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Cervical Cancer Symptoms And Signs | Main Symptoms Of Uterine Cervical Cancer

September 4, 2019

Main symptoms of uterine cervical cancer 8
kinds. Cervical cancer is the second most common
cancer in women’s specific cancers, but if it is found early, it is relatively easy to
treat and has a good prognosis, so we know the symptoms and if necessary It is important
to perform cervical cytology called Pap test. Cervical cancer is said to be the second most
common cancer in women . Although the number of onset is quite large,
this cancer can be prevented and if it is found at an early stage it is relatively easy
to treat . This time I will introduce 8 main symptoms of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer. Cervical cancer occurs in the cells on the
surface of the cervix which is the entrance to the uterus . Cervical cancer is characterized
by its very slow progress , it may be found in the vaginal examination performed in normal
examination. The first stage of cervical cancer is a pre-cancerous
condition known as cervical dysplasia . It may be cancerous after a long time. Oko in this cervical main cause of dysplasia
that is, human papilloma virus, which is one of the sexually transmitted disease (HPV)
is. Some infections disappear naturally, but this infection is a uterine cell, which may
cause dysplasia of cervical cells and progress to cancer. Although there are no obvious symptoms in
the early stage, there are some symptoms to be careful, so I will introduce. Let’s look
quickly. 1. Unexpected weight loss. If you lose weight suddenly though you are
not careful about meals and exercise, be careful in every case. Some people may feel like a
dream because they wanted to lose weight all the time, but do not think lightly. A variety
of factors cause weight loss. Symptoms such as lack of appetite and malnutrition
are observed especially in patients who have developed cervical cancer, abnormal growth
of cells adversely affects the health of digestive function, so that nutrients entering the body
are correctly It can not be processed. 2. Inflammation and fluid retention. Changes in the cells of the cervix are visible
by the collapse of the inflammatory processes in the body . As a result, internal tissues
try to hold body fluids. In addition, since cervical cancer adversely affects blood vessels,
it is said that patients who develop cervical cancer often feel inflammation of the lower
abdomen, feet, and lower body. 3. Cystitis. If you are prone to cystitis please doubt
cervical cancer. Of course it is a rare case, because myomas squeeze the uterine cervix
and bladder and interfere with the urethra, due to the onset of cervical cancer, I feel
pain in the urinary tract, the uterine cervix There is a possibility that the bladder is
causing inflammation. 4. Genital warts (Saiko Yuusei). Genital wart is said to be a clear sign of
human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, which is said to be one of the main causes of cervical
cancer . The raised proliferation that occurs on the surface of the genitals is said to
be highly contagious . 5. Abnormality of abnormality. It is one of the causes of abnormalities and
abnormalities that the pH value in the body increases and the acidity in the vagina increases
to infect yeast. If it is watery, if it is a different shape or odor than before, there
is a high possibility that it is related to cervical cancer. It also causes abnormalities of the uterine
cervix by changing cell movement in the wall. 6. Pain during intercourse.
There are many causes of pain during sexual intercourse, but please be aware that there
are pain when myoma is formed in the cervix. Inflammation occurs in the wall of the cervix
and negatively affects natural lubrication in sexual activity. 7. Low back pain. Like other types of cancers, cervical cancer
has a serious effect on the inflammatory processes of internal tissues . In addition, the circulation
function of the blood drops, oxygen and other nutrients do not reach the muscles and tissues
adequately . As a result, the muscles are compressed and severe pain at the waist and
the tip of the body will continue. 8. Anemia. When the symptoms get worse, the body will
not use nutrition inside the body like before, the appetite will decline . Not only fatigue
and general fatigue appear, but also serious anemia develops, causing cognitive decline
and others. Illegal bleeding and menstrual pain caused by cancer also cause anemia. Pay attention to the symptoms introduced this
time, if you have any suspicious symptoms please take a checkup of cervical cancer . If
your family has cervical cancer, please consult your doctor for routine medical examination,
etc., please try to prevent and detect early.

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