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Candida Cleanse Before and After? What Results Can I Expect?

August 27, 2019

Greetings! Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back and checking out my
video. I always appreciate people coming to the Candida
Crusher channel, and have a good look around; there are lots of videos I’ve created. In fact there’s well over a thousand videos
now, so have a look at the channel. Check out the playlists. There’s, I think, about 30-odd playlists. So if you’ve got a question it’s likely to
be in one of those playlists, because there’s about 1100 videos I believe now, so there
should be plenty for people to look through and have a look. Now, here’s a typical question I get: the
candida cleanse before and after. You know, “What can I expect after my cleanse?” Well it really depends on how you feel prior
to your cleanse and how you undertake the cleanse. If you take an intelligent approach and get
the information, an example: get a gut test before you start treating the gut; then it’s
going to be a lot easier for you to navigate, you know, through that cleanse detoxification
pathway, especially if you’ve got a big problem or you’ve had a longstanding problem with
your digestive system or with your skin, you know, autoimmunity. So whether you believe you’ve got candida
or not, if you’ve got a gut issue and you put a protocol into place stuff is going to
happen; there’s no doubt about it. And that “stuff”, in inverted commas, all
depends on how you manage that cleanse. But we’re going to talk about that in subsequent
videos anyway. So, what you can expect after a candida cleanse
is: well, again, it depends on how severe the case is. If you’ve been sick, like some of my patients,
for 10 or 20 years, it could take easily one to two years before you start feeling really
on top of the game here. Easily one to two years. Well, you go and figure, if you have an upset
digestive system, you’ve taken multiple antibiotics, you’ve taken, you know, Ibuprofen or Paracetamol
or sleeping pills or happy pills or not-so-happy pills or whatever pills you take; that if
you’re on all these medications, like some people are, and there’s a high level toxicity,
you know, and you’ve got all these drug-induced side effects, that’s a totally different ball
game from somebody who’s got a relatively simple case. So the prolongation, you know, the before
and after, that after path can take a long time if you’ve been on medications. That after time can be a lot shorter if you’ve
obviously had a problem of a lot shorter duration. So, what you can expect after is feeling a
heck of a lot better. But this heck-of-a-lot-better feeling occurs
in stages, okay? And this is where allopathic or Western medicine
beats my kind of system and medicine hands down any day, right? You take a medication: you get a cessation
of the symptom; the symptom reduces and you think, “Woo hoo! I’m cured! My problem’s all gone away.” But it ain’t gone away at all. Excuse me. All you’ve done is you’ve suppressed that
symptom. You haven’t cured the disease at all. You’ve suppressed it only for that symptom
to pop out down the track. This can sometimes occur with the after. So if you’ve been on medications for some
time and you stop those medications, okay, and then you start going through a cleansing
regime with the body, all the symptoms can be thrown up occasionally that you suppressed
way back here with a steroid cream or with a pill like Prednisone or something like that. So the after part for people who’ve been on
meds for years can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable and disconcerting, because I have certainly
seen cases of symptoms popping up one or two years down the track of someone who’s been
on the drug for 10, 20 years and we managed to get them off that drug. So that can occur. That’s the after if you’ve been on meds for
years and years and years. If you haven’t been on any medications for
a long long time or ever, or you’ve only taken a short course, then that’s not likely to
happen. Generally then, the after for you is a recovery
phase and then feeling pretty darn good. And that feeling pretty darn good should also
come from the inside, so you should actually feel happy about your life, you know, feel
that there’s joy in your life and you should be optimistic; that’s a key thing I look for
for people with the recovery phase. I’m more concerned about how someone feels
inside than how they are on the outside. So if you don’t look so good or your breath
is a bit stinky or you’ve got skin rashes or joint pain or you’ve got certain types
of problems in the periphery but you feel good on the inside, that’s a key sign for
a deep-seated recovery that I’m looking for in people. So be on the look out for that kind of a situation,
because that’s the after that I like to see in people. And when I see that kind of after scenario
in people, I know that they’re going to generally fully recovery, and that’s a really, a really
awesome thing to see with people who’ve been sick for a long, long time; it’s fantastic. So yeah, I mean this video could take any
one of many slants, but when I think of the before and after, I think of someone who’s
not feeling well and then someone who is feeling well and a lot better. But just remember, that transition depends
on many factors, all right? The time duration depends on a whole bunch
of factors too. I’ve also done videos on how long does it
take to cure candida and things like that, so check those videos out as well. But I’ll be talking more about this after
scenario in subsequent videos. So thanks for that question whoever posted
that one. Thank you.

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