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Can You Test For Enzyme Deficiency?

August 22, 2019

Eric Bakker Thanks for coming back. We are talking about how you can test for
enzyme deficiency. So a subscriber asked me, “Eric, how do I
test at home? How do I know I’ve got a deficiency of digestive
enzymes? Because you keep talking about these digestive
enzymes all the time.” I hope this microphone’s working. Cool. I got this huge big blue microphone, and I
wonder if you can see, it’s a massive. It’s huge. Right. So enzyme deficiency is very, very, very common. I see it so often in people. And I believe one of the key factors of enzyme
deficiency is stress. Stress. People chewing too fast, eating the wrong
kind of food, eating the wrong type of day, being glued to these flipping damn screens
all the time when they’re eating food. So many people now don’t really chew properly
and they’re engaged in social media when they’re eating. It really irks me when I see that in restaurants,
or wherever I go, I see couples sitting there, not even talking, just looking in these devices. Don’t get me started. Anyway. Easy to test. The first thing you got to do, I wrote a few
points down here. Look for the deficiency symptoms first, bloating
and gas. Feeling uncomfortable after eating, eating
a meal, and then feeling, “I’ll loosen my waistband,” or “I just feel like a swollen
or brick.” Or feeling like a heavy feeling in the gut
after you’ve eaten. Okay. Abdominal cramping is a common one for some
people, but bloating and gas up others. Also, irregular bowels or weird shaped bowel
motions. Okay. Food issues. So having problems with foods. “I can’t eat that food. Every time I eat that food. I get some kind of rash or some problem or
some reactional,” or, “I don’t like it.” You know? So try and work out what particular type of
food or food groups they are before you jump on the bandwagon and say, “I can’t eat gluten. It’s making me sick and fat and ugly and all
my hair’s falling out.” It might not be gluten. Okay. So note, which foods are causing these issues. Have you worked it out yet? Try and do an elimination challenge test on
yourself. That’s a great test. So you might have a suspicion about a particular
food. Take that food out. Take it out for three or four days, or even
a week. Take that food back in. See what happens. If you get again, a feeling that it’s reacting,
take it out again. Challenge the second time about a week later. If again the second time you’ve had a reaction
with it, it’s time to start taking some enzymes to see if they can make the difference. All right? Now the second point is you may not even need
to do any of this because you may not even be chewing well in the first place. I’ve said it before. People who chew well, poo well. And remember the old saying, I’ve said this
also before, many times in the videos that I’ve made. Dr. Alan Gaby from America, one of the leading
holistic physicians I know. Big stools, small hospitals, small stools,
big hospitals. So people who poop a lot tend to have a lot
less problems with their health than people who don’t poop that well or much at all. All right. And pooping is a good indication also of digestive
enzymes. Look at the color of the stool. Look at the texture of the stool, all of those
nasty things that you don’t want to talk about, very important. You’ve got to see what comes out the tailpipe
and make sure that it’s okay, or you could have a problem. So are you chewing okay? Chew, chew. You really have to chew that food well. This is one of the key reasons I got my teeth
fixed. It wasn’t because I wanted to look like Rock
Hudson or Brad Pitt or some guy like that. I already looked like that anyway. Don’t need to look any better than I look. But it was because I wanted to chew properly. I wanted the functionality back in my teeth
again. I had three teeth missing on this side and
two teeth missing on that side. Being a baby boomer, I had a lot of molas
drilled right out and even pulled out with just slight problems. They didn’t fix teeth up back in my day. They just yanked them out. Different today. So if you’ve got poor teeth, this could be
a reason why, again, you’ve got poor digestive function. If you can’t chew properly, you also can’t
stimulate the body to produce enzymes. The body’s geared up to make enzymes also
by various nervous commands. But chewing, engaging the vagus nerve, will
help to stimulate the production of enzymes too. So chew properly. Okay. I’ve said it a thousand times. Take enzymes with each meal. This is an experiment I want you to do for
a home test. You’re chewing properly, you’re eating the
right kind of foods. We’re not talking chicken nuggets and Dr.
Pepper here. Okay? We’re talking like proper food, real food. Food that you prepare at home. Fresh healthy food. Because you can’t really eat any kind of junk
or crap or drink alcohol regularly if you’re going to take enzymes and test their functionality. Alcohol must be out of the equation because
it will really affect the ability for the enzymes to work properly. So this is a one week challenge. No alcohol for one week. Can you do it? Yeah, I knew you couldn’t do it. Of course you can do it. One week with no alcohol, it’s not a problem. So you take the enzymes. Just start taking one capsule with each meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Observe the stool. Observe the abdominal bloating, the cramping,
all of those kinds of signs and symptoms. Has it changed? Maybe you need to take a little bit more enzymes
with the bigger meal. Have a bit of an experiment maybe in the second
week if you’re game enough. If you find a marked reduction in gut issues
with the enzymes, it’s a clear indication you were deprived. You weren’t having enough enzymes. So what we’ve done is we basically ripped
out your spark plugs and we’re trying to put new spark plugs in your engine to power it
up. Because we all know that cars run a lot better
with a tune-up. And digestive enzymes are a fantastic digestive
tune-up for people, especially my age, 50s and 60s. But even for you young kids out there with
these iPhones in your hands that seem to be superglued to your palm. They’re good for you guys too, remember? Because you’re not engaged. To me, eating and a mobile phone is like texting
and driving. There’s no difference. You’re just not engaged. You’re not paying attention. Put that darn phone down, chuck it in the
bin. Then eat your food. All right? There’s more important things than Facebook. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link below if
you want my free report.


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    thanks Doc, great vids

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    Does that mean chewing gum can stimulate your digestive enzymes since you’re chewing a long time?

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