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Can You Eat Peanuts On The Candida Cleanse?

August 13, 2019

Hi, there. Interesting question here from a subscriber,
Dan Aubrey. Dan writes here, “If peanuts are allowed in
moderation, why is homemade peanut butter using plain peanuts and olive oil not? Where can I find your book you refer to here?” Well, Dan, the thing is, if you’ve got an
issue with your immune system, especially if you’ve got a candida problem or a parasite
or bacterial problem, [inaudible] immune dysfunction, especially if you’ve got any immune related
skin issues, or if you sneeze, or if you have itchy eyes, if you’ve got hay fever, or sinus,
or asthma, any kind of immune problem, peanuts are contraindicated, meaning you should leave
them well alone. Peanuts have the potential for, very high
potential for being an allergic kind of a food to people. They’re not a nut, they’re a legume, and they
have got also potential for containing aflatoxin, which is a kind of mold. It can make you very sick. Peanuts are not a great food to recover from
if you’ve got a gut problem or a candida problem. There is a potential for them to be perfectly
fine for you, but the risk is always there that they’re going to affect your immune system
adversely. It doesn’t matter if they were grown on the
moon, or on Mars, or in your own backyard, or what oil you’re using, they’re still peanuts,
and they still contain allergenic proteins in them. My opinion, Dan, you’re best to push that
aside and look at some other type of food in your diet, regardless of how you make it. All right? Once you’ve recovered, you could maybe reintroduce
peanut butter back in, and even down the track do a food allergy test to determine if you’ve
got an antibody response against it. Just be cautious with peanuts. The potential for them is there for them to
be very allergy forming. Thanks for the question.

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  • Reply Pauline Gray January 7, 2019 at 11:07 pm

    I now eat pili nuts instead.

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