
as well as social diseases. What are you proud of the most
being a member of Galant Clinic? Everyone in Galant is united to aim
for better service for the society How to feel welcomed and comfortable is what a lot of clients
share with Galant Clinic They come and feel very comfortable
and confident to share their thoughts or their health issues What’s the difference between Galant Clinic and other clinics? At Galant Polyclinic, your medical expense will be paid
by health insurance so the cost of test and treatment is cut down. Hi everyone I have a question for all of you to answer The question is:For patients who have ARV treatment paid by health insurance,
how long should they take the medicine?
The answers are:A) Keep taking until
feel better and back to normal
B) Keep taking ARV continuously
for the whole life without stopping
C) Keep taking until
health insurance no longer covers
Which is the correct answer? Ah… I’ll guess The answer is A Keep taking until feel better Is that right? The correct answer is B We have to keep taking it
for the whole life without stopping HIV is a chronic disease so it’s necessary to maintain medicine intake
in order to suppress the virus So I have an advice for my clients
that is we often keep track of our health insurance
to know when it expires so that we can renew it
immediately and conveniently so that our health insurance coverage
is continuous without being disrupted – Thank you very much! I’m Cat Thy I came to “Nha minh” clinic 2 years ago Regarding transgenders, the clinic understands very well and I’m very satisfied when I come for test or treatment Hi Dustin… Hi everyone who’s watching Dustin On The Go I’m Nguyen Anh Phong representative of the network of
HIV-infected people in Vietnam I manage the Southern office, besides, I’m also a health consultant When did you have the thought of
starting “Nha Minh” clinic? During the time I supported and worked
with HIV-infected people, I saw many cases where HIV-infected people were treated well
that they lived a normal life They could also catch other usual diseases and those diseases could be treated as usual But they were afraid of going to the hospital they were afraid of others knowing their conditions
so they often bought medicines themselves and often it led to more severe conditions So in 2007, I had an idea of establishing a new clinic so it could be a place where those people could comfortably visit What is most distinguished feature of “Nha Minh” clinic that stands out compared to others? I have a fund that comes from the program “Have a helping hand”,
which receives lots of contributions from generous people artists and even the very people of the community And so I use the fund in 3 activities that I consider the most effective: First, providing emergency PEP for targets that… have a high risk of contracting with blood or humor from others with unknown profile so that they can have access to medicine within 72 hours Then there are two ways: first, just give it for free second, they can gradually pay it back so
the fund can be used to support others Next, the fund is used as advance payment
when patients are hospitalized I’m someone who often comes to hospital to pay for the patients so that they can be hospitalized
and receive immediate treatment Finally, the fund can be used to support health insurance for those without one And now Mr. Phong will ask me a question and the question is for the audience of
Dustin On The Go as wellWhat is the difference between HIV test
and other tests?
The question is…What is the difference between HIV test
and tests for other diseases?
For the majority, they consider it a very sensitive disease
so I think that… HIV test is different from other tests, in a sense that… a special personal consultancy is needed The difference between HIV and other tests
that I want to say is that because… I’m anxious the most when people with positive result
come home to their family They are supposed to be with their loved ones they are supposed to be with their partners, their children but they can’t be near them They would feel isolated and discriminated Those feelings would crush them
and lead them to negative thoughts That’s the thing I often talk about The stronger they are,
the more careful we have to be Thank you very much! For those who are transgenders like Cat Thy
and others in the LGBT community, please come to the clinics
like “Nha Minh” clinic They understand well transgenders as well as
other people in the community And be confident when having your medical check-up After visiting 3 clinics in today SneakShow, which are Glink clinic, Galant clinic and “Nha Minh” clinic, I’m very happy to learn many interesting things And especially for those who are in the LGBT community, you got to know more places to visit for medical check-up and test They are all really dedicated, caring
and friendly towards the community And please take care of yourself,
as health is the most important Remember to have medical check-ups
even when you show no symptoms Let’s work together to end AIDS epidemic by 2030 I hope you all like Dustin On The Go with the SneakShow To find out more about the LGBT-friendly clinics, just go to the website or fan page showed in the next section See you again in the next SneakShow Bye bye! If anyone needs, just contact me via
Facebook “Hoang Kim Cat Thy” I will interview and consult
just remember to top up for my number… – Don’t cut that, let it be to make it even better


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    Cùng chung tay quan tâm sẽ chia thấu hiểu và thông cảm cho những người bị và đang bị HIV/AIDS nào mọi người ơi và nâng cao kiến thức rất bổ ích cho cuộc sống của ta và đẩy lùi sự mối hiểm nguy này ❤❤💓💓💓🌈🌈🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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    Lẽ ra phải tuyên truyền cho bisex và straight nữa mới đúng, chứ đâu phải chỉ tập trung cho giới này ko, HIV đâu có chừa ai, cứ nói tới HIV là toàn nói tới giới Gay là sao, rồi mấy lũ trai thẳng gái mại dâm sạch sẽ lắm hay sao mà sao ko ai dám nói tới.

    Thấy coi phim ảnh, clip của Gay lúc nào cũng hô hào nào là Prep, bcs, HIV, xét nghiệm…đủ thứ trên đời, tốt quá, có lòng quá, mà sao gái mại dâm càng lúc càng nhiều, vũ trường, quán bar 1 đống nam nữ chơi ma túy, nghĩa là tụi nó rất "sạch " đúng ko?

    Chưa hết, hãm hiếp, loạn luân, phá thai tràn ngập mỗi ngày, thử hỏi giới Gay như hạt cát trên cả 1 bãi cát mà cứ thường xuyên hô hào tuyên truyền, trong khi những cái thứ dễ nhiễm HIV nhất thì lại né tránh ko dám đề cập. Nếu nói tới thì lại kêu là ko bằng Gay, giảm hẳn, thật là lố bịch chưa từng thấy.

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