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August 27, 2019

What’s good guys, it’s your girl Kiesha Arielle and welcome back to the Kitchen, but if you are new here, you are very much welcome as well. I would only like to ask you to hit that subscribe button as well as the
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at 5pm. Okay so today in kitchen what I would love to talk with you all about are “Carrier Oils”. So, carrier oils are also known as base oils and they’re
usually used and dilute essential oil If you were to apply essential oils to
your skin or your scalp undiluted you possibly could have a bad
reaction. Carrier oils are called carrier oils because they are used to
carry essential oils into the scalp. Now carrier oil can also be used on your own you don’t necessarily have to mix it with any essential oil. Now each carrier oil
have their own therapeutic properties as well as characteristic are used
for many different reasons so it’s all up to you depending on what it is that
you’re looking for to determine which carrier oil is the best for yourself. Now you would have noticed I’ve got three oil sitting in the background and those are the three
main carrier oils we hear a lot of people talk about which are Olive oil, Coconut
oil and Castor oil. Now I’m going to share with you some information about
these carrier oils as well as my personal experience with them. So let us
get into finding out the benefits of each. Okay let us first look at castor
oil now off the three oils this is the thickest oil and as we’ve all heard or
even have possibly witnessed for ourselves is how castor oil promotes hair growth
along with making our hair stronger and even thicker. It is unlikely castor oil
will stimulate new hair growth in dormant hair follicles but it helps to
purge DHT from the scalp as it contains anti-fungal properties. I will explain a
little bit further down what DHT is and how it affects hair growth. Applying
castor oil regularly to both your hair and your scalp will not only enhance the
health of your hair but it will also help to keep your roots and scalp moisturize
preventing dry hair and itchy scalp castor oil is also packed with proteins
minerals and vitamin E which is why it’s known to do wonders for our hair and
scalp. So, when I started using castor oil four years ago I was experiencing dry
itchy scalp and I’m telling you once I started using it…if I remember well it
was within like a week to two weeks and notice how much it impacted my hair and
my scalp when I wasn’t even scratching because my hair wasn’t or my scalp wasn’t itchy. So, yeah I can vouch for castor oil when it comes to dry itchy scalp. It
definitely definitely alleviate that doesn’t matter if you use the Jamaican
Black Castor Oil or you use regular castor oil there is not much difference
it does the same thing Now coconut oil is the thinnest of the
three oils and is a great source of protein. Now we’ve also heard of the
great wonders of coconut oil and like castor oil this can be used to help your
hair grow longer thicker and even faster the vitamins and essential fatty acids
naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum
build-up from hair follicles which may affect hair growth. This is why using my
most recent hair growth oil mixture not only promotes having a healthy scalp but
also encourages faster growing and healthy hair. Coconut oil is high in
lauric acid which naturally occur in breast milk and is supportive of hormone
health and cellular health. This beneficial property of coconut oil is
also one of the reasons it can help prevent protein loss in hair. It can
certainly be beneficial for certain hair types when used correctly. So, be mindful
that coconut oil prevents protein loss so if your hair has a lot of protein;
this is not the best oil to use. As you would have seen in my “Fenugreek Hair Growth Oil” video I mainly use coconut oil as the
carrier oil and to 100% honest with you I’m loving and how this works on my hair like I’ll put it on my scalp my hair and my scalp would literally absorb it. But because of it containing lauric acid it makes it so much easier to seep into the
scalp and or skin and is so beneficial for hair growth. Now, olive oil is not as
big as castor oil nor is it as thin as coconut oil. I personally think it’s a
bit in the middle and olive oil is great for getting rid of DHT. DHT is also
known as “Dihydro-testosterone”which is a hormone that makes the hair follicle
shrink causing the hair to grow in thinner and thinner which eventually leads to
baldness. Olive oil can actually slow down the body’s natural production of
DHT when it’s applied to the scalp so it provides a minor decrease in hair loss.
Also you can actually take olive oil supplements which can tackle that from
the inside as well. Now for people who are suffering from baldness, even male
pattern baldness; olive oil can be extremely beneficial. One of the main
benefits of olive oil for hair growth is that it strengthens hair follicles and
the hair shaft preventing hair from breaking off quickly. The fatty acids of
olive oil make an ideal conditioner for the hair, and when hair is properly
conditioned it’s less likely to experience breakage. Olive oil is an
excellent source of antioxidants which promotes scalp health as it help to
soothe dry itchy scalp, prevent dandruff fungus and other scalp issues that can
clog hair follicles which prevents hair growth. I honestly believe you have
to be working on the inside of your body as well, so you can take olive oil as a
supplement to help it to combat; help your body sorry to combat those DHT
hormones and levels, from the inside as well as applying it topically as well
because I honestly believe if you tackle it from the inside and also the outside
how much more great would the results be I’ve only; in about…I’d say about a year or
so I’ve been actually putting in olive oil in my hair mixture but to be 100%
honest with you, I did not know that olive oil was so good; but I mean if it’s going to help
with hair growth and make my follicles like; you know open up and make my hair come out I
mean for some olive oil there and obviously with my recent research in
discovering that it helps to prevent your follicles from shrinking I’m like sign
me up please thank you. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it very helpful and if you did please make sure to: THUMBS UP, drop a COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE if you are not already subscribed. So, until next week
Sunday at 5 p.m. I will see you right back here in “The Kitchen”.


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    You are such a pleasure to watch…you have so much knowledge and the way you communicate makes it easy peasy to understand!
    So I have very fine, straight hair. I’ve had some loss bc of thyroid & autoimmune issues.
    (I know I need to watch your video on how to determine the keratin and protein levels!)
    What do you recommend for application and amount for straight fine hair(?) without making it too oily. Do you recommend an applicator tip or just your fingertips?
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