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September 3, 2019

hey guys there’s something that I wanted
to talk about on day 81 or a little bit before they anyone actually of my juice
fast when I was on my juice fast I had noticed that I was getting Candida yeast
can’t either sell the same thing and I said to myself maybe this is what is
making me feel so anxious all the time Candida has a lot of side effects one
being that it can cause anxiousness anxiety depression all that kind of
stuff and this is all starting with the gut because Candida grows in the gut so
that was a sign even 81 days was not enough to heal me so that’s why I
continued after 81 days on my juice fast and cleared up my Candida and I almost
got rid of like 95% of my anxiety and my he is growing like a weed I mean there’s
been so many benefits from juicing and you know learning new juice recipes and
what kind of fruits and vegetables pair well together to you know be like a
concoction to use to medicate in the natural in a healthy way with a hundred
percent when you put that juice in your body absorption which is the key
absorption and I’m just so just pleased and overwhelmed with joy because I never
thought in a million years that you know it would clear up my skin it would make
my hair grow back then it would make the whites of my eyes wider that would make
the color of my eyes more vibrant like when I was a kid that you know it would
you know it would help me lose weight that it would cleanse out my colon
and if I haven’t already set it again and clear about my skin like I had a lot
of blotchy you know areas I don’t have bad skin but I have my problem set of
problems and you know sense of juice pass I don’t have those issues like for
an example I take biotin along with knowing that biotin does help the nails
and the skin in the hair grow I feel as though no product works a hundred
percent unless you do some type of internal cleanse so that that product
can work a hundred percent so I think that whatever you’re using as a regiment
me talking for myself using biotin I think the reason why biotin is working
for me along with me juice fasting is because my body is cleansed oh and it’s
a hundred percent absorption because you know my body is cleansed you know it
doesn’t have to try hard to get to where it needs to go to and do what it needs
to do to heal and whatever the properties of that formula is to do its
job and to do it a hundred percent when the body is clear of toxins and debris I
do recommend that you start a juice fast if you have any questions about a juice
fast I have my email address that you can contact me directly also in some
cases if you email me and you want to talk to me one-on-one I could provide
you my telephone number so we can talk and also I have a Facebook page where I
you know have support there on people who will either vegan or on a juice fast
or just into health you you can leave a question on there and if
I don’t get back to you one of them will I also have my juice recipes on that
Facebook group that link is in the description of all my videos I don’t
want to make this video too long but I just want to let you know yes there’s a
lot of benefits to juicing and I think that you should start a juice today so
please subscribe to the channel like and share this video and make it a favorite
and I’ll see you guys in the next video


  • Reply Bajan Treasure May 15, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    Great video thanks

  • Reply mbtrucker68 May 15, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    Keep on dropping that knowledge partner.

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