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August 19, 2019

Hello friends how are you? And I ask you: You feel tired, with fatigue symptoms like you’re crawling, exhausted, It’s hard for you to face the day, you get a lot of flu or suffer from digestive problems like abdominal swelling, you have a hard time losing weight even though you follow a healthy diet, they give you frequent headaches, you feel your skin dry, you get itchy, you suffer from infections vaginal or mycosis in the mouth, you have as a white layer on the palate or mouths is say aphthae that are so uncomfortable and painful, mycosis on nails or fingers, ringworm. Actually some of these symptoms are common to several conditions however they can due to an excessive proliferation of Candida albicans, a fungus that normally It is present in our intestinal flora but if it goes out of balance and reproduces Abnormally attacks the body producing harmful effects. There are some causes: the indiscriminate use of antibiotics since these besides killing to the bad microorganisms also kills the good, that is to say, it affects the whole flora intestinal without discriminating, we know that unfortunately many doctors prescribe antibiotics for everything and frequently when the interesting thing would be to strengthen the immune system so that it has good, sufficient and varied defenses against microorganisms bad When you have to take antibiotics for Some justified reason should always be accompanied with good quality probiotics in such a way to maintain as much as possible the balance of the intestinal flora and thus avoid proliferation indiscriminate of this fungus. Another super important cause but the one that more, is the excessive consumption of sugars, with this I do not only refer to refined table sugar but also to refined carbohydrates since they all become sugar in the body and sugar is the preferred food of our Candida Albicans, if you suspend the consumption of sugar you kill the fungus because it will not have food, you kill it with hunger. Additionally we should try to sleep as best as possible because this influences our immune system, if we do not rest properly the system weakens as it happens when we are subjected for a long time to excessive stress that we do not know or can not handle properly, we lower our defenses against the excessive growth of this fungus. It generates skin problems, dry skin, candidiasis, mycosis, problems in the colon as irritable colon; Here I leave the link of my video that talks about this. Diets low in sugars and refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, are recommended. flours, refined cereals, an alkaline and anti-inflammatory diet, I leave the link of this super interesting video If you have Candida albicans out of control It is recommended that the diet also be exempt from yeast foods such as bread that we mentioned is a carbohydrate most of the times refined but that also in its preparation can bring yeast, beer and brewer’s yeast and avoid the ripened cheeses with mold like the type of blue cheese that you see that they have a flowered bark. Consuming garlic, onions and cruciferous, is say all the cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, Drink lots of green and raw vegetable juices; aloe vera or aloe as they also call it killing mushrooms naturally, Fats such as olive oil and coconut oil, excellent because coconut contains caprylic acid with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, the omega 3 through the seeds like chia and flaxseed and through the blue fatty fish like sardines, mackerel, trout, salmon, tuna; remember that in the cases of large fish like tuna can contain many heavy metals like mercury that cause damage to health so the recommendation is to consume them sporadically and also that we should avoid fish in general from fish farms like salmon, here I leave my video that explain why? Prefer wild fish and not fish farms. I invite you to see this video that explains all this very well; do not forget to share them! Probiotics such as bifidus bacteria and lactobacillus whether you buy them or consume them in the form of food like sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha Prebiotics such as psilium, plantago, whole foods that preserve their shell that does not We can digest but they are the food of probiotic bacteria. We have already talked of them in my video “Eliminate digestive and intestinal problems”. It is always recommended to go to serious and experienced therapists before performing This treatment with Probiotics to be well directed, with the amounts and times appropriate to your situation. Remember a good lifestyle where you have adequate rest, good stress management , a good natural diet with probiotics and prebiotics to have a good flora bowel well balanced. It is to treat the causes and not the symptoms because You will be shoveling the situation without solving it, if you solve the causes the symptoms disappear . The cause itself is not the fungus is all we just talked about that allows this get out of control and invade places where it should not be and so it causes so many problems. The more Candida albicans you have in the body, more vulnerable you will be to infections, to cause you irritable colon, allergies, problems digestive gas and flatulence, fatigue, irritation in the genital area with flow thick, yellowish-white vaginal discharge that looks like itchy curdled milk and burning sensation; In short, everything we have already talked about, remember that almost all diseases begin in the colon. Keep the intestinal flora, the balanced microbiota, allows to have good defenses, make a good digestion where nutrients are absorbed from our food and allows keep bacteria, fungi and yeasts in balance. As always a pleasure to have shared this information, if you liked this video , you consider it important to share it and give it a like, see you in the next one, thanks


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