Candida: Are You Suffering From Yeast? – Donna Gates – Body Ecology

August 15, 2019

>>So there’s really no way to kill yeast
and candida quickly, just..>>Well, you have to understand what you have.>>Yeah.>>If you have mild symptoms, and it’s only
in your digestive tract – it’s easy. You do the basics on the diet for 6 weeks, it’s gone. You just keep a little bit of this fed in
your system in the fridge – even if you do eat a little sugar here and there – it really
doesn’t come back. Now, if you took antibiotics on and off for
ten years like I did, and you know – it gets in the gut, and it stays there and you live
with it and you don’t know it, and then it starts getting systemic. But you’re you know,
and you’re strong, and you keep going, and you’re conquering your life. And you’re living with all these symptoms
– they’re small and you don’t realize it. And you social drink a bit, which I did back
in those days. The social drinking with antibiotics together – and you’re eating sugar – that
was the biggest no-no. Eventually, the yeast starts to get systemic.
But it doesn’t do it over night, so it’s very obvious to you what’s happening, so you know
what to do about it. It’s not like that. It does it slow; it sneaks up on you. You know – first you just notice that maybe
in a year or two period, you notice that you just don’t have the urge to excercise the
same. And then maybe you notice your eyesight changes
a little bit, at distances, or up close for reading – depends on the person. You’re like, “You know my eyes are changing.
Well, I’m getting a little older”. And you just – And then the next year you start noticing
a little more allergies. Maybe you just get an anal itch, or maybe you get a yeast infection
a little more often than you should. Or a sinus infection, or a UTI. Then you think, “Well that’s normal – people
get that. I could take something for that..” But it comes back. It seems to recur. Or a
strept throat thing. And then, you start noticing random bouts
of diahrrea or constipation for no rhyme or reason. And you’re wondering, “Well, I must’ve ate
something – I must’ve ate something..” You know, and then you start noticing, it
takes me longer to do everything during the day. I sleep in longer, I’m going up slow,
I have a slight fog at times, or a numbness. And you start getting to the brain fog stage
– you’re living with systemic candida. There’s billions of yeast living in your body
24/7. And you’re a fungal farm. You’re carrying it and you’re walking with it. And then your consiousness if affecting you.
So you start noticing that you get low-grade depression. It’s like a spark inside you that’s you – and
it knows you can achieve everything you want to achieve. But you feel like you’re swarmed around with
this mass of despondent, kind-of-at-a-loss, sort of negativity. Where you’re just in a complete funk. And
you’re not inspired. You’re not happy. And you’re sort of depressed. You don’t know what
to do. A lot of times people, they’ll turn to the
sugar as their relationship. They’ll get their ice cream, or their little
candy. There’s ice cream sandwiches, and they’re sitting at the TV. And they’ll have their little – ’cause when
they feed the yeast, it’s like ‘Ahhh’ It’s like a little love affair. It’s like
a little drug addiction. And they think it’s just a treat, and “I’m
just sad. I’m just in a funk. I’m not really inspired right now. So I just want to eat
that sugar – it makes me feel good.” But they don’t understand, that no no no no
– this is yeast. You have a major imbalance that’s happening.
And it’s just starting to go. And, it takes a trained person like Randall, or me, or Donna,
who really knows the system, to ask that person questions. Talk to them. And go, “OK, listen to me. This
is what’s going on. You have all the red flags. All the key symptoms. I dare you to try stop
eating sugar and see what happens.” Now, if they just tried to do this diet cold
turkey without the bacteria, without the colonics, without some of the other help from the supplements
we use, and if it’s systemic, like they’ve got to
the fog stage, like you’ve been living with it for years, they’re in for it. It’s a shocker. It’s gonna
be brutal. It’s gonna be one of the hardest things they’ve
ever done in their lives, to try to continue Phase 1. And even to make it six weeks without
binging or messing up once. They’re gonna get emotional. They’re gonna
feel all this tug-of-war going on inside of them. They want to eat those foods, but they want
to follow the diet. And it’s way better if you get the education,
you read the book a few times. You do a consult with Donna. You learn – have
an armed approach. Because if you get prepared, and then ‘On
Your Marks, Get Set Go’. The day you start the diet, you hit it at
4 angles at once. You start on colon hydrotherapy, you start
a series a six-pack – one a week. You get on this drink, and you start putting
your probiotics in it a couple times a week – a high dose. And you drink as much of this as you can.
Minimum one bottle a week, 4 ounces a day, but that’s really not enough. You really need 2 bottles a week. You need
like 8 ounces a day. And that’s still on the low end – it’d be
better to do 3 bottles a week, so you can consume like 12 ounces a day.>>Is there any good truth to having it first
thing in the morning, and the last thing before you go to bed, so that it’s the first thing
in the gut, and the last thing in the gut?>>You know, when I started it, I followed
Donna’s instructions with the kefir – 4 ounces first thing in the morning, 4 ounces after
each meal, and 4 ounces before you go to bed at night. Because the microflora help reproduce in your
sleep. And that worked great, but really, everyone’s
got a different routine and program. From my experience, you just have to drink
it. You can drink a half a glass with food, you
can drink it by itself, you can drink more. Just don’t drink too much too late in the
day. Because it’s liquid – you’re going to have
to urinate. But the yeast grains – they are energizing. That’s why page 96 in here, I get people that
come to the bar, they don’t know anything about Kefir. I ask them, “Just read page 96.” Because what does it say? Oh, completely eliminate
sugar creams. It stops allergies, aids digestion. Flattens the abdomen, tones the colon. Women that lose their cycles, it starts to
cleanse the endocrine pituitary thyroid glands – it’ll start to return their cycle. It improves your skin – the minerals. It improves
your hair. Everything that people want – in this six
or seven bullet points on page 96. And they’re like, “Oh my God.” And then they
drink it.

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