Cautious! Tongue Color Indicates Health Level in Your Body

October 17, 2019

Your tongue can say a ton of information about
your health. This small sack of muscle and tissue not only
just tastes food for you but also showcases the deficiencies you have in your health. A healthy tongue can often be an indication
of a healthy body. Gums are the primary parts of your body that
showcase an illness or sickness. Tongue follows them and some of the symptoms
your tongue shows can say a lot about your health issues. We often tend to ignore our tongues and we
do not clean them enough while taking care of our oral hygiene. This is totally wrong. Tongues have to be cleaned regularly with
the tongue cleaner and a gargle later. Once you get to know what you are looking
for, you can predict to an extent what ails you and you can go for the diagnosis. Let us look at a few of the indications your
tongue may be ending out and what to interpret from it. Warning signs that your tongue sends out: 1 Red Tongue Give a kid a coloring book and ask himor her
to color a tongue. 9 out of 10 Children would color the tongue
as a bright red color. That was what we thought of any way in our
childhood days. The actual color of the tongue is pink. Redness in the tongue or if the tongue turns
into a bright red color, those are indications of certain conditions like anemia and scarlet
fever. It could also state a Vitamin deficiency,
especially the B12 component. Check your red blood cells levels in case
you witness a red tongue for a prolonged period. In some cases, redness does actually occur
due to mouth ulcers that may occur in your tongue. Do look out for these symptoms and indications
and seek medical help accordingly. 2 White Patches In Tongue White patches on the tongue are an indication
of an infection that your body might be experiencing. If you notice a dull or a glazy white spot
or a patch on your tongue, then you may have an indication of oral candidacies which is
a type of yeast infection that affects the mouth. Also, such infections do occur when you have
a poor immune system or your immunity levels are compromised. In a few cases, these symptoms can also occur
when you are suffering from diabetes. Never disregard these conditions. White patches in a majority of the cases do
go away on their own. In case the patches persist even after a year,
there are chances that you may be affected by a serious viral HIV or chances are you
might be suffering from leukemia. Seek proper medical help at the earliest. 3 Black Tongue A black tongue certainly doesn’t look nice
to look at, but this is a condition that occurs mostly based on your lifestyle habits. Your dietary patterns and your hygiene levels
can have a say in the blackness on your tongue. Apart from this, the condition does not indicate
any major ailments or symptoms. In some cases, if you are a chain smoker the
tobacco levels can lodge itself as a residue on the surface of the tongue leading to the
change in color. For some this blackness of the tongue could
have been due to hereditary reasons. Also, in some rare cases, the blackness of
the tongue would be surrounded by minute hairy parts- often known as the hairy tongue. This mostly occurs when a person has a habit
of eating only soft foods. These foods do not scrape the surface of the
tongue and cause a type of protein known as Keratin to grow. This induces minor hair growth in the tongue. These symptoms can be ignored as they do not
necessarily state any major changes in your body. 4 Purple Tongue In case you wonder that you might get a purple
tongue only when you have a purple flavored drink, think again! Remember the good old comics where a character
if it was short of breath used to be highlighted as purple- Well; the same old logic applies
here. Purple tongues are an indication that the
blood flow is poor in your tongue and in your body. Apart from it, a purple tongue can also portray
that your body is prone to internal blood clots and in some cases diabetes too. You may experience even a sore taste in your
tongue frequently when you experience a purple tongue. Take these indications as a sign and get your
blood checked for any deficiencies. 5 Yellow Tongue This is a common condition and can occur frequently. If your tongues turn bright yellow and thick
in a short period of time then it would be an indication that your body is overheating. They also indicate abnormal levels of bacteria
in your body. Though the condition is usually harmless,
it also points to a poor oral hygiene. These yellow coating can become stains on
your teeth and can lead to cavities and gum related problems. Sometimes if you have a high fever too, your
tongue may turn yellowish but these signs go away as soon as the fever subsidizes. Thank you and may this information useful
for you..

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