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Candida Cleanse and Menstruation: Can You Do Candida Cleanse?

August 18, 2019

hi there Eric Bakker naturopath thanks
for coming back let’s talk about Candida administration candida cleansing and
menstruation many women I’ve worked with over the years have noticed that their
vaginal yeast infection gets a lot worse at certain times of the month okay so
you’ve got different phases of the menstruation I mean you probably will
know all the sort of stuff anyway you’ve got the follicular phase and
you’ve got the luteal phase so you get the proliferative phase the two weeks
building up you know after the period you’ve got better build up period
where estradiol or estrogen starts building up and up and up and if we
don’t get a fertility occurring week and then we’re going to get buff week and
you get a dropping of estrogen and then progesterone comes up as the lining you
know sheds and then of course the period occurs so the key time and often when
Candida will become a problem is in that follicular phase as estrogen starts to
climb okay estrogen is an interesting effect
because it glycogen and estrogen tend to work together so glycogen tends to build
up and up and up in the vaginal area of course okay
that whole womb area becomes plump and moist and ready potentially for
implantation okay so of course if there’s going to be sugar in the area
like glycogen because of estrogen that’s going to allow Candida to really build
up so if you’ve noticed that your that your your yeast infection is getting a
lot worse in relation to your cycle you need to take a few steps back and that’s
when you need to treat okay you can use suppositories or boric acid or various
kind of treatments watch my other videos there are many videos I’ve made on
vaginal yeast infection that we explain the correct treatment so but there is
definitely a big link with Candida administration for many women now some
women try and have this at all they have Candida throughout their whole cycle
even when they actually having their period they’ve still got vaginal yeast
infection and they’ve got symptoms and signs and all kinds of problems but many
women I see don’t have that they have that in that initial phase okay in the
follicular phase it’s when they really notice the problem
that’s when boric acid often will be extremely curative for that kind of
condition you can get top of this yeast infection ladies watch
my videos I’ve helped so many women with this problem and they no longer have
this annoying vaginal yeast infection now whether it’s bacterial vaginosis or
ease infection it doesn’t matter you can still clear enough
check out my protocols they work quite well for this particular thing so you
can use boric acid through the whole cycle or you can just use it in the
follicular phase it’s up to you you know when you want to use it but you
can get on top of it but yeah there’s a huge connection between certain times of
the month and that yeast infection what you’re what you eat also can very much
influence your period at that time so try and follow the directions
I’ve laid down in the candida crusher book because that diet is quite good for
somebody who’s going through a vaginal yeast infection there’s also a chapter
in that book all about how to cleanse their vaginal area super effectively
thanks for tuning in


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