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Candida Case Study Jamie 38yrs

August 28, 2019

Greetings, Eric Bakker, thanks for coming
back. We’ve got another case study. We can do case studies all day long. I mean, I get so many interesting people that
I see. You can just imagine people from so many countries
now, about 100 countries around the world. Some really cool people I deal with, some
amazing patients’ stories and I could tell you guys with them. You name any kind of occupation, I’ve seen
someone in an occupation, all sorts. This is a person whose name’s been changed,
of course, to give him some privacy. It’s a 38 year old male from England, from
the UK, and I’m going to call him Jaime, but that’s not his real name. Now Jaime is a CEO, so he’s a company boss,
or I think in the US you call these guys presidents, and I thought that Donald Trump was the only
President, but there must be tons of presidents running around the United States. Say Jaime’s 38, now he came to see me earlier
this year. It would’ve been May this year he saw me,
’cause that’s right we started working with him in June. June’s when we put the proper protocol together. Anyway, he presented with reflux, heartburn,
fatigue, sleeping issues, and loose bowl motions, so he’s had diarrhea a bit. And also toenail fungus, like several of his
toes where like really fungal. Now this guy had a stool test completed already
by a practitioner, that he was seeing in London. And the stool test showed no beneficial bacteria,
wiped out, just about gone. But there was no candida, but he did have
blastocystis, so he had a parasite in his gut. The key thing that the guy was complaining
about was the reflux and the tiredness. So, what I automatically assumed from experience
that this guy’s got a very, very, weak stomach like low acid stomach or hypochlorhydrian,
so even without doing any kind of tests, the first visit I saw Jaime, I said, “We’re going
to do the stomach tolerance method for digestive enzymes.” So I put him on a powerful digestive enzyme,
and I told him to keep taking one with each succeeding meal until he hit his tolerance. Well, this guy was taking 16 capsules per
meal before he could feel any kind of warmth behind the sternum. 16, well you go and figure that. What’s that? 50-odd capsules a day. Now this is where it’s a waste of time, giving
someone a digestive enzyme, especially a male, around 30s, 40s, 50s. One or two per day isn’t going to cut anything
for a guy like that, if he’s got a very flat stomach. You’ve got to push that stomach harder to
perform to see what level of dysfunction it is. Now in Jaime’s case we kept him on 40-odd
digestive enzymes per day, not per week, but per day for several weeks. I started in June, by late July this guy could
only tolerate one to two per meal before her started to really notice that heartburn effect,
you know, that over-production there. But the interesting thing is after several
weeks of taking high dose digestive enzymes we got a breakthrough with this guy. The reflux was gone, the heartburn was gone. But the amazing thing is the energy was coming
back. And he said to me, “The toenails are looking
so much better,” because finally we were now giving the stomach the ability to break protein
down properly so it could get those aminos into the body and help to form proper connective
tissue in the body, so hair, and nails, and skin, are all going to look better, energy
going to be up, sleep going to improve, libido going to improve. All of these factors are going to improve
because all we did was improve his digestion. But then we had to tackle the blasto, and
at this point, after several weeks of enzymes, well, he dropped into a lower enzyme. I took him off that enzyme, and I put him
on CanXida Restore, one with each meal, which was sufficient at that point. I also put him on CanXida Remove. I used a heavy duty dose of two tablets per
meal. So he was on six CanXida Remove per day, and
then we’ve kept this guy on that for five weeks and we’re just waiting for the stool
test to come back now, but I will suspect that the blasto will be gone. It’ll be gone out of at least one, if not
two, samples. I’d expect to see a little bit in one sample,
but not a whole lot in … or three samples. So, but I can tell by the appearance of the
patient and the energy and the vitality that his health restored to a very high level,
just with simple treatment. It’s the simple things that fix people up. They don’t need complicated therapy. So with the repeated tests we get back from
Jaime, we’re going probably look at a CanXida protocol for three to six months low-grade. So CanXida Restore, one with each meal. CanXida Remove, maybe one with each meal. Just for several more weeks, and then CanXida
Rebuild, probably two per day. We’ll keep him going, and then slowly pull
that therapy out and see how he functions. And we may repeat the stool tests sometime
mid-next year to make sure the blasto’s completely gone. But this shows you how you can really get
a sick person and turn them around back into a vibrant healthy person again with a simple
protocol. Now the hard part with Jaime was making a
lifestyle change, because in this situation I was quite strict with this guy and I said,
“You can’t keep doing this role that you’re doing.” He was working 12 to 14 hour days, early in
the morning ’til the evening, literally seven days a week to keep this company booming. But his health was falling to pieces. So one of the most important things I said
to him was, “You need to a 2IC, you need a second-in-charge who takes over. A lot of the crap that you’re doing now, you
probably don’t need to be doing. Put some stuff onto someone else’s plate,
let them deal with it,” and he did that, and it made a world of difference to his health. He’s not going back now to work the same kind
of hours he did. That’s the difference it makes, folks, when
you make a lifestyle change with a diet change, and a few carefully supplements placed in
the protocol at the right time. These are the sort of outcomes I expect to
get with people. But changes need to be made on multiple levels,
there’s no point keeping Jaime in a high power position expecting a good result. It’s not gonna happen. Changes have to be made. I mean, changes are made, and they support
the health of the person, it’s quick to recover. It can happen for you too. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply D P September 24, 2018 at 12:56 am

    Any idea why digestive enzymes would cause constipation? I don't even take a full capsule. Thanks

  • Reply the Defiant one September 24, 2018 at 2:36 am

    Can you do a video in the future and follow up on his case please ?

  • Reply Jeannie Heredia September 24, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    Hi Eric, I have Erosive Lichen Planus. Have you treated this autoimmune disease or others and have you had any success? thanks for your response!

  • Reply borriffick September 26, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Hi Dr. Bakker, thank you so much for your videos…where do I ask a question?

  • Reply Dorian September 26, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Hi, what test can I do if the stool test showed no Candida (but still have oral thrush,brain fog,etc etc)?

  • Reply Loyalty Lyrics September 30, 2018 at 7:25 am

    hello Sir,
    will you plz clarify that what is "whey yeast"? when i searching on youtube your videos came first…

  • Reply Mr D January 23, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    Hi. I have been diagnosed by my physician with blastocystosis. I have started your protocol for dealing with it. After listing to this video I am wondering if I should look at the acid first in my stomach and do the same protocol with digestive enzymes. I have some of the same symptoms as the client you referenced. Is there a type of enzyme I should take?

  • Reply Chris Jabbour May 20, 2019 at 7:33 pm

    Hello Dr. Bakker, I live in France. I ordered and received the Combo Canxida Kit. Have not started yet. Taking your recommendation, I recently did a stool test which revealed blastocystis. I too have the same symptoms as the patient you reference in your video. My MD approved your blastocystis protocol, could it be possible to know the name (brand) of the digestive enzyme you used to treat your patient as you explained in the video? Would it be best if I write to you directly? Looking forward to hearing from you, Many thanks. Chris

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