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Can Silicone Breast Implants Cause Candida

August 25, 2019

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for checking out my video. The question is, “Can silicone breast implants
cause Candida?” I don’t think they cause Candida, but I do
know that breast implants have certainly been linked with immune dysfunction in tens of
thousands of women across the world. Many women suffer with breast implants. I couldn’t get over the breast implants in
Las Vegas when I was there. My goodness! Not that I was looking. I tried to look away. There was more silicone there than in all
of Silicone Valley. It was incredible. But yeah, breast implants are certainly linked
with different types of immune presentations. They’re also linked with lymphoma, a type
of lymph cancer that some women get from them. Some women can have breast implants for 15-20
years without a problem. But I do believe eventually it catches up
with you. And women are often told after a certain amount
of years they need to change the implant or get it upgraded or get it taken out. Silicone can leak. When you think about it, it can leak into
the armpit here, into this region, and cause lymph problems. Many women end up getting lymph nodes taken
out from this area and reconstructive surgery of the breast after the implant is taken out. It makes me wonder why people even get these
implants in the first place if down the track they’re going to end up facing some kind of
consequences for them. But I’m not here to argue for or against implants,
I’m just here to say that if you’ve got an implant, probably if you don’t do something
about it, cause an immune dysfunction. That immune dysfunction can predispose you
not just toward Candida, but a whole raft of different types of autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases are one the biggest leading
killers in females, particularly those over 60 plus. They can really sick and die from an autoimmune
disease. I would really hope that if you’re a young
female looking at this, please not to go ahead with a silicone breast implant. But to think carefully about what you’re going
to be like when you’re an older person like me. What consequences do you have to face from
actions you took when you were quite young? I feel like such a fool myself having started
smoking tobacco when I was 13. How stupid is that? You will still here me sometimes coughing
or clearing my throat because I’ve got bronchial damage from a huge amount of tobacco I smoked
between 13 to about 25. But we all do dumb things and we all end up
regretting it some degree, I suppose. But, hey, I’m still here. And many women are still here with silicone
breast implants, too. I would encourage you to get rid of these
breast implants and to clean up your immune system. Maybe get some blood testing to assess what
the antibodies are doing. If you’re worried about Candida, maybe get
a stool test done to determine if you’ve got Candida and then to look at my 4R approach
that I’ve spoken about in previous videos. Let me just read out the list again. The Remove, Replace, Re-inoculate, and Repair. A simple way to clean the Candida up in your
body. Breast implants don’t cause Candida, but they’re
associated with immune dysfunction and immune dysfunction can predispose you to Candida. Thanks for checking out my video. I appreciate it.


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