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Candida Case Study: 5 Gerry with Jock Itch

August 15, 2019

This is going to be another case history,
and I’m going to read a little bit more out of my book and talk along that. This is case
number five. This is a guy called Gerry. Gerry’s a 36-year-old male. He’s a mechanic and he’s
also a security guard. He moonlights as a security guard and he’s a really nice guy,
and he’s had really bad heartburn and jock itch and a few other problems.
Gerry is a single man. He never married and works as a factory security guard, and he
used to be a mechanic, but he does them both a bit. He came to see me some time ago complaining
of jock itch, athlete’s foot, heartburn and major fatigue, and was sent in by a lady friend
who I helped get rid of her yeast infection. Gerry’s hobby is stock car racing, which takes
up a lot of his spare time and he spends many hours in his garage tinkering with his cars
that include a lot of welding and grinding, as well as general mechanical work. Most afternoons
during the week, as well as every weekend and at nights, he does his security work.
He mentioned that he wears coveralls for several hours a day. And when I questioned him about
his diet, it was what I expected. Fast foods that have been nutritionally depleted and
over processed. Gerry routinely skipped breakfast, having
a cigarette and a coffee instead. For lunch, he would go through the drive through to a
fast food restaurant, deep fried chicken, pizzas or burgers, and his evening meal always
consisted of a TV dinner, ice cream, and a few cans of beer. Does that sound familiar?
Do you know anyone like that? Sometimes I watch football or baseball, and I’ll sit down
with a can of beer. I think the one I see on American TV is Budweiser. Budweiser is
the big beer. The blue-collar beer, I think they call it. Is it any wonder he has a major
yeast infection? I mean look at this guy’s lifestyle. He’s got his groin covered all
the time. He’s got clothes on that keep the heat in the area and the moisture in the area.
He’s drinking foods containing sugar and yeast. This is a red flag for a yeast infection.
The first change I recommended to Gerry, of course, was to get rid of the coveralls and
to wear 100 percent cotton loose fitting clothing around the groin region, 100 percent cotton
socks, and to remove them and go barefoot whenever he could. Obviously, not around the
tools, but when he could go barefoot to let air and sun around the feet. Gerry had developed
the habit of keeping his socks on from early morning until almost bedtime when he was having
his bath. I notice that those with athlete’s foot also tend to wear shoes, boots, and socks
for prolonged periods of time, so when you can, kick them off.
I asked Gerry if he could shower daily at the very least, but preferably twice a day.
Twice a day is the norm for jock itch. And if it’s really bad, I ask people to come home
and have a shower at lunchtime as well. He’s to shower once on rising and again after work
and again once before bed if he wants to get the maximum result. I recommended the use
of tea tree oil soap and shampoo because they’re very good antifungal personal care products.
But the biggest challenge for this guy, what do you think it was? It was having whole foods
and a fresh diet to get away from that crap. The first thing I tried to get him to do is
to switch from takeout food more to kebobs and Subway kind of food. Like more green stuff.
A little bit less of the white stuff and a bit more of the green stuff. This was a good
move in the right direction. And to slowly get him away from soda drinks onto juices,
from juices onto sparkling water, and generally into the direction of just plain water, maybe
herbal teas. It can take a long time for a guy like Gerry to make the change. But once
they make changing an improvement, they’ll usually generally progress in that area.
The other thing I recommended to him was a multivitamin, of course, and a good antifungal
product. Lots of blue-collar guys out there that work in factories, that are mechanics,
that are plumbers, we call them [tradees] in New Zealand, so [tradees] are the tradesmen
or tradeswomen. People that work in trade professions. They can sometimes where clothing
that can be very conducive for a yeast infection. They can work long, hard hours. They can work
in confined spaces, hot spaces, under a lot of pressure. And then, of course, when they
come home, they’re tired. They want to have a cold beer or a glass of wine. They want
to relax. They’re too exhausted to cook food. They’ll have a quick TV dinner in the microwave
or some takeaway food. The point I’m making of case five here is
look at the person’s lifestyle very carefully. Look at their diet because these things are
very conducive toward building that yeast infection. I always recommend eating good
whole, natural foods with people and changing elements of their lifestyle that are going
to help to clear the yeast infection. And I always recommend a good antifungal dietary
supplement on top of that. And Canxida is the product I created, the antifungal. You
can get it at When I had Gerry, I didn’t have that product
at that time. I used other kinds of products, which were sort of hit and miss, but I’m getting
much better results now with the product I designed for people just like Gerry and just
like people like John, I just spoke about before. People with jock itch. People with
vaginal thrush, all kinds of intestinal infections, irritable bowel. So an antifungal is a very
smart move to take. Have a think about that case. That’s case
number five. Thank you.


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