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Carly & Erin w/ Christine Sydelko Explore ASMR Roleplay ? | Fad ? or Fab ? | MTV

November 12, 2019

(knocking) – Housekeeping. – Go away, I’m naked. – Okay, I’m coming in. – No, no, my butt is out. (upbeat techo music) – I’m Carly. – And I’m Erin, and welcome to – [Both] Fad or Fab. – On this show, we explore crazy and weird
quirky Internet trends to see if they’re all that
they’re cracked up to be. – Basically, by the end of the episode, we decide if it’s fab. (bell dinging) – Good.
– So that means it’s good. Or fad, (buzzer ringing) it should not
be on the Internet anymore. – Banished forever. (upbeat techno music) Today we’re gonna be
exploring A.S.M.R. role play. – Hi there. I’m going to be your
urgent care doctor today. – Hey, is this your first time? With the library? (crunching) (pages flipping) (tapping) – And with that, we have
a very special guest, Christine Sydelko. – Thanks for having me. The situation in Yemen
is quickly deteriorating. President Trump is an (censor beep). – Thank you for joining us! Do you know what A.S.M.R. stands for? – Anatomy Synonym Moth Rainbow. (buzzer ringing) – [Erin] You are very close. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – I think it’s like the
tingling in your head. Apparently some people actually
get a specific sensation. I’ve never felt it though. Like the tingling, I’ve
never actually felt that, but some people, there’s like
a specific number of people that actually feel something. – People feel feelings? Ew, that’s gross. – So I’ve seen different kinds of A.S.M.R, like the more recent one, the soap one. – Dude, soap curls, oh my god! I watch those for hours! They like, peel it off
with a vegetable peeler. – Hours?! – Oh, I follow the hashtag. – Today we’re gonna be
exploring A.S.M.R. role play. A.S.M.R. in specific
situations, like occupations. – I’ll do anything for an A, Professor. – Basically. – Yeah. (electronic music) – Wait, so are we the
person watching the YouTube? If this was a computer screen
and she was doing this, I would be watching
and she would be alone. – Yes, people have- like my camera would
be here and I’d be like “Now I’m doing–” (tapping) – Oh my god, wow. (Carly clearing throat) – Hello, and welcome to the mall. You have come here to
get your makeup done. Does that sound nice? – No it does not. – Let me just clink these brushes together to the tone of “Jingle Bells.” (tapping) Did that sound like “Jingle Bells”? – It’s July. – Christmas. – Yeah, well it’s Christmas in July, so. – You’re stupid. – Shh, this is my world. You’re just listening. (rubbing against microphone) – Oh (Carly laughing) Does that sound like anything? Does that sound like you’re
getting your makeup done? – I don’t wear makeup. – Okay, we’re going to contour your face with these three tones. – No, you sound like you’re in Slytherin. (Carly laughing) – Can you guys hear me? – Yes.
– Unfortunately. – I’m gonna fold your towels now. – You’d better fold it
into the shape of a dog or I’m not tipping. – One moment, I am deaf now. – I’m folding them. That was just me getting
all of your dirty germs off of the towel. Can you hear anything? – Oh, that’s nice. (crinkling) – [Carly] Whoa. – Oh, that is kinda nice actually. That was uncalled for. (snapping) – Dude, what the (censor beep). – Very unsettling. – You don’t have to smile
like that when you do it. Oh my god. Okay, now that’s a noise. – Whoa, I feel like I just
traveled through time. – Shh. – You’re right. This is really fun for me. These feel weird in my ears. – I love this for you. – Hi, I’m a female doctor who is in a relationship
with a male doctor who also works at this hospital. My mom was like a really good surgeon, but then she got Alzheimer’s. (record scratching) – Are you just saying the
plot of Grey’s Anatomy? (Carly laughing) – Yes, this is Grey’s Anatomy. – Carly, I have your test results. It appears that you have (pen clicking) a yeast infection. I put on a glove not for
any procedural reason, just because I thought it
was a good fashion choice. – You’re like Michael Jackson. – Please do not mention
his name to me ever again. Hi, my name’s Doctor Sudoku. (Carly laughing) I graduated from an elementary school. Second place, fifth grade spelling bee. (upbeat techo music) – How did everybody feel about that? – I thought it was weird and dumb. (Christine laughing) – I kind of liked it. – Yeah, me too. I don’t think I would do
it for like, pleasure. – Yeah. – But it’s not bad; it’s kind of relaxing. So do you guys think this is a
fad, like it’s gonna go away, or do you think it’s
fab and it’s gonna stay? – No, I think this is fab. I love this. – Which one’s bad again, fad? – [Carly & Erin] Fad. – I would say fad. – Really? I’m gonna say fab,
because I don’t love it, but so many people, it’s relaxing. – Yeah. – It’s almost like a massage,
I feel like, for some people. – And there are definitely
certain parts when I was like, This is nice. And like, I closed my eyes and I was like, Oh, this is nice. But then Christine’s
like “yeast infection” (record scratching) and I was like “Nevermind.” – You’re welcome. – So I guess the general consensus. It’s two against one. – We win. – Yeah, but mine counts more than yours. – [Erin] That’s not true. – It doesn’t at all. – I don’t care, actually. (victorious fanfare) – [Erin] There she is. – Wow. – Thank you for joining us. Make sure to tune in
next time for Fad or Fab. – Subscribe Now. Do it. – Bye! – It’s rigged.


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