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Carla: returning to work after mental illness

December 22, 2019

[Pause] Carla: I am a fashion designer; I work for a supplier and we supply to High Street chains. So names you have probably heard of and what is great is when you see someone wearing something you have designed walking down the street. I had just got back from a trip to India on business and I was due to spend a long weekend on a family holiday. Got there, felt slightly unusual; my family had noticed my behaviour was a little bit different. And anyway I started having some disturbing dreams. This got worse and my family took me to hospital. It was there that I was diagnosed with bipolar. A few months’ later my boss requested a medical report. I was in contact with Hackney and City MIND and they suggested that they arrange a meeting with my boss and set up a gradual return to work. I built up from you know, half days, a couple of days a week and now I am back full time. So this hasn’t happened over night. It has been a hard struggle. But my colleagues have been very understanding; my boss, he has been great; he has let me have time off for therapy sessions; not doing anymore long haul flights for a little while. And I feel now that you know I am able to do my job as I did; I don’t feel like I am treated any different and I am really – I feel much, much stronger now. [Pause]

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  • Reply Claudia Putnam December 5, 2009 at 4:51 am

    I think you need to find some other people to do these. The British penchant for understatement is not helping. Hospitalized for "disturbing dreams"? That's bipolar?

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