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Case 24 – Joan With Fatty Liver, Diarrhoea And Candida

September 3, 2019

for tuning in. We’re going to do another case
today. Of course, it won’t be her real name or age, but it’s a real case. I’m going to
call this lady Pamela. So Pam is 66 and she came to see me on the fifth of the ninth,
2014. That would have been September of last year she came to see me complaining of coughing
all the time, lots of sinus problems, lots of flatulence, lots of diarrhea. She also
had a yeast infection under the breast, and she had some vaginal thrush, not a happy chappy.
This lady was feeling terrible, in fact. I can remember her quite well. A lovely person
and Pam was just feeling absolutely dreadful. I helped one of her friends out, so she came
to see me. This lady came from a fair distance to see
me, and we discussed her case at length. I started to get a bit suspicious about this
person, and particularly about her lifestyle. So I remember asking her if any blood testing
had been done. And it’s interesting here; she had a blood test done previously, which
was completed in August 2013. There are no distinguishing features of this patient at
all on here, so you won’t be able to see any names or anything, but I will hold it up.
And you can see the three Hs there were the liver function. Okay, you can see a 136 there.
You can see a 151, a 102. See the HHH on the GGT, ALT, and AST.
When I questioned Pam about this, I said, “What’s happening with your liver?” And when
I got her to stand up and I touched her around the liver, it was quite tender and quite painful
for her. I got her to sit down, and we spoke about her lifestyle. And her husband drinks
quite a lot of beer. And when I questioned her in a lighthearted manner, I found out
this lady is drinking half a bottle of gin a day. She’s drinking a considerable amount
of gin and tonic, but she didn’t think anything of it because she’d been drinking gin for
a long time. I found this to be a real concern, this quantity
of spirits every day. In fact, I thought it was absolutely crazy that she could continue
to do this. Her doctor mentioned nothing. The doctor basically did the blood test and
said, “Oh, yes. Your liver enzymes are elevated a bit. Yep, that’s not too bad. They are only
mildly elevated. The reference range is 10 to 35, but you’re 136. We won’t worry too
much about that,” which I found really weird. When you think about it, that quantity of
alcohol with those kinds of health problems, I mean alarm bells are starting to ring at
this stage. This lady had been to several practitioners besides the doctor, and none
of them had really taken the drinking seriously. I picked it up and said, “Pam, you can’t continue
to do this. This has got to stop. We’re going to get you to make some changes very slowly.
Because if you keep drinking like this, you’re going to be in a seriously bad way.” And that’s
coming from a person who grew up with a stepfather who drank a bottle of scotch a day. I lived
with an alcoholic for 20 years. So Pam, in fact, is an alcoholic.
And I found that over the years, it’s very difficult to work with people with serious
addictions when it comes to prescribed drugs, recreational drugs, or alcohol, for a matter
of fact. You can’t make people change. They have to make these changes themselves.
I’ve seen Pam a couple of times, and we’ve managed to cut her right back to a couple
of gins per night. She’s no longer drinking half the bottle. She’d been drinking two or
three shots per night, which is a huge reduction for her. We’ve already noticed weight loss.
We’ve already noticed significant improvement in the bowel function. It’s going to take
some time to turn her fatty liver around. The problem with Pam, though, is she has friends
who drink a lot of spirits. And her husband’s friends come over and they drink a lot of
beer, as well. When you live with drinkers, it’s hard not to drink, especially if you
have been a drinker yourself. And the other thing I noticed with drinkers like Pam, they’ll
often have one close friend that will come over and drink or that person will go to that
person’s house. This is why they have a close association. It’s the alcohol that forms the
bond. They laugh. They get drunk together. They find it all quite funny. And they find
that if they cut back, the friendship gets affected.
I’ve always maintained that when you grow as a person, you need to make changes. Sometimes
you have to leave people behind. You have to think about your own health, and that’s
what I said to Pam. I said, “You need to think about your own health, not your friend’s health.
You’re coming to me with problems. You’re the one who needs to sort the problems.”
And again, I’ve got Pam taking my antifungal product, Canxida Remove. She’s doing really
well on that. She’s cutting back on her booze. We’ve got her on the Candida Crusher dietary
protocol. She scored very, very high. Well over and above severe when it came to my yeast
infection quiz, which she completed on And I think that within about six months,
I’m going to have a convert here. I’m going to have a lady who’s going to cut alcohol
out of her life all together after drinking for about 15 to 20 years.
It’s going to be fantastic to see her really grow as a person, and that’s what I love about
my business is I can really help people to make fundamental life changes. And what I
suspect over time, what will happen with this lady is not only will she cut back, but also
as she loses weight and improves, her husband will follow suit. Isn’t that awesome?
So take heed. If you’re drinking and you’ve got a problem with your gut, don’t come crying
to me that you can’t get well. You’re the one who needs to make the change. Think about
it. Thanks for tuning in.


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    Good video. Very accurate

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    Hi, I am exactly like Pam accept my AST:16, ALT:19 GGT:6 Albumin:4.18 and I am not a everyday drinker. When I drink 3-5 days a year my diarrhoe gets awful. But i am thinking of suicide, really. Because i am fed up trying to live with diarrhoea and flatulance. I have a huge abdome.. And my body is itching from my arms to my vagina everyday. My score with your test was 269. One of the doctors here diagnosed me as Crohn's desease and I used some cortisone for 3 months. Everything was good in that time, then got bad again. I am very tired, I can not afford anything anymore. Sorry to write this as a comment here. You can delete after you read but i don't know what to do. Thank you for the great videos.

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    Thanks. Very good video !

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