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Cara mengobati goham/sariawan pada puyuh-How to treat thrush in quail.

November 29, 2019

Assalu’alaikum ,, see you again on ewo’s channel All about quail. This time I will give out Tutorial on how to to overcome this … This is quail affected by thrush. Take a look, This is a quail that has mouth ulcer. If the chicken is usually called by Goham if not treated immediately Long time will be thin, Because of the quail It will be difficult to eat, so that it will result in thin quail, this is caused due to stress, Exposed to the wire / sharp objects can also, Because fighting can also, Because The attached feed can also be. Long time can be hard like this. this is thrush, but this rarely happens to quail. But as a breeder must Anticipation, however small Because if not treated immediately can be fatal How to handle it? The way is easy enough. The cure is this By using metronidazole it’s enough With 1/6 of this caplet. given morning and evening 1/6 caplet is enough. this can be bought at the pharmacy, The price is cheap Around 4000 rupiah a strip. this can be done directly, Or keep it on the spoon add a little water too The method is shaken Just slowly Then give it a drink To speed up his recovery, After being given metronidazole Drop a little antisep it will get better soon 2 or 3 days healed If this is not treated, make it hard to eat later So over time it will be thin quail Okay,, Thank you for watching This video May be useful Thank you and Wassalam.

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