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Candida Die-Off Symptoms: Fact From Fiction, What Is Candida Yeast Die-Off

August 17, 2019

Greetings there. It’s New Zealand naturopath,
Eric Bakker. I’m author of Candida Crusher and I’m also the formulator of the Canxida
range of dietary supplements. Thanks for checking out my video. I’m going to do another video
today for one of my subscribers. This is a lady called Donna Collins. Donna is from Canada.
Donna’s husband had a very successful result with the Candida Crusher program. Donna is
asking me to do a video on die-off, so she’s saying “Eric, can you do a video all about
die-off? Die-off 101. What are the signs and symptoms? Can you clear up the confusion for
the subscribers about die-off and what it really is and separate fact from fiction?”
Let’s talk a bit about die-off, Donna, and explain to you a bit about what it is, so
it’s going to be a benefit to the subscribers out there.
I’ve just had a look at different blog sites on die-off on many different sites. There
is a huge amount of confusion with die-off. Just like there is a lot of confusion when
it comes to food allergies and food intolerances, which are completely different things. Lots
of people get confused when it comes to understanding the terminology die-off and they’re very quick
to jump onboard. I get lots of emails and have many patients telling me, “Oh, I had
terrible die-off. I had a bit of pizza and I had die-off. I took supplement xyz. I had
immediate die-off. I changed my diet. I started to eat more eggs. I got die-off. I took a
probiotic. I had die-off. I went to the museum. I had die-off. I changed my job. I had die-off.”
I’m hearing this die-off crap all the time. People are telling me all the time they’re
getting die-off. I think people are getting confused. They don’t really understand what
die-off is and how it really occurs and how it’s not that common to get classic die-off.
So let’s just explain a bit about die-off. I made a few notes here. Went to Wikipedia.
Did a bit of research actually on the guy who really brought this whole concept to light
back in the 1870s. A guy called Carl Herxheimer. Carl Herxheimer and Adolph Jarisch were two
friends. They knew each other quite well. Both of these guys were dermatologists or
skin specialists. Unfortunately, Carl passed away in a concentration camp. He got placed
in a concentration camp when he was 81 years old because he was Jewish, which is really
unfortunate and passed away at 81 years of age. These guys basically treated a lot of
skin problems. They’re quite well known for treating syphilis,
which is a venereal disease that was very common in those days, more so than today.
Syphilis is quite well known to have a lot different kind of skin problems, so these
guys would commonly use mercury. Would you believe mercury? Mercury was a medicine back
in those days. They would give mercury to people with particularly secondary syphilis
and it had a marvelous effect on the skin, but almost immediately the patient would suffer
from terrible side effects. The underlying bug or spirochete that people with syphilis
have was killed quite quickly with mercury, and it created horrific side effects with
these people. So they would get fever, chills. I’ve got a list down here of different problems
that they would experience. Fever, chills, muscular aches, skin rashes, flushing, tachycardia,
so fast heartbeat, headaches. They would get very sick, extremely sick. This is what a
typical Herxheimer reaction is, is getting hot and cold, fever, profuse sweating, fast
heart rate. Some sites say that brain fog is a part of
die-off. I believe it is, but it’s very rare to get brain fog from die-off. Brain fog can
occur with die-off, but it’s a much more delayed reaction as a result. I’ll explain what I
mean in a minute by that. If you do get a classical typical die-off, it’s going too
often occur very quickly after you take a very powerful antifungal and I’m talking like
really quick. It could happen within hours. Certainly within 24 hours of taking that product.
It will happen very, very strongly. You’ll get a strong reaction. And you’ll have those
reactions that I just mentioned. Things like fevers, chills, muscle aches. If your nose
is itchy, that’s not die-off. If you fart or bloat, that’s not die-off. Please don’t
get confused with a lot of minor symptoms or fatigue, tiredness, a bit of headache.
That’s not die-off. I’ll explain why these occur and how to really clearly define the
difference between typical die-off reaction and generally what 99 percent of people experience
but call die-off. What people typically do that create problems
that they think is die-off, they change their lifestyle. They alter the dosage of their
supplements. They come in too high or too low with a supplement to start with. They
start with generally way too high. They take on new foods or they do too big of a change.
Hello? I’ve talked about this before in a video. You need to make change slowly. Please
watch that video about making change slowly because that is a key thing if you want to
avoid die-off, which it probably isn’t. If you want to avoid feeling like crap when you’re
going to start the Candida Crusher approach, you need to do things slowly to start with,
very slowly, then you won’t feel awful. Another key thing that people get is inflammation.
Inflammation can make you feel pretty crappy and that can often be misconstrued as die-off.
Let’s break these things down now, this list I just read out to you and explain to you
one by one the events that can lead to what you feel is die-off that actually isn’t really
classic die-off. And then later on, we’ll come in and explain to you a bit more about
some of the cases I’ve seen with real die-off and how serious they can be.
I get patients all the time on Skype now who say, “I suffered terrible die-off the other
day. I took this supplement and I felt very sick. I had a bowel problem after that. I
felt very spaced out. Surely, that’s got to be die-off.” When you start a supplement,
you must begin � just to recap. You must see the video I’ve completed recently on going
slowly. Any kind of supplement you take; I like you to start it very slowly. There is
a whole lot of reasons why you can feel terrible after you take a supplement. But oftentimes,
the body will not be used to that supplement, particularly if it’s an antifungal/antibacterial
product like my Canxida Remove product. That’s quite a potent product. When you take that
one right away, lots of different reactions can occur in the body. It can kick the immune
system in the butt and upregulate it, make it a lot stronger. That’s one.
Two, it can have a very profound effect on liver function and kidney function. Both of
those functions, in turn, can make you feel hot, cold, weak, tired, sick, faint, they
can create lots of reactions in the body. Any time you have any kind of stimulatory
effect on a major organ, it can certainly change the way you feel. That’s not die-off.
When you start taking a supplement, it will often be also that you make changes on multiple
levels, i.e., the lifestyle change, the diet change. So when you’re making changes on three
or four different levels, of course, you’re going to feel different. You’re going to feel
entirely different. It’s quite natural to feel different. If you moved to a new country
and go on holiday, you’re probably going to eat different foods. You’re probably going
to sleep in a different bed. You’re probably going to talk to different people. You’re
probably going to do a whole bunch of stuff that’s different. The funny thing is, you’re
going to feel different. That’s because you’re doing different things. Please bear that mind.
Coming in too high with a dosage, too high for you, not necessarily for Paul or Peter
or Jane or Mary over there because every one’s dosage is going to be different. Every single
person will require a slightly different incoming dosage. And then over time, the person will
work out what the right dosage is for that kind of person. If you go shopping with 10
people, they’re not all going to buy a red shirt or a red dress. One will want a black
one. One will want a green one. Everyone will want something different. People have different
needs and suit different kinds of things. It’s the same with dosages. Even though a
supplement may suit a wide range of people, the dosage will certainly not.
I’ve got many patients who gain great benefit from taking a quarter of the Canxida Remove
I make per day. Quarter of a tablet and they feel fantastic on it with a good outcome.
I’ve got other people who take three to six per day. So you need to feel your way around.
If you’re a sensitive person, you start low. You take maybe a half a tablet per day if
you react to a lot of things. Don’t come in with three or six per day if you react. Of
course, you’re going to feel like crap. Don’t blame it on die-off. Don’t immediately blame
everything and say, “It’s die-off. It’s die-off.” It probably isn’t. It’s probably just because
you upregulated your liver. It’s probably just because you stimulated your immune system.
You may have even had a very powerful effect on your stomach or pancreas with that product
for many different reasons. And that, in turn, will affect the bowel, the small intestine,
the large intestine. It could have caused gas or bloating. You could have upset the
bacteria in your digestive system. You may not have sufficient beneficial bacteria. And
again, when you’re taking a strong antifungal product there, you’re going to get a lot of
reactions there as a result of that. A big thing that many people forget with “anti”
kind of products, particularly antifungals, is the liver. Because many of these supplements
like black walnut, berberine, clove, neem, they have a very powerful effect on a phase
two liver detoxification pathway. There are several pathways that get stirred up by these
herbs. This, in turn, can create a bottleneck of toxin. It can up or downregulate your liver
function. This may hold toxins back in the body and your immune system is going to go
to town on these toxins. Or it could increase or facilitate the release of these toxins
on the body. This, in turn, can make it tougher for the digestive system to handle these toxins,
especially if the bowels aren’t working well or it can make it tougher for the kidneys
to operate and that can cause a lot of fatigue and skin itching and many different things.
Check out my video I did on urinary problems and particularly the one on kidney function.
Best kept secret is getting the kidneys working well. Many people have kidney problems and
that can make you feel tired, wasted, sick, itchy skin, dry skin. You can feel like partially
hungover. That could be a kidney problem. It may have nothing to do with die-off at
all. You may not be simply drinking enough water with your detox.
Inflammation. Let’s talk about that one. With a typical Herxheimer reaction generally what
happens a drug like mercury killing a lot of things in the body. You’re much more prone
to getting a classic die-off if you’re going to take a drug like tetracycline or a very
powerful antibiotic. That’s because you’re killing huge amounts of beneficial bacteria
and not the friendly guys. You’re killing them. You’re just machine gunning them all
down. Wiping everything out. Way more potent than using an antifungal. Those drugs may
well put you into die-off. What happens is you kill off all the stuff, the immune system
has to start dealing with all that damage. The both beneficial damage as far as you’re
concerned and the collateral damage. A lot of these dying bacteria will release
chemicals themselves. The immune system will pick up on this. It will be on high alert.
It in turn will release chemicals called cytokines, particularly there is one called interleukin.
There is one called tumor necrosis factor. They’re the typical interleukins that go town
on these endotoxins, endo, they’re in internal, they’re inside. Toxins inside the body, so
interleukins six and eight attack these endotoxins and that’s what typically creates a lot of
awful feeling in the body. This is a typical die-off scenario and that reaction ramps up
very quickly after you take that antibiotic. Anaphylaxis like from penicillin, acute allergic
reaction, that is a typical immune reaction that can kill you. It can actually kill you.
Die-off won’t kill you, but it can make you feel like death warmed up. At least you feel
at near death and really sick and crappy to the point where you need to go to the ER and
you feel like you’re dying, you probably haven’t got die-off. Did you hear when I said “die-off”?
If you feel like dying, it’s probably die-off. Most people who contact me and think they’ve
got die-off don’t feel like dying. They just feel like crap, but they don’t actually feel
like near death. There’s a big difference between, so please don’t get die-off confused
with a reaction in the body. Introducing new foods into the body. Maybe
your body can’t cope with those new foods. Maybe you’ve reintroduced them too quick.
Maybe you’ve introduced new foods too quick. Maybe your digestive system can’t cope? Maybe
your enzymes in your gut haven’t got sufficient power to break those foods down, creating
bloating and gas. As I mentioned, coming in too high. Supplements, lifestyle events, all
the changes, inflammation, we spoke about that. I hope you’re getting a bit of a feel
for what I mean. These are typical things that underpin feeling awful but don’t constitute
die-off. We talked about the cytokine response. Now brain fog. So many people think that brain
fog is actually a result of die-off. I don’t believe it is. I believe brain fog is more
related to the beneficial bacteria or lack of. I believe there’s a big relationship with
the vagus nerve and the gut and the brain and it has got a lot more to do with a sympathetic/parasympathetic
imbalance. People with brain fog often have stress. People with brain fog in most all
cases when we do stool testing show really weird levels of beneficial bacteria. I don’t
commonly find brain fog in people with three, four plus beneficial bacteria in the stool
test. Don’t commonly find it. So I believe that in the future, research will validate
what I’m saying right now to you guys is that brain fog, in my opinion, is more related
to the beneficial bacteria than it is to die-off. That’s not to say that endotoxins can’t create
that feeling in the brain. Because when you’re hungover, you certainly got that brain foggy
kind of feeling from the liver and kidneys trying to clean the body out. But I believe
that in time research will validate that. That that foggy brain feeling � and how
do I know that? I know that because in many cases when I’ve helped to restore the beneficial
bacteria in patients, the brain fog disappears. Sometimes within a week it’s gone. I’ve seen
that. I think that just about covers most of things
I wanted to talk about die-off. I hope it wasn’t too confusing this video. Again, just
to recap. Die-off is severe. It’s extreme. It can last anything up to about a week in
patients. It’s like a storm. It can come out of nowhere and it can disappear very rapidly.
That’s my experience with die-off. I’ve only ever seen true die-off probably about a dozen
times in all the years I’ve practiced, in the nearly 30 years. That’s not a lot of times,
but I have seen it and it’s been very severe. In most cases, it resulted in the patient
being hospitalized or going to the doctor feeling that they’re actually going to die.
There is a severe reaction and it did have the things like chills, fever, terrible skin
rashes, all of those things. That is true die-off.
Thanks for tuning in.


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    Mercury is STILL a "medicine" THESE days. It's in vaccines. Thimerosal manufactured by Eli Lily Pharmaceutical company tested thimerosal (mercury) on approx. 30 people that had bacterial meningitis is the late 1920s to see if it could be a possible treatment, and they all dropped dead. They still use it in vaccines when study after study has proven its deadly.

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    I was given antibiotics for a straight year in the 70's because of repetitive strep throat (eventually the doctors took out my tonsils anyway ). Eventually I had sores on my scalp cultured (a few years ago) and they are fungal but I suffer quite severe anxiety and neither my OD or any Psych Doc will pursue testing for Candida. A couple years Ago , I went down to 115 pounds (5' 8') and was actually in a mental institution and I finally talked them into giving me a script antifungal. They did for a week and I could hardly think straight with the anxiety. BUT the week following the Script antifungal , I gained 10 pounds.
    Now I'm n trouble again (I weaned off my meds but did not control my stress). Even a little bit of coconut oil or probiotics brings on chills, sweats but worst of all anxiety ( in the nighttime , I get relief from coffee enemas) but I've backed up and started real slow plus I'm going to purchase your products. Thanks so much for the information.
    Oh …. And i did have a build up of heavy metals. All the ones you've mentioned. (You're only the 3rd person I know who actually mentioned Metaithianine and its connection to low zinc.
    Any way Many Thanks. Most people don't believe how sick one can be while fighting Fungal overgrowth. Greg

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    One evening (I guess it was in my first week of Candida diet) I was feeling so sick and got really scared because I couldn't breathe, my heart beat so crazy, and weirdly, I also had to throw up but couldn't, ​and I wasn't able to stand on my feet… I almost called 911, but I didn't want my family to worry, so I crawled​ to my bed and lay down and tried to breathe I felt like wasn't existing, like I was very light and weak, after that I was very weak for another 3 days. On my third day I could stay up again, but sometimes I felt very dizzily…


    Ps: In the beginning, I made huge and quick changes in my diet and lifestyle. I was first very misinformed and had read the wrong pages on the internet, but now everything is going good 🙂 I only have 5 out of 37 Symptoms left, ​and sadly one new symptom occurred

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