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Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

October 22, 2019

Dr. Eric Bakker, Naturopath from New Zealand
here. Thanks for coming back. Let’s talk about probiotics, and let’s talk
about obesity. In 2013, studies were conducted that found
that there was definitely a link between the microbiome and how big a person was. They found that the larger a person was, the
more disordered their gut function was, in terms of the bacterial content. They found that healthier, leaner people tend
to have a more stable microbiome than people who were obese, who tended to have a mixed
mash of different species. It’s very, very, very important that you’ve
got a good microbiome, okay? It’s more important than having a big bank
account, to be honest, okay? You could have $1 billion in the bank, but
if you’ve got a really crappy digestive system, you’re not going to last the week out. So all that money’s going to buy you what? You can buy Greenland, you can buy anything
you want, but you can’t buy a good gut. You’ve got to develop that gut with your lifestyle
and your diet. Ample studies now show that there is definitely
a link between the microbiome, our bacteria in here, and obesity. We can’t say it’s the cause, but we can definitely
see there’s an association between the two, okay? For example, we can’t say that a fire truck
causes a fire, but we can definitely say there’s association. Every time we see a fire, we see a fire track. There’s something going on there. Those two guys get on well together. Well, we see the same with the disordered
bowel and dysbiosis and obesity, okay? We can’t say that it caused the obesity, but
the association is strong. And over the years, will come out more and
more and more. For example, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, one
of my favorite, Lactobacillus, has definitely been linked now with several smaller studies. I think it’s even published in the British
Journal of Nutrition. It’s actually published there that it aids
in weight loss. So it’s one of the reasons also why I like
Lactobacillus rhamnosus because it stabilizes the gut. It powerfully improves the immune response
in the gut, helps to drive down many different species of bad bacteria and yeasts. I put that one in my Candida restore for that
reason because I looked at the research behind Lactobacillus rhamnosus, so I know it’s a
good one. There’s no doubt about it. The feedback I get from people who remain
on probiotics, particularly women… Women tend to lose a little bit more weight,
I find, faster on a probiotic than a male does. Don’t know why, but I’ve just noticed that
association, and the studies also back that up. Maybe it’s because women take the supplements
more regularly, or women aren’t downing a can of beer in front of football five or six
nights a week or whatever, but there’ll be some kind of reason going on there. I’m sounding really sexist now, am I? I’d better stop. But the association is certainly there, okay? The question is, can probiotics help you lose
weight? I think they can. But, remember, the four things that they also
discovered interesting. When a person went from lean to obese, they
found these four key factors to be very, very interesting. Increased caloric value of the diet. So a person just ate more food, basically. The inclusion of artificial sweeteners in
the diet, which is also now linked to increased incidence of stroke and obesity. If you’re drinking… If you’re having artificials in your sugar,
if you’re having artificial sugars in your diet, you need beating around the head with
a soft object, okay? Like a pillow over something. So the artificial sweeteners, the higher calories,
and the other one was a disrupted diurnal rhythm. A person who’s not sleeping properly, or they’re
shift working. These sorts of people have a big problem often
maintaining a good body weight. If you have got a body issue, a size issue,
and you’re a shift worker, it’s probably time that you got rid of that job because it could
be slowly killing you, all right? These are the factors. Just too much food, artificial sweeteners. Let me just look, there was one more thing
I was looking up in the paper, and it was a high fat diet. That was it. It was a high fat diet. So if you’re going to consume too much fat
in your diet, regardless, you’re going to shift your gut into another state. Okay? So that says something for people on a carnivore
diet, eating lots of meat and lots of fat. It’s going to change your gut. It may not change it for the first two weeks,
okay? Although I do get feedback from people on
those diets that their bowel really plays up in the first month. They get either constipation or diarrhea. So that’s really altering the microbiome. So it can’t be that healthy longterm. All right? So take a probiotic. If you’ve got a weight issue, make sure that
you take a probiotic on a regular basis because it could make a big difference. Make sure you get sleep, okay? Get plenty of sleep, cut the high fat diet
down. You don’t want lots of fat in your diet, coconut
fat or crap like that. Small amounts are good all right? And also reduce your food intake. It’s basic stuff. The last thing I’ll leave you with is to complement
the probiotic is the prebiotic foods in your diet, which I’ve spoken about many times on
this channel. Just do a search for prebiotic foods. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link if you want
my free paper. Thank you.


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  • Reply Sharpirate October 20, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Hello Eric, I believe you've talked abou how good coconut oil is, especially with candida, have you changed your mind or were you referring to an overconsumption of that fat like on KETO. If so, what daily amount should I consume roughly?

    Thank you for your work, loyal fan right here!

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