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Candida Cleanse Frequency How Many Times Should I Do Cleanse

August 22, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back. A question I get asked so many times by patients
is the frequency of cleansing. The candida cleanse frequency. How often should I do a cleanse? Should I do a cleanse every week, every month,
every year, twice a year? How often should I do it? Well I don’t know about you guys but I don’t
walk around cleaning the house five times a day. I clean the house when there’s crap lying
around everywhere. Then I clean it up. Or if I’m tripping over stuff. Or if my bookshelves eventually one day fall
down that everyone thinks they’re going to crap out on me. Cleansing is required when obviously a cleanse
is required. How do you know you need a cleanse? Well you need a cleanse when you’re feeling
below par. When your health is bad. When you’ve taken a lot of medications. When you’ve been sick for a long time. But a cleanse is not only required in those
situations. A cleanse is very intelligent if you do a
cleanse once per year. But that does not have to be a candida cleanse,
okay? They can be an overall rejuvenation or detox
like I’m doing right now. It’s springtime in New Zealand. Now is the perfect time for me. We’re at spring leading into summer. It’s a great time for me now to change how
I eat. Increase my intake of some green smoothies
for two weeks. Look at a bit of liver and kidney detoxification. That’s entirely different from a candida cleanse. A candida cleanse means we’ve detected candida. A, we’re positive for candida in the gut. All right? We’re not making assumptions here. We’re positive. We’re using a targeted protocol and we’ve
worked out exactly what we’re going to take and for how long we’re going to take it for. Then we’re going to reassess that digestive
system. We’re not going to make assumptions. Too many people make assumptions. They say, “Oh I’ve got candida. I need to go on a candida detox.” Then when they’ve done that, they do another
one and another one. Or they stay on it for 12 months. I’ve had people stay on these crazy diets
for four or five years. I mean, how dumb is that? Gaps diet. There’d be a big gap in my life if I went
on a diet like that for five years. It’d be terrible. Imagine that. It’s almost like what lifestyle is that? Being on some type of crazy diet for a prolonged
period of time, thinking that you’re cleansing. Or going on repetitive diets, or changing
tack. Going on a candida cleanse, stopping that,
going on a gallbladder flush. Why do people have this incessant need for
constant flushes and cleanses all the time. If I go to your house are you going to be
constantly in the bathroom on the floor on your knees scrubbing the floor every single
day? Come on, folks. We don’t need to cleanse as much as you think
we do. We need to cleanse our diet and lifestyle
perpetually by understanding that if we are careful with what we eat, what we drink and
how we live, we don’t need to constantly cleanse all the time. If we’re very careful with medications we
take and how we travel and hygiene we can cut back on a ton of different parasites,
bacteria, and yeast from overproliferating in our gut. The candida cleanse frequency in my opinion,
it’s only when you need it. You do a cleanse when you need it. Preferably when you can, you assess the gut
pre and post treatment to see where you’re going, which direction you’re going. Then maybe you need to do some fine tuning
or a little bit of peripheral cleansing or side cleansing when you’ve finished your major
candida cleanse. I’m not a fan of people constantly doing gallbladder
flushes, constantly doing colonics, constantly doing coffee enemas. I see this so often in my clinic over the
years. I’ve seen this YouTube. Some people do these cleanses constantly. It’s like they’re never stopping cleansing. I mean, for goodness sakes, what’s left to
clean if you’ve cleaned everything up? The beneficial bacteria, that’s what you’re
getting rid of. I can tell you this, I know many people over
the years that I have seen in fact have ruined their cleanse by overextending the cleanse
or going for too long or too hard. Particularly when they involve coffee enemas
or colonics with their cleanses and do those repeatedly. You’re washing away all of the good as well
as the bad. Just be careful with repeated cleanses or
long, repeated cleanses. How long do you do a candida cleanse for depends
on your personal situation. I had a patient from Israel, I might have
mentioned already once or twice in videos, with five different types of candida in the
stool, with three types of parasites, and multiple bad bacteria. Now this man, incredible how he pushed himself
for eight weeks to clean the gut up. Almost superhuman. Something out of Marvel Comics or something. This guy is just almost a machine. But that’s few and far between. Eight weeks of just pushing the heck out of
his gut and he cleaned the gut up. It’s not something I recommend everybody do. I’ve got other people who have to do a cleanse
more slowly and more carefully and a bit more prolonged because they’re a bit more sensitive. Or maybe their lifestyle doesn’t fit in with
a cleanse like the Israeli man did. Each to their own. But the take home message for this video is,
A, don’t do repeated cleanses or flushes because it’s usually counterproductive. B, tailor the length and duration of your
program and the severity of treatment according to what you have found in your gut. Don’t make assumptions. Thanks for tuning in.


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    Very well said doc

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    You always keep it real and clear in your messages! Thank you!

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