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“Cancer Causes and Treatment” by Barbara O’Neill (2/10)

August 17, 2019

– It’s exciting, isn’t it? In fact to me, it makes sense. When my daughter was only 16 weeks old, sorry, 16 months old, so
almost one and a half, she got an ear ache. And I was a nurse, I’d
been trained as a nurse. And even though I was trying
to live a natural lifestyle, I didn’t know what to
do when they get sick. So my friend said you’ve got
to take her to the doctor. They said don’t play with
the ears, she’ll go deaf. So I have to tell you that I went to the doctor because of this. Yeah? I didn’t want my child to go deaf. So she was put on a course
of antibiotics, yeah? And the ear ache went away. When she’d finished the
antibiotics, the ear ache came back. What do you do? I didn’t know what to do. I had no idea. And of course the pressure
comes, she’ll go deaf. So I went back to the doctor. Six weeks later, four courses of antibiotics later, the
ear ache comes back. Now what’s the definition of insanity? To do what you’ve always done
and expect different results. But I’m back at the doctor because I don’t know what else to do. That’s why if a mother rings me, a mother rang me last night,
nine o’clock at night, I thought oh nine o’clock at night. They were in New Zealand,
they were on holidays. Her 13-year old son tripped on the potbelly stove and his whole arm is burnt. Do you know, I love those calls. I love them because I know what it’s like. You don’t know what to do. The good news is they did what I said and this morning the
mother rang me in tears. They’ve taken it off and there’s raw bits. I said fantastic. It’s not as bad as I thought. Oh she was so relieved. I said just do this. I said ring me, ring me, ring me. How I love helping mothers
to know what to do. And do you know what? Next time her child gets a
burn, will she need to ring me? And then people can ring her. You see, that’s how we learn. So as the doctor is writing the
fifth script of antibiotics, I said to him, so my
daughter is going to be on antibiotics for the
rest of her life, is she? Am I coming to that conclusion? He was challenged by my question. So he wrote a referral to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The ear, nose, and throat
specialist said hmm, the child is teething, give
her these drops to keep her eustachian tubes clear and
there were no more ear aches. Let’s fast forward two years. Next child, 18 months
old, gets an ear ache. I don’t tell anyone. Because if I tell anyone,
what’s going to happen? Pressure. But I have to do something. So I was 25 and the lady
that lived next door was 85. So I went into her and I said
what did your mother used to do when you were a little
girl and you got an ear ache? She said mom would steam
up an onion on a stove. I steamed up the onion on the stove, I wrapped it on his ear,
he slept for two hours. What does that tell you? Out of pain, when he woke up he was happy. That’s it. No wonder I went into natural remedies. Six weeks, four courses of antibiotics, and a two hours sleep with
an onion on their ear. Wow. Do you know the body is
designed to heal itself if you give it the right conditions? No wonder my catchword is that, and my other catchword is the only hope of better things on planet earth is the education of the
people in right principles. This body has been designed to heal. So what we need to know
now is how it does it and what we can do to work with it so that the body will heal. So let’s have a look at
what antibiotics are. And I’ve got some good news. I’m married, 20, Michael, 21 years ago, he had two, I had six. We have raised our eight children with no antibiotics and they
are all still alive. Except for that first situation. And that little girl
who was 16 months old, she’s 42 now and she’s got six children. And guess what? None of them have had antibiotics. And they’ve all had the
childhood illnesses and ailments, but there are lots of little
things you can do to heal that. To heal it, the body heals it. You’ve just got to give
it the right conditions. And so you’re probably
on the end of your seat. But what did I tell the woman
to do with the burn, yeah? Well I said have you got Epsom salt? She said yes. I said make a saturated
Epsom salt solution. Every home should have Epsom salts. Easy. How do you make a saturated solution? You keep putting the crystals in and stirring it until they dissolve. And when you put, when
you get to the point where it won’t dissolve anymore, you’ve got a saturated
solution of Epsom salts. I said cut up a T-shirt
into the size of the arm, soak it in it, and put three layers on. Make it fairly wet, put Glad
wrap around it and bandage it. And she said in the morning the little boy said there was no pain. He had two raw bits there,
but I said just keep putting that on and it will heal. You could also put aloe vera on. They’re the two best for burns. What’s an antibiotic? In 1928 Alexander Fleming was growing bacteria in flasks in his laboratory. He came in one morning and
all the bacteria was dead and he knew Newton’s third law of motion. To every action, there is an
equal and an opposite reaction. Why has his bacteria died? Don’t you love that, why? That’s how we find out. He looked around. Nothing in the laboratory
could have done it. There was an open window. And in the open window,
he saw the sun coming in and the sun had a heavy dust on it. And that dust was landing on his bacteria. So he investigated the
source of this dust. And on the next story
there was an open window and in the open window
there was a plate of fruit. And in the plate of fruit
there was a moldy orange. What does a moldy orange give off? A dust. In that dust is a spore. But in that dust is a highly toxic gas designed to kill off anything that would compete with the mold’s food source. It’s as if the mold says this is my orange and no one else is going to get it. I’m going to give off a toxic gas. It settled down on his
bacteria and killed it. So he called the mold penicillium. He called the mold waste penicillic acid. That penicillic acid is the
penicillin we know today. Penicillium has saved the
lives of millions, granted. But we’ve got a problem today. The problem is the overuse
of the antibiotics. And the problem is the
inability of the physician to investigate why is this
out of control in the body? I’ve got a friend who is a physician. And she said when you say to
a person who’s got a cold, now you’ve got to go home
and have some hot lemon and honey drinks and eat
lightly for a day and put your feet in hot water like our
grandparents used to do. And she said they don’t want to know it. They just want the script. She doesn’t give it to them, so they just go to a doctor
who will give it to them. That’s why we the consumer have power. You see they’ll never find
a cure for the common cold. Did you know that in about
the 1940s the Common Cold Research Institute was set
up in Salisbury in England to find the cause and the
cure of the common cold? Well after 40 years they
closed down in disgrace because they could not find the cause and the cure of the common cold. Because a cold is a house clean. It’s what it is. It’s a house clean. What do you think all that mucous is that you’re blowing out is? It’s all the rubbish. It’s a house clean. And if you handle it right,
you’ll be over it quickly. But if you do what the
ad on the television is, take Codrolizard and march on. Yeah, you’ll probably be
coughing for a few weeks. And if you were ever a smoker, you probably cough for a
few weeks after every cold. How else is the rubbish going to get out? You know, when you start coughing
up green things, rejoice. Where was it before you coughed it out? It’s all it is. But you’ve got to give
it the right conditions. It would be much easier if there was a hole in the side and it just
ran out there, wouldn’t it? We’ve got to cough it out. I’m not against antibiotics. They save lives. But you know, most
people should go through their whole life never having them. The human body can cope with about two courses in a lifetime. Did you hear that? Two courses in a lifetime. My son James, how old is James, 40? I had tea with him last night. He’s in Brisbane. Built like this. Worked hard at building himself up. He’s never had an antibiotic. How many 40-year olds can say that? And yet James as a little boy used to get a lot of chest calls. I used to bind garlic on his feet and put charcoal poultices on his chest. You see, these are not the enemy. They’re an integral part
of life on planet earth. And Antoine Beauchamp,
he was a contemporary at the time of Louis Pasteur,
he knew the true role. He’s six times professor, this guy. He said germs are born in us and of us. If they’re in the body,
you’ve got to find out why. They’re just opportunist organisms. All Florence Nightingale did
was clean up the hospital so there was nothing for these guys to do. That’s why it’s important
to clean up the body. These microbes are not the enemy. When can they be the enemy? When there is so much filth
that they just multiply. Florence Nightingale said she saw typhoid grow in a hut and no one took it in. And it’s the cycle of life that proves why vaccines don’t work. Because the body can heal itself. So why are there neurotoxins in vaccines? Do you know there’s formaldehyde? Did you know there’s aluminum? They’ve banned mercury from
the childhood vaccines, but they’re still in the flu vaccines. I hope you realize that the flu vaccine doesn’t stop the flu. And I hope you realize that
there is mercury in there. Some people get Alzheimer’s after their flu shot that never had Alzheimer’s. The body can heal itself. Last, not this August, August last year I was in Melbourne in the airport. I was in transit somewhere. Huge big screen. And the head of epidemiology
came on and he said I’m just warning the Australian
people that we’ve never had so many people admitted
to hospital, last winter. Was it 70,000 people? This was 2017 and he
said there’s an epidemic. He said I’m just warning the
people to take precautions. Take the flu shot. Do you know what he said next? It won’t stop the flu. I thought what? And I looked around to see
if anyone else heard that and everyone is just eating and drinking. It’s just shoo. Take the flu shot, it won’t stop the flu. That’s madness. It’s total madness because
the body can heal itself. Antoine Beauchamp, he
got a dead cat one day. He put it in an airtight container. He came back four months later. Dust. What brought the cat back to dust? If the cat dies in the bush near us, the kookaburra will have a nibble and the dung beetles come up
and the blow flies lays its maggots and all that helps
with the breakdown of the cat. But this was an airtight container. So what brought cat back to dust? The body’s own microorganisms that were an integral part of living, running cat. Upon death of the organism,
had to take their suit of clothes off, so to speak,
put their rubber gloves and apron on and become the cleanup team. Then the exterminators,
then the undertakers, until eventually matter was back to dust. With great excitement, Antoine
Beauchamp got the dust, put it under the microscope, it was alive with microorganisms. See, nothing is created
and nothing is destroyed. It just changes form. And that’s why we have compost bins. You look at the apple. Right now the flowers
are on the apple tree under the action of microorganisms. Then the apple develops under the action of the same microorganisms. But no one can eat the
apple, it’s too tart. It has to ripen. What ripens the apples? The same microorganisms. But no one eats the apple, so it rots. What causes the apple to rot? The same microorganisms. It’s the cycle of life. And so now when the apple
rots and falls to the ground, those microbes go into the soil. Now they play another role. And I’ll draw one of the plants in my garden to show you all. I put compost in my garden. When I put compost in my garden, I’m putting microbes in my garden. Now they play another role. They are responsible for the final breakdown of the minerals. They are responsible for the
absorption of the minerals. They are responsible for
the protection of the plant against any harmful pathogens
that might be in the soil. And they are responsible partly for the nourishment of the plant. Now the plant knows it needs
those microbes for this. So 50% of the fuel that it makes from photosynthesis it sends back down through the roots to the microbes to feed them. It’s as if the plant says please stay. I’ll feed you well. It’s the law of life. Do you know the law of life states that everything is taken with
one purpose, to give. Everything takes only to give. That’s the law of life. That’s what the plant does. So can you see that these microbes, rather than being the enemy, we need them. In fact if it wasn’t for these microbes, there would be so much
rubbish on the planet you wouldn’t be able
to walk on the planet. But they also play a vital role in the proper running of the human body. Because those microbes are also living in the lining of our gut. Did you know there are
10 times more microbes in our gut than in our whole body? And there are 10 times more
microbes in our body than cells? I can hardly get my
mind around that number. And in the gut they are responsible for the final breakdown of our food, for the absorption of our nutrients, for protecting our blood
against harmful pathogens and for the nourishment of
the cells that line our gut. Now I’m going to explore
that in more detail on Thursday night when we take
our journey through the gut. But it’s another illustration to show you that these microbes are important. 1% of doctors today are
claiming that antibiotics are causing more problems
than they ever cured. What do they mean by that? Well when you take an antibiotic, what are you taking into your body? A mold waste. 1.5 million different
molds, yeasts, and funguses they have documented and 1000 of those are known to cause disease in mankind. So what these 1% of doctors
today are referring to, they are referring to the fungal or the mold link with disease. I have several books in my library at home from doctors, scientists, professors all over the world showing
the fungal link with disease. One book is by Dr. Tullio Simoncini. He is an Italian oncologist. Sorry, he was an Italian oncologist. And his book is called Cancer is a Fungus. So why was he? Why have all his qualifications
been taken away from him? Well he was having a 90%
success rate with cancer. And he was injecting the
cancer with sodium bicarbonate. You see, cancer loves an acid environment. And sodium bicarbonate is
the ultimate alkalizer. As you’ll see when we take
our journey through our gut, the lining of your stomach
has sodium bicarbonate in it so that if any stomach acid
gets through, it’s neutralized. So it doesn’t eat holes in your stomach. Your pancreas releases sodium
bicarbonate to neutralize the stomach acid as it
comes out of the stomach. So sodium bicarbonate is a
naturally occurring substance. And the pharmaceutical
companies can’t make any money out of sodium bicarbonate. What did Dr. Tullio Simoncini, he was injecting sodium bicarbonate solution straight into the cancer. Having an incredible success rate. So his book is called Cancer is a Fungus. He said in every case he could
find it that it was a fungus. I have another book and it’s called Breast Cancer: Hope At Last. I think doctor, his name
is Professor Constantini. He is former head of the World Health Organization Department of Mycology. You see, the medical term for
a mold waste is a mycotoxin. So his department studied mycology, which is the fungal or yeast
mold aspect of disease. And in his books he quotes
30,000 research papers to show the fungal link with disease, specifically he is looking at cancer. I have another book, so this
is Germany, this is Italy. I’ve got a few American books. Dr. Robert Young, he’s written
a few books showing the link. But also, Doug Kaufmann
writes with Dr. Holland and his book is called The
Germ that Causes Cancer. And he shows that when we
went from the 19th century into the 20th century,
medicine and science alike agreed that cancer was a fungus. Well that’s 118 years
ago, so what’s happened? Well the Rockefellers and
the Rothschilds came in with the big money and
they funded the research to go to chemotherapy,
radiotherapy, and surgery. And are we getting any results from that? Do you know the current figures are 2% success rate five
years after chemotherapy? If a person dies five years and
two days after chemotherapy, they’re written down on
the books as a success because they lasted five years. If you’ve heard of the treatment, treatment was successful
but the patient died. Well we’ve got a human being in here. So the fungal link with
disease is something not acknowledged much in medicine today. Because if that is true,
then medicine would have to acknowledge that the antibiotics are actually contributing to it. And this is what the 1% of
doctors today are saying. Antibiotics are causing more
problems than they ever cured. Do you know in a life saving, you know, situation, yes an
antibiotic can save a life. But you know, so many people
today, that’s not life saving. It’s just, did you know what six times more potent than tetracycline is garlic? Raw garlic. Try a slice of sourdough toast,
spelt toast, with olive oil, a whole glove of garlic,
avocado, and tomato. I call that the antibiotic sandwich. Delicious. Yeah, it’s powerful. Your friends won’t like it,
but they’ll get over it. Give them one to eat too. It’s powerful. Some guts are tender
and can’t handle that. Well you can take olive
leaf extract, you know? There’s grapefruit seed extract. There is a whole lot of
herbs that can kill fungus and yet they will not kill you. My husband, unfortunately
he couldn’t be here, he’s been called to a friend’s
60th birthday in Mombasa. That’s where he is at the moment. He’s my biggest critic
and I appreciate it. Because if I can pass
Michael, I’ll pass anyone. He said Barbara, I don’t believe you. 1.5 million is a little bit over the top. I said well search it out. He came back and he went
hmm, 1.5 to five million. Ah. So since his investigation,
we can put even more there. This thing is big. What I’d like to look at now
is how do you get it out? How does mold or fungus or
yeast get into your body? There are four ways. You can breathe it in. So I’d be very careful if you go into any area that has mold. You should have a, if
you’ve got to go in there, you’ve got to get a breathing mask on. It can get in through your skin. So you’ve got to be covered. You’ve got to look like you’re going to outer space just about. So you can breathe it in, it
can come through your skin. You can eat it, ingest it. Don’t eat anything that has
even a taint of mold on it. And it can be sexually transmitted. Most sexually transmitted
diseases have a fungal base. If you can get your hands on a medical textbook, look up myco. You’ll get page after
page after page after page showing the fungal link
with basically disease. So the million dollar question
is how do we get it out? Before I show you that, I just
want to give you one story. And this was a true story. It happened Turwumber. It was probably I think
about five years ago now. There was a silo that had water damage. So what’s going to happen
to the grain inside? Mold. So they got all the old grain out. Do you know not even the
pigs will eat moldy grain? Isn’t that incredible? They’ve even poured
molasses on moldy grain and the pigs still won’t touch it. Pigs seem to eat anything. Interesting. Well yeah, they’ll eat, anyway we won’t go into what they’ll eat. So they had to clean up this silo. They fixed the leaky roof
and they had three workers that were to go in there and chip the white off the lining of the wall. What was the white? It was mold. So they went in there and one guy said huh, we’ll do this quickly. And the other two guys said nah, we want to put our protective clothing on. So they went to put their
protective clothing on. It took them about 10 minutes. They had masks that looked like they were about to walk on the Moon. When they came back, their
mate was lying on the floor. They ran over to him, he was dead. When he put his shovel into
the side of the mold cake up, then can you imagine
the dust that came out? So it was going in through his skin, he was breathing it in,
he was swallowing it. He basically had an anaphylactic shock against the incredible
blast of toxicity he got. And he died. A friend of mine met his wife, which verified this is a true story. You have to be very careful of that mold. So how do we get it out? That’s the million dollar question. Number one, you’ve got to starve it. So what’s its favorite food? Its favorite food is sugar. If you don’t give it sugar, it’ll happily accept all the sugar in your fruit. Now if someone has a yeast
problem, how do you know? What are the symptoms? Well how long is a piece of string? It can manifest itself in
so many different ways. In fact, Doug Kaufmann
has got three books. The Fungal Link Book One,
The Fungal Link Book Two, and The Fungal Link Book Three. And in those three books
he covers basically every disease, showing the fungal link. So if someone has a yeast problem, probably the clearest way is the tongue. The tongue should be pink
from the tip to the back. Now if you can scrape the white coating off your tongue, it’s waste. If you can’t scrape it off,
they’re little fungus buds. So your tongue should be
pink to the tip to the back. There might be a stampede
when the lecture is over to the bathroom where everyone
looks at their tongue. You’ll probably wait until you get home. So that’s one of the guides. Do you remember when doctors
used to look at your tongue? They don’t anymore because there’s hardly a pink tongue around. If someone ever goes on
a course of antibiotics, look at your tongue after that course. It’ll be fairly thick. And so that’s one of the signs. If someone has a yeast problem and they’ve maybe got thrush, eczema, their sinuses, some of
the common symptoms, they don’t necessarily
have to stop all fruit. They might go on, say, Granny
Smith apples and grapefruit. In fact winter is a nice time to do a little bit of a candida detox. Because the grapefruit and the
Granny Smith apples are nice. So you’ve got to starve it
by watching what you eat. No yeasts and definitely no sugars. And also, you’ve got to check your house. Because there is no use going
on a strict diet to get rid of it if you’re still
breathing mold in your house. There should be not one
taint of mold in your house. And if there is, you’ve
got to get the plumber or you’ve got to get the builder in to find out why it is there. And remember, don’t use bleach. Do you know there was a
story in the newspaper in America of a lady who was cleaning her bathroom with mold and
they found her dead. Now it was only a small bathroom and it was fairly heavily
infiltrated with mold and there were no open windows. Most people clean mold with bleach. But it’s usually a little
bit and the windows are open, so they don’t actually die. But they’re inhaling toxic fumes. Bleach will kill mold and feed fungus. So when you clean the mold with bleach, you’re actually just
feeding your next crop. Because it’ll feed fungus, which then will go back to mold anyway. But you can clean it with vinegar. My suggestion is if you’ve
got any mold, put the mask on, and just spray with pure
vinegar and walk straight out. 10 minutes later, come
back in, it’ll be dead and then you can wipe it up. And then wipe the whole are over with a cloth that’s got, say,
clove or oregano or thyme essential oil, which are
very strong antifungals. But then in the next
breath, you’ve got to find out why that mold was even there. So yeah, that’s how it’s starved. If someone has cancer, my suggestion is no fruit for six weeks. Now I have a book, it’s
called Self Heal By Design. And this book basically
is a total exploration of the lecture that
you’re hearing tonight. And in that book I quote all the doctors and scientists and professors that I’ve, some of them I’ve quoted to you. I basically play a role of a researcher in writing this book. A journalist, really. Because they have done all the research. And I quote those books where
you can search that out. But in my book I have programs. I have a program for people who
have a fungal in their body. And they can do that. Or also for cancer. So for cancer, it’s no
fruit for six weeks. No wheat for six weeks. Very little carbohydrate. So what do they eat? Lots of legumes, lots of
vegetables, nuts, and seeds. And there is such a
variety of all of those. So second point is kill. And there are herbs that will kill fungus and won’t kill you. Isn’t that good news? Grapefruit seed extract,
olive leaf extract, your essential herbs. And in the book I have the list of that. Number three, alkalize. Alkalize the body. Because cancer and fungus
both love an acid environment. And I think I’m doing an acid, oh I haven’t got my sheet there. There it is. Aha. That’s my book, the Self Heal By Design. I wanted a book that had no waffle in it. You know what waffle is? Going on and on about something. I just state the facts in there. So you can just about read it in a day. And it has all the
programs that I mentioned. So I am looking at, hmm, yes, Friday night I’m doing acid alkaline. So on Friday night I’ll be defining the acid foods and the alkaline foods. So basically your alkaline foods are all your fresh fruits and vegetables. If someone has cancer,
we don’t do the fruit. But your biggest alkalizer is greens. Now I am not a doctor and
I do not inject things straight into the veins
like Dr. Tullio Simoncini. But if you drink green drinks,
it alkalizes from the inside. So lots of green things you can buy today. You can buy green bali, spirulinas. Wheat grass. And what we do at Misty
Mountain Health Retreat, we have a treatment
using sodium bicarbonate. And we get approximately two kilos of sodium bicarb and five liters of water. If you put my name and sodium
bicarb wraps on YouTube, like there’s a little clip where
I demonstrate how to do it. And we wrap up the whole
body, first the torso with the hot towel infused
with, wring it out. Torso, wrap that. Leg, leg, arm, arm, and
then we wrap the whole body in blankets and we keep
them there for one hour. So we alkalize with the
sodium bicarb wraps. We give the green drinks. And we also at Misty Mountain
have a hyperbaric chamber. A hyperbaric chamber
floods the body with oxygen and cancer cannot live in
the presence of oxygen. So there are some specialized treatments that we do to help alkalize the body. There are specifics that we
do for people with cancer. Number four is probiotic. A probiotic helps to
bring the proper balance of microbes back into the gut. The best time to take a probiotic is three quarters of an
hour before breakfast. A great way to maintain your proper gut balance is sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is a great food. It should be eaten every day. Also Kefir yogurts. You know, you can buy very
nice coconut yogurts today. Have you tried the
coconut yogurt from Aldi? Very, very nice. So these are cultured foods that help to maintain the proper
microbe balance in the body. Number five, we also use, especially with cancer
patients, we use ORMEs. This is orbitally rearranged
monoatomic elements. They are basic minerals
that have been dropped out of seawater in a monoatomic form. And in a monoatomic form,
they are easily utilized by the body to the point
of healing DNA damage. So if someone comes to us with cancer, basically this is the program that we use. And I’m going to give you the story of a lady that lives in Melbourne. She lives out near Dandelion. Her name is Elizabeth Cott. Some of you may know her, some may not. She came to us five years ago and she had three big tumors in her abdomen. At the time I think she was early 60s. And the doctors said you’ve
got to do chemo immediately. These are fast growing tumors. She didn’t like the sound of what the doctor wanted to do with her and a friend of hers gave
her a DVD of mine on cancer. So she rang up and she booked into Misty Mountain Health Retreat. And Elizabeth said anything
you say, I will do. Elizabeth was on a sleep apnea machine. She was on a variety of other medications. So we got her to stop
all sugars, all fruits. So she had a lot of
legumes and vegetables, nuts and seeds, a little bit of grain. We were giving her herbs. In fact, every two weeks she
would alternate the herbs. The body gets used to things, as you can see by my illustration here. Because our body and the
microbes have the ability to adapt and adjust,
you keep changing them. You keep changing them. And we did, when she came to us, we didn’t have the hyperbaric chamber. So we did the sodium
bicarbonate wraps every day. We gathered wild greens,
blended them, and strained them. Blended with water and strained them and she drank her green
water, about a liter a day. Gave her the probiotic in
the morning and she had the little drops of the
mineral supplement, ORMEs. She was with us for two weeks. She went back to the
doctor three months later and he said ah, come back
and see me in six months. Now what did he say to
her at the first visit? You’ve got to do chemo immediately
or you’re going to die. Because all her cancer
markers were normal. Everything was back to normal. Now I can’t remember
exactly how long it took. I think it took about 14 months
and her first tumor went. I think it took about another six months and the other tumor went. All her levels are back to normal. In fact if she goes to the doctor today, the oncologist there is
the specialist there, they’re just looking at her. They can’t understand her. She said Barbara, I feel better now, I think she’s about 70 now, she said I feel better
now than I felt in my 40s. She’s off the sleep apnea machine. She’s off her medication. She feels very good. She gives meetings now. She gives cooking classes
showing people how to do it. It’s a remarkable story. And it’s one of many
stories that I could give of people who have had incredible
turnarounds with cancer. So when someone comes to me with cancer saying Barbara, what
can you do to help me? I say I tell you what
I can do to help you. I can teach you. I can teach you to give your body the conditions for healing. If you come to our retreat,
there are special things that we can do that can
zoom the process along. So when Elizabeth went home,
she didn’t do the hyperbaric, she didn’t do the sodium bicarb wraps. First she would do the green drinks. So what she did at the
retreat zoomed her along. So if someone says what can you do for me? I say I can teach you. And if you come to our retreat,
we can do these programs. And this is what I have seen. I have seen people conquer their cancer. I have seen them turn around from cancer. I have seen some people who have been given three months to live
live another six years. I have seen some people who
were in the advanced stages die with dignity and comfort
by doing the natural remedies. So basically whatever stage you’re at, the natural remedies are a positive. One lady said I’ve only
got three months to live. The doctors says if I take, that I should be on chemo
for palliative care. I said palliative care? You will vomit, you will get diarrhea, your hair will fall out, you will lose all the feeling in your feet and hands. To me, that’s not palliative care. Palliative care means making
life more comfortable for you. I believe, and my husband believes this, that in another 10 years
they’re going to look back and say we were in the dark
ages with the chemotherapy. The people that survive chemo are usually the ones that change their
lifestyle and they’re the ones that aren’t too advanced when they start. The fact is that we’ve been given a body that can heal itself. So all we really need to do is give it the right conditions
and healing will happen. A man rang me recently. He said my brother is
70, he’s got lung cancer. Can you cure him? I can cure no one. It’s only the body that can heal. I said to him, oh, how old is he? 70. Has he ever smoked? Oh, he’s smoked for 40 years. I said there’s no wonder cures. And people want the wonder cures. If you would ask for a wonder cure, I would have to tell
you it’s the human body. I said if you had come to us 20 years ago, we might have been able to do something. But even if he did come to us, it’s quite possible that
the natural treatments would help to subside
the discomfort he has and give him a little bit longer life. But some people that I think hmm, I’m not sure if they’ll
make it, they turn around. And other people who I think
they’ve got a good chance sometimes they don’t totally turn around. There are so many aspects. And of course one of
the aspects is the mind. We have a very powerful mind that can almost talk us into everything. So my lecture tonight was designed to show you the true
role of genes in disease, to show you the true role
of microbes in disease, and also to just touch,
which is all I have been able to do tonight, is on cancer. Is the turnaround with cancer. Now when people have
different types of cancers, there is different
specific that can be done. If a woman has breast
cancer, she can do poultices. Especially the castor oil
compresses on the breast. She can take creams that
will balance the hormones. Also a man with prostate, he
can take creams, apply them. That will balance the hormones. And there are herbs
specific for that area. So with each type of
cancer, there are specifics. But no matter what the cancer, this basically is the baseline. And then depending on what it is, the age of the person, how advanced, as to other things that can be done. So I thank you for your attention tonight. Tomorrow night we have got
something very exciting. It’s diabetes and high blood pressure. Everyone that has a heart should be there. And if you don’t have diabetes, I am going to show you how to prevent it. And if you do have diabetes,
I am going to show you how you can turn around from it. And the second lecture tomorrow
night will be on the liver. And the liver is your project manager. Cancer cannot get a hold on the body if the liver is working well. So tomorrow night I am going to show you how the liver works. And if you know the liver
works, you know how to treat it. So thank you. (calm instrumental music)


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    So we need to have a strong immunity system.

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    I have been doing this. low carb + fast. re-fill glycogen with carbs as per your physical activity. not exactly rocket science.

    Fruits are 30-50% " fructose" , which goes straight to the liver ! , can't go into muscle glycogen, and turns to fat if liver is full. just be mindful of that. Also all fruits are hybridized and have way too much sugar, minimize consumption. I personally skip grains,fruit ,starch like potatoes..

    ….I eat veggies and grass fed meat , lamb or goat and I take two spoons of coconut oil a day to with a cup of coffee to calm down hunger spangs !…and I also take 1500 mg. L-Tyrosine to keep the thyroid healthy ,Also I take 3000 mg of vitamin C —

    The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Paperback – April 3, 2018

    by Jason Fung (Author), Nina Teicholz (Foreword)


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    John 14:15 KJV

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    Exodus 20:8‭-‬9 KJV

    Saturday is the day of the Lord

    The claim that Christ by his death abolished his Father’s law, is without foundation. Had it been possible for the law to be changed or set aside, then Christ need not have died to save man from the penalty of sin. The death of Christ, so far from abolishing the law, proves that it is immutable. The Son of God came to “magnify the law, and make it honorable.” [Isaiah 42:21.] He said, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law;” “till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in nowise pass from the law.” [Matthew 5:17, 18.] And concerning himself he declares, “I delight to do thy will, O my God; yea, thy law is within my heart.” [Psalm 40:8.] GC88 466.3

    Ecclesiastes 12:13 KJV
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

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    but today i am here telling the world about my final victory over Breast cancer with

    the help of cannabis oil medication. This is a breakthrough in my family with so much

    Joy in our life today, i do really appreciate all the help and contribution from

    every member of my family for all they did for me. And if you have any kind of cancer

    diseases, there is no need to waste money on Chemo or Radiation, go get herbals from

    drisah from Usa cancer research centre( [email protected]

    ,this is a medication that totally kill cancer cells [email protected], I'm sure this is your final search of cancer cure.

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