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Candida Weight Loss and Testimonials | Amazing Life Chiropractic and Wellness, Bothell

September 3, 2019

Hi, I’m Dr. Gabrielle with Amazing Life
Chiropractic and Wellness. Today I’d like to talk to you about weight loss. Have
you met these type of people where they eat everything that’s just right, they
seem to work out all the time, and they still can lose the weight? Well a lot of
time the issue is actually a yeast called Candida. So, Candida in the gut
will actually produce a small film over the intestine lining and, therefore, when
you’re eating, you actually can’t absorb most of the nutrients so your body goes
into starvation-mode. When you’re in starvation-mode, your body will actually
retain fat and pack it onto your abdomen, your buttocks, and your thigh
area. We do assessments here at the clinic to see if you have Candida. If you do have Candida, we have programs that can help you. Um, lot of side effects of Candida that people don’t realize is you can have, not just
weight gain, but also headaches it can cause insomnia, it could cause a lot
of congestion around the sinuses, and you can even get eczema or psoriasis on your
skin. If you or someone you know are suffering from any of these symptoms you might have Candida. So give us a call reach out to us, we’d love to talk to you. Before my program, life was different.
Um, I was tired all the time and I-I knew I was overweight and I didn’t like it, but
a lot of times it didn’t really register in my head how overweight I was until I
would see a picture. When I would see myself and realize how large I actually
was, I would kind of fall into a depression. Um, kept me from opening up and being myself with other people, with my children. I couldn’t play with them as comfortably. I always felt like I was a ball when I had to roll off the couch to get up. (laughs) I did the 12-week candida diet and I lost 53 pounds! I feel great! (laughs) Um, I feel I have a lot more energy and, um, I don’t feel as lethargic and tired all the time and I can play with my children a lot more
comfortably. Since my program, my life has changed a lot because I’ve become a lot
more comfortable with myself. I’m Brandy. I’ve lost over 36 pounds on this program. When I was 38 years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For the last four
years, I’ve been in pain, I’ve had no energy and as a matter of fact, I never
thought I would be out of pain again. Coming to this program, I have lost over
36 pounds! I have energy like I’ve never had and I’m almost completely out of
pain. I’m off all of my medications and I can ride my bike up a hill, I can run, I
can chase my dogs, and my husband. If you’re watching this and not only have
weight to lose, but you’re in pain for whatever reason, if you’ve been injured,
if you have diabetes or if you’ve been through what I have, you need to get in
here as soon as possible. It will save your life. I promise.

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