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Candida Cleanse Precautions: 6 Candida Cleanse Tips Before You Start Cleanse

August 16, 2019

Greetings, Eric Bakker, Naturopath from New
Zealand. Thank you for coming back, I always appreciate
that. I have got an interesting question here that
was asked to me by a subscriber quite a long time ago and I’m just replying to that one
now. And the question was, what are some of the
best hints and tips you can give, or precautions for somebody, going to complete a candida
cleanse for the first time? How can I do it right the first time? So here’s a few points which I’ve just written
down before, which I think are quite important to highlight, especially if you’re new and
you haven’t really done much cleansing before or you wanna get your gut in good shape. So these points are based on seeing a lot
of people for a long period of time. And some of these points I’m going to raise
may seem or appear at first simplistic, but when you think it through, they’re quite profound. And these are the sort of things that are
gonna give you the breakthrough where many other approaches failed, okay? And many approaches do fail, because if they
didn’t fail, I wouldn’t be sitting here, talking to you guys now, ’cause I see people that
have been to 20, 30, 50 doctors and it’s all failed for them. So this is a different take on it. Now remember, simplistic isn’t always stupidity. Simplicity in my opinion is one of the best
approaches to any kind of rejuvenation or healing program. Get the basic stuff done right, incredibly
well, and the complicated stuff often takes care of itself. We live in an age where everybody expects
every solution to be extremely complex, very, very, very difficult and technical. What a load of crap. It’s the simple things that get people right,
it always is. So let’s talk about some simple things right
now, some simple solutions, some simple precautions. Number one, understand it’s going to take
more time than you think. All right? This is a key point people, it always takes
longer, always takes longer. And this is what I find common in live as
I get older. All the things I really like, cost more, are
harder to acquire, they take longer to get, they’re always in the distance, but they’re
there and they’re always there if I want them bad enough. Things take longer than they really are, in
reality. It takes longer to heal than you think. So if you’re feeling unwell, don’t put an
expectation or that you want a really quick recovery. “I wanna get cured in a weekend.” “I wanna lose 10 pounds in two days.” All that sort of nonsense that I hear people
talking about. It’s not going to happen really quick, it’s
going to take time, especially if you put a good program in place and work the program
through. Not only will it improve the primary complaint
that you most likely have, it will most likely improve the entire quality of your life, and
that’s what we’re after. We’re after improving the quality of your
life, not just getting rid of symptoms. Quality takes time. Think about it, it takes time. So be patient. That’s number one. Number two, test first. Do a stool test, a comprehensive stool analysis
before you engage in taking supplements or looking at a particular protocol to cleanse
yeast, ’cause it may not be yeast at all. Many, many times in my videos I’ve said to
you guys, many people believe they got a candida problem, but upon testing, they ain’t got
a candida problem at all. They’ve got bacteria there or they’ve got
a parasite there, or they’ve got a chronic lack of beneficial bacteria, or they’ve got
a significant pancreatic weakness. There’ll be some type of problem and it needs
scoping, it needs sorting out. Doesn’t it make sense to do your homework
before you do the cleanse, rather to spend all that money and all that crap and all that
time, and then down the track think, “Oh my God I’m so stupid, why didn’t I do the test
first?”? What I just said to you there, “Why didn’t
I do that test first?”, I’ve heard it 10 times, 50 times, 100 times, maybe 500 times, maybe
1000 times I’ve heard it. People saying that they regretted not testing
upfront, that I was the first person who made the recommendation. Or they went to doctors who said, “It’s a
waste of time, it’s all crap, it’s all nonsense. You’ll get nowhere with it. You need antibiotics, they’ll cure you.” All this sort of crap. So just be careful when people come out with
really quick solutions or know exactly what’s wrong with you instantly. I would walk away from those kind of people. Proper testing, scientific testing. Not some kind of weird mumbo jumbo stuff,
but you need proper testing to determine what is going on in your digestive track before
you start. If you take your to a mechanic and there’s
a problem, your mechanic’s not gonna look at the car and say, “I know what it is, yep. We’ll just replace these three bearings in
the car and everything will be good.” But the guy’s not even looked at the car yet,
how does he know what’s wrong with it? People need to look inside your gut, the lab
needs to know what’s happening. I need to see a report before I can say, “This
is what we found.” It’s very important to get the facts right
before you start out on your journey, that’s the point I’m making. Test first, especially if you’re a chronic
case, you’ve been sick for a long time, it’s a smart thing to do. Number three, it ain’t gonna happen with diet
and supplements alone. I’ve also mentioned this on numerous occasions,
that many people think that they can get rid of some type of problem inside their body
by taking a few pills or changing a different type of [inaudible] they eat, or eating maybe
a slightly different type of lettuce and having a little bit more organic whatever at this
time of day. It’s not gonna happen. You’re not gonna eradicate things just by
eating a different type of food or taking a supplement. You need a carefully constructed plan. Think about it, if you build a house, you’d
have a plan. Everything in life of worth, in my opinion,
needs a plan. What’s your plan? All right, what’s your plan? You’re plan should be thinking about what
you’re gonna eat, what supplements are you gonna take, but also how you’re going to live
your life. So look at the lifestyle along with the supplements
and the eating plan, all right? The whole concepts of recovering from candida
is to get the person in a position where they’ve got low stress, they’ve got a much easier
kind of lifestyle, they’ll recover faster, which means they’re back into the workforce
quicker, they’re back into relationships quicker. Everything’s gonna be happening a lot better
for that person when they recover. But things have to be correct for them to
recover. And the point I’m trying to make there is,
it’s not gonna happen just by popping a few pills and changing your diet. You need to look at the whole picture. So be sure to watch my videos on lifestyle
as well ’cause it’s very important. Number four, your experience of your candida
cleanse will be entirely different from that lady’s over there, or that guy’s over there. Don’t compare yourself with other people. Point I’m making here is, it’s not good to
read something on doctor Google and say, “That guy had this experience, so therefor I’m gonna
have the same experience.” It doesn’t work like that. You’re not that guy, you’re not that lady
over there, you’re different. You live differently, you think differently,
you eat differently. Everything about you is different from other
people. So think about it. So why wouldn’t your experiences of recovery
be different from other people? And what you need to recover will be different
from other people. So what I just said there is quite important,
so think about that. What you need will be different from somebody
else. That’s why testing is important. That’s why looking at supplements, lifestyle
and diet correct for you, is important, not what’s correct for that lady over there. And this is why I always say to people, you
need to modify things to suit yourself. Number five, the timing should be right for
your candida cleanse. For example, not a good idea to do a candida
cleanse or to get your health back on track two weeks before Thanksgiving, or even just
before your brother’s getting married or something like that. Not a good idea. Just when you got out of jail, you’re going
to go on a candida cleanse, probably not a good idea. So all these sorts of things, you have to
think about the timing. Have you got time owing to you from work,
perhaps can you take time off? Are you a shift worker, can you change your
hours? Is there some way you could modify your lifestyle
to make the cleanse a lot better? What time of year is most suitable for you
to do the cleanse? Spring time, in my opinion is the best. Spring end, early summer is a good time to
go through cleansing. But for some people it could also be fall
and going into winter time. Other people prefer doing it in winter. So it’s really up to you, but you gotta workout
a key time for you to do a good cleansing program. A time that’s gonna really suit you quite
well. So what was that? That was point number five. Point number six, stay on track, be persistent,
don’t give up that easily. You’re going to get head winged, you’re going
to get bad days. This is quite common for people on their road
to recovery. Now remember that quitters will never win,
you gotta keep on going, even if it means backing off your treatment. If you’re taking some supplements or you’re
eating a diet that’s not really totally agreeing with you or you’re not satisfied with, again,
you may need to make some changes, to modify it. But the key thing is to stay on track. Persistence breaks resistance. Keep onboard and eventually you’ll win. Last point, always think about a really great
future for yourself and really help your future. The mind doesn’t know the difference between
events that are imaginary or real. So if you think it through, you can have an
incredible future and keep focusing on that, and that’s generally what will happen. As you think you’ll become. If you think about a wonderful life coming
up in recovery, it’s most likely what will happen. The mind is the most powerful part of the
body, don’t forget. So I hope that gives you a few different pointers
there, precautions or things to look out for when you’re gonna engage in a program like
the candida [inaudible] program. If the program does work, but using this kind
of information with a program will get you there absolutely in my opinion. Think about it. Thanks for catching up.


  • Reply A M October 31, 2018 at 12:25 am

    Thanks for your videos!!

  • Reply Judy S October 31, 2018 at 9:05 am

    Hi Eric, Thank you for your helpful videos. I have watched many over the last few weeks. I have been ill for the last 2 years or so. Eventually found a functional medical doctor, who diagnosed me with Adrenal fatigue (it was totally flatined) my thyroid was a bit off as well. He gave me a supplements of Adrenavive I and Metavive II, and to keep to a low carb diet, plus some vitamins and minerals. I did quite well and was able to return to work. However 8 months later had what he calls a crash. Feels like I hit rock bottom again. Severe fatigue, weak, vision problems, thumping heart, depression, psoriasis, body odour The last was what made me think it may have a candida problem (was treated back in the 80's for candida, took me 2 years to recover) So went on your MEVY diet, and tried Nutispore, and after 8 days started to feel just slightly better, though it was not consistent, some days feel worse again. However it has helped my vision problems quite a lot. So I am hopeful. Saw my doctor again with this information, and thought he would confirm candida, but he said he thought my Histamine could be too high, and should try that diet.

    I am now going to get a stool test done, and retake my saliva cortisol tests. Will the stool test still show up any baddies, even though I have been on the MEVY diet and the Nutrispore? Your video above says get stool test before anything else. Should I come off the diet for the test?

    My doctor is retiring at Christmas, so will need to find somebody else to guide me through this. Once I have my stool results, how do I contact you to make a consultation, I am in the UK. Thanks again

  • Reply Emily October 31, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    could you do a video on histamine? i just completed the candida cleanse and almost all of my symptoms are pretty much gone and I'm doing so much better, it's just that now i think im having a histamine problem. i get weird small rashes/redness on my arms/hands after i eat a meal, and i get really bad throat phlegm from avocados and bananas, (but im not sure if that's what the problem is).

  • Reply Nick Sweeney October 31, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    Hi eric, do you have a contact number or website I can visit. I’m feeling pretty lost been sick for years, I’m going to come to New Zealand

  • Reply Iftikhar Khan Khan October 31, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    Hi. My brother has H pylori and gallstone in his gallbladder so he wants to do the gallstone cleanse please guide us. Also I didn’t check my gallbladder for gallstone but I want to do the gallstone cleanse as well please guide us through successful cleansing. Thanks a lot

  • Reply Iftikhar Khan Khan October 31, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Please let us know about foods that dissolve the gallstone or medicines that dissolve the gallstone without operation.
    Thanks a lot

  • Reply Eva K October 31, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Amen! Thank you for your common sense wisdom as always!

  • Reply Lady Hannah March 3, 2019 at 4:18 am

    Good sense video BUT those tests can run up into the thousands 😣

  • Reply marcel plavec April 8, 2019 at 3:03 pm


  • Reply Wise Lady June 24, 2019 at 9:23 pm

    Thanks for all your honest and realistic advice, I am first timer commenting here, now ; my question is that what is the most obvious reason for upper belly pain right after eating? Candida or gastritis ? Also is Antihistamine bad for candida diet ?! I have itch that is possibly from candida . Thanks.

  • Reply BaronVonComment July 8, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    Hi Eric. Can you recommend a specific test that covers all the bases (parasites, candida, bacteria, etc)? I have had blood tests and certain stool tests done and not found much more than High IGG. When you say a comprehensive stool analysis, is there a specific company or exact test to take? Also, is there a place where these can be ordered online, or does it have to be prescribed by a doctor.

    I am in the US.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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