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Case 30 Linda with Adrenal Fatigue and Candida

September 3, 2019

Thanks for checking out my video. Another
case history today. We’re going to talk about a 55-year-old lady called Linda from New Zealand.
Linda and her husband co-own a business. They run a business together. They’ve got a manufacturing
company. They’ve got several staff. I think they’ve got about eight or nine staff that
works in this business. Linda came to me with major adrenal exhaustion,
just completely burnt out. She was a very, very tired person. She also had thrush, bloating,
gas, and many other symptoms, and she had major constipation, as well. A very busy person.
I’ve known her husband for some time now. They’re a lovely couple. This woman has been
working full time in the business now for some time. She’s got very little down time.
I’ve always found that in, particularly, the last several years of my practice, I need
to address the causes of people’s problems. Now you’ve probably heard all this before.
Treat the cause, not the symptoms. But when you’ve got a skill set as a practitioner,
this is my 27th year now; you tend to really look at people as very individual cases. You’ve
got to really look underneath the covers. Read between the lines, so to speak. Every
single new case I see is incredible. It’s a whole new life story. And when you’ve seen
tens of thousands of patients, you’ve heard many thousands of life stories. And you also
come to identify people as being very unique. There are no two people alike. Therefore,
it’s impossible to give similar kinds of advice to every single person. You can do that like
a lot of websites do and a lot of practitioners and doctors do, but you’re going to get very
average results. And you’re going to find that a lot of these patients are going to
drift from one doctor to another. Patients that I see at this point in my career, some
of them have been to 30 or 40 doctors. They’ve been to 20 naturopaths and chiropractors.
And I find that the advice that’s given to them can range from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Some of the advice given by even the most highly experienced practitioners tends to
be very piecemeal. It just tends to be “Well, let’s treat this symptom today,” or “Let’s
give this pill.” In Linda’s case, the best advice I gave her,
what do you think that was? Do you think it was dietary advice? Do you think it was supplement
advice? What do you think it was? Do you think it was running a test on this patient? Do
you think it was getting this patient back 10 times and scalping her for money? What
do you think it was? The best advice I gave Linda was, “For goodness sake, get yourself
a personal assistant. Get a lady in there who does what you do.”
Linda was one of these perfectionist kind of people who believes that nobody can do
the job like her. Well, as I mentioned to Linda, what would happen if she had a heart
attack tomorrow or a car crash and she couldn’t go into her job? What would happen if she
fell down the stairs and she broke her leg, and she was laid up for a couple of months?
What would happen to the business? And she looked at me and she said, “You know what,
Eric. I’ve never thought about that.” And I said, “Everybody is replaceable. Nobody
is going to be a Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, where they can’t be replaced. Even if you find a
lady who can do 75 percent of what you can do, the business is going to be able to run.”
And besides, the other thing I said to Linda, “When did you and your husband, Allen, last
take a holiday?” She said, “Well, probably 10 years ago.” I said, “That’s a load of crap.
You guys need to go on holiday every year.” They’ve got plenty of money, but like a lot
of people who’ve built up a business, they really believe that the business is them.
I’ve got something to tell you guys out there. You’re all going to die one day, and it doesn’t
really matter how long you work. As they say, nobody on their deathbed wishes that they’d
worked longer and harder. In Linda’s case, basically telling her to
get a PA was a very clever move. Because I can immediately see Linda looking at me and
thinking, “That’s not what a doctor says. A doctor doesn’t usually give business advice.”
Well, a practitioner will give any kind of advice that’s going to help the patient improve
his or her outcome. Because what we are as practitioners, we’re problem solvers. We solve
people’s problems. Not just their health problems. We’re also confidants. We hear confidential
information. We hear business information. We hear relationship information. We hear
all kinds of information. So we have to really think outside the square if we want to get
a good result. We’ve had an outstanding result with Linda.
Linda came back excited about six weeks later and she said to me, “You know what. The best
thing I ever did was get this lady in the office. Because now, I can get up in the morning
and go for a walk with the dog. Now, I can do other things during the day like go to
exercise classes. I can plan what I’m going to eat. I’m not stuck in the office all day.”
And I said to her, “And guess what the other advantage is? Now, you can work on the business
rather than in the business. You can actually make more money and have more down time.”
And that’s when she realized that she should have done this a long, long time ago.
So you might think, “Well, what the hell does this case study have to do? There’s no diet
talk. There’s no supplement talk. There’s no test talk.” I can tell you now, when you’re
a practitioner, all you’re looking for is to get a really good result with a patient.
You’re looking to improve that patient’s health and lifestyle, and that’s exactly what we
did with Linda. Linda’s marriage has improved. Her business has improved. Her health has
improved. Everything’s improved because she was able to relinquish control of the business
and get someone else involved. The other interesting aspect of this exercise
is I’ve now had Linda and her husband in for consultation, and her husband is also starting
to understand that he, too, needs to have someone else in who can run the workshop,
so he’s actually going to get a really good foreman in now to be in charge. So as a couple,
they can take a lot of time out and plan how they can spend their retirement together.
Because this guy is in his late 50s. She’s in her mid-50s. It’s time to think about these
things if you’ve been running a business for a long time.
And Linda’s constipation is vastly improved because she’s now had time to shop, to eat
properly, and to cook and can relax a lot more. So I expect that the adrenal fatigue
is going to pick up. In less than six months, it will be gone.
Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply DjMoTowNakaMikey May 12, 2015 at 11:39 am

    Hi mister Bakker. I have a question. I started my treatment only 8 days ago. I've been taking antifungals like Garlic, Coconut Oil and even Ginger tea (which I'm not sure if it's even that antifungal…) daily. I also cook with Olive Oil. few days later I've got a massive die off. I had worsening of my symptoms along with headaches, muscle fatigue (flu like symptoms) and felt dizzy and very tired everyday. I went off the antifungals and probiotics until I'll feel better. I believe I'm sensitive person so I should slow down on the antifungals… I used to eat 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil on an empty stomach in morning. How should I continue. 1 teaspoon every second day during meals? Also can probiotic product like Kefir milk cause strong die offs, or are die offs connected with diet and antifungals only?

  • Reply DjMoTowNakaMikey May 12, 2015 at 11:49 am

    Also, can drinking Baking Soda help to get rid off "die off" symptoms faster?

  • Reply A MO May 21, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Dr. Baker,
     I've been dealing with gerd, poor digestion, as well as candida and h.pylori symptoms. I changed my diet, quit drinking, for going on month now and finally bought canxida after having a million different supplements. Should i just take the canxida or can I use other supplements with (collodial silver, probiotics, herbs).

  • Reply A MO May 21, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    Thank you for the response, also I was wondering is it still possible to get your product daily-c, and if not what would be your next go to? I've read the importance of a healthy immune system to fight candida and how we should be taking way more than we have been told to take. Technically a healthy powerhouse immune system can fight off any virus or bacteria so would you recommend this with the canxida I just received?

  • Reply Live Light with Alex Kip July 24, 2015 at 8:27 am

    Amazing vids! Way to go!!

  • Reply Candida Crusher December 20, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    Check my range of candida supplements here:

  • Reply Norman Seagull June 5, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    I suffered front adrenal/ candida issues too. I had burn out and had to give my job up. I needed to take nascent iodine and cell salts in the second year of sickness to start to get better. I have sold my home, left my long term marriage and will be travelling to the Far East in Sept. for 3 months. I stepped off the hamster wheel of life and regained my health and sanity. A spiritual transition.

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