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Carrot syrup for the flu benefits and preparation | Natural Health

October 22, 2019

Carrot syrup for the flu: benefits and preparation. By combining ingredients such as carrots and
honey, we can prepare a natural syrup to control the symptoms of the flu. Discover how to do
it at home. Carrot syrup for influenza is a product of
natural origin that helps control common symptoms such as excess phlegm, cough and congestion.
Unlike many conventional syrups, it contains no chemical additives and concentrates important
essential nutrients. The flu is a viral disease that compromises
the health of the respiratory system. It usually passes with symptoms such as nasal congestion,
fever and malaise. Although these discomforts diminish in a matter of days, almost all seek
a treatment to cope with them. Therefore, we propose this remedy of natural origin. Benefits of carrot syrup for flu: Carrots have vitamin A and carotenes with
antioxidant effects for our immune system. The benefits of carrot syrup for influenza
are very varied. First, this vegetable is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that
strengthen immune functions . In fact, it concentrates an important dose of vitamin
C, a key nutrient to cope with infections. On the other hand, carrots contribute to block
the negative effects of free radicals on cells, which is crucial to maintain optimal defense
mechanisms. It also helps to alleviate general malaise and increases the level of physical
and mental energy. Now, this natural syrup is complemented by
the antibiotic and antiviral power of honey , a highly recommended food for cases of flu
and colds. Its properties help stop the growth of viruses and significantly improve respiratory
health. In fact, since ancient times it has been a
basic element to prepare remedies against congestion, excess of phlegm and irritation
of the throat. It can even help in severe cases of bronchitis and chronic lung diseases. How to prepare this carrot syrup for the flu? This carrot syrup can be used to prevent and
relieve flu symptoms, as well as many other benefits for the body. Making a carrot syrup for the flu is not complicated
and does not take much time either. Best of all, its ingredients are quite cheap and can
be purchased in any market. In addition, the final product is suitable to calm the flu
in both children and adults. Ingredients: 5 medium carrots;
1/2 cup of organic honey (125 ml); 1/2 lemon juice (optional); Preparation: To start, wash the carrots well and cut them
into small pieces. Then, put them in a pot with water and put
them to boil over high heat. When they soften, remove them from the heat
and crush them until you obtain a puree. Afterwards, pour the puree into a fresh glass
and mix it with honey and lemon juice. Cover the jar, let it sit for a day and start
its consumption. Mode of use: In case of flu, cold or cough, consume two
tablespoons of syrup every 4 hours. If you only want to prevent these diseases
, take a spoonful every day fasting or mid-morning. Optionally you can dilute the syrup in a cup
of warm water. Precautions: This natural syrup should not be consumed
by diabetic patients. So, if you have uncontrolled blood glucose levels, consult your doctor
before. Also avoid it in case of being under medication treatment. Find out their possible
interactions first . Can you get other benefits with this syrup? The effects of carrots are known visually
and cognitively, so take advantage of this syrup to improve your health. Both the carrot and honey of bees have important
effects on welfare. Therefore, in addition to fighting the flu, this natural syrup has
other interesting benefits that are worth mentioning. It contains substances such as beta-carotenes
and lutein, which contribute to maintaining good visual health.
Its vitamin A and C content helps keep skin protected and healthy.
Strengthens the immune system, improving its response to the attack of pathogens.
It favors the decrease of high cholesterol levels.
Its antioxidant compounds reduce the negative impact of free radicals. In addition, they
enhance the functioning of the nervous system. Being rich in fiber, it is gentle for digestion
and helps in the treatment of constipation. It combats fluid retention and decreases inflammation. In summary; You can supplement the treatment for flu with
this carrot syrup . Although it does not cure the disease, it does reduce its symptoms.
Additionally, its ingredients will provide other important benefits to your body. Test it!

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