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CBD Oil: How To Make Cannabis Oil at Home – Easily!

August 16, 2019

Welcome to Endoca’s beautiful organic
cannabis fields. Come I’ll show you Well, in order to make a good cannabis extract
you need good starting plant material. In my hand I have a cannabis plant it
smells fantastic. In order to make a nice extract you need to obviously dry the
plant material first. Come let’s go to the lab I’ll show you how to make an
extract. Welcome to Endoca. My name is Henry Vincente and today I will show you
how to cannabis extraction using ethanol We will use cannabis material which is
the leaves and the flowers all in one Very important to use organic so that you
know there is nothing inside that can harm you. There are over 4,000 different
varieties of cannabis now the one I chose has a lot of CBD inside. You could
apply the same method or what kind of cannabinoid eschews so called ethanol
take a ball put the plant material inside so the process has to be very
fast. You don’t want the ethanol to touch the plant material to a long time. If it
does you get a lot of other stuff inside which you don’t want. You just use enough
ethanol to cover so that we can separate the plant material from the cannabinoids. You need to be fast in this process because we can only stir for three
minutes so I use a plastic spoon. You don’t use mechanical devices because you
don’t want to create a spark. If I create a spark now everything will burn. You mix
well then we have to separate the ethanol from the plant material. I do
simply by taking a sieve and put it in another Bowl. It can drip a little bit
you know there’s still some alcohol left This was the first filtration now we’re
going to do the second filtration in order to remove the plant material you
have left, and we do that by using a simple coffee machine
It can heat your material and it can filtrate and we start with the
filtration part coffee filter, take your spoon you take now the material on the liquid
and you pour it into the filter paper and you see the process starts. In order
to accelerate the process we change the paper, every time a single filtration has
occurred if you have more material you just continue until you don’t have any
more, and like this and it’s dripping beautifully. Now it’s time to cook so
when you cook at home you can use many different things I have here an example
of a rice cooker which works fine a pot and a heating device works also fine and
a water distiller. Now my favorite is the water distiller because if you cook with
any of these methods we need a cleanroom box like this for those of you who
doesn’t have a box like this you can cook outside but to make it all easier
let’s use the water distiller. Now this is the process where we separate the
ethanol from the cannabinoids. The time it will take for the full separation
depends of course of how much material you put inside I use a bowl to collect
the pure ethanol that’s going to come out here because you can you reuse it
again and again we give it some juice and we wait so now the question is when
to stop I can see I have 80% of my original ethanol volume so that’s
indication that it’s time to see what’s going on inside you open the lid slowly
and look inside and you can see that is very little material in my case this is
the time to stop just to be sure not to breathe it here we go and be careful
when you pour because there’s very little material you don’t want to lose
it and now I’m going to show you the final step using the coffee machine what
we have to do is remove the remaining ethanol from our extract put it on the
heating device turn it on and we wait best is to wait for 24 hours so that
you’re sure that no ethanol is left I already did this and as you can see from
all the work with it we have very little material the final test is a quality
test we do it by using a paperclip dipping it into the material and you use
a lighter you light it fast and see what happens if there is a spark you know there is
still ethanol left so you can see comparison see it’s burning then you
need to put it back on the heater but in our case it was well done. To make a
cannabis extract at home you need a lighter
filter coffee machine some small bowls, two bowls
sieve plastic spoon coffee filters alcohol cannabis. Put the cannabis into
the bowl cover with cold alcohol steer three minutes with plastic spoon filter
the alcohol through the sieve filter again through the coffee filter it still
until 80 percent of the initial alcohol volume is gone pour into a small ball
hit the small ball with the coffee machine for 24 hours to remove the
remaining alcohol. To check if there is any remaining alcohol use a small spoon
and the lighter if there is any remaining alcohol the product will
produce sparks when burning with a lighter keep heating until you don’t get
any sparks anymore Enjoy your cannabis extract Stay tuned
next time I’m going to show you how to purify the extract and turn it into pure
cannabinoids in my hand is 99% CBD beautiful crystals See you next time


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  • Reply Kosma Czerw May 31, 2019 at 9:26 am

    The reason is so expensive is due to insane initial costs (machinery costs around 400 000€ for co2 extraction, per machine, and they have small turnaround), then there's running costs, as these use a lot of power, require a factory, test lab facilities, etc. also many countries have ridiculous requirements such as PhD in farmaceuticals, PhD in botanics, and PhD in production process that needs to be on a constant payroll, in order for the company to "be of medical standards"
    The real reason is so that everyday ppl don't start producing it, because, well you are supposed to be a slave, not a businessman.
    That's why I strongly suggest to follow this man's advice , and make your own. There's plenty farmers who legally grow commercial cannabis wich on average contains 2-6 % CBD, and the flowers are a waste byproduct for them, so you can get kilos for very little money or free depending on your social skills. There's also strains available which contain 18% cbd and 0.2% thc, so if grown illegally do not make you a drug criminal, but a felon for growing cannabis without a permit. Just my 2 cents good folks.

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    CBD cannibus oil is a miracle.
    It treats better than pharmaceutical prescriptions without the harmful side effects and recalls.

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